Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Emrah Elmasli


I love the work you do and respect your abilities. You have an expert ability with color choice.

It seems like your latest composition is inspired by a shot in the clone war battle from Star Wars Episode II. Also, your mothership design, from the green gas image, looks like one half of the ship in the Homeworld game. It just appears that your pieces are reminiscient of past space operas.

I know you will create an excellent final piece, and I can see you are working hard. I wish you the best!


We are celebratin u beacuse of your disciple and your marvelous technique.But we want to see the crew of the starships :).and we are also wondering about where the ships are comin from.

and at the end the question is “where is the resistance?”.

Your friends…



Concerning the comments and critics, i updated the scene a bit. I added the fighter to the right, enhanced the sky and added some more smoke. Some people commented that they cannot understand where the ship is standing. So i added some smoke infront of the ship. You may see it in the image. I think it’s looking good now. What do you think?
If it’s ok i’m going to start to the final image.


Talk to me about grandeur… Oh yeah!! This is nice!:thumbsup: I look at your work and I can’t wait to begin working on details… I’m still stuck with conception… O_o’


The image looks grande for sure! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Go for it mate! I only have some question concerning the sky: The topmost part of the composition is kindo of empty right now, I was wondering how big this part is going to be in the final composition. Again, this is just a question not a suggestion. :wavey:




Wow, this is looking great, I like your use of colours and real depth happening here. Sorry no crits that I can see, it’s good to see you’ve used ships and vapour trails to add more perspective to this giving that huge ship a true sense of size.


Hello Emrah, I see your work is coming up superb. I really like your evolution as illustrator. I have one idea for your composition…try to make the top side in more grey colors and descent to some more bright ones like you already have. This way the attention is concentrated on the fight scene.

Keep rockin’ dude! :buttrock:


I have an idea… just a suggestion… That smoke on the left side is disturbing… It makes a mess. U could put that ship behind the clouds, so its coming out of clouds/mist. U’ll get even more dramatic atmosphere and cleat a pic a bit… no need for all those little details which break the pic into many pieces. And a slightly bigger boat at the right bottom will do good for the composition and direction. I hope u understand what do i mean… :slight_smile: Everything else is just perfect!


Hi all! Thanks for the constructive critics!
terraarc - the top part will be the same as in the concept sketch. If i don’t put a free space in the picture it will possibly stuck. There needs to be free spaces in a piece like this. Cause it’s all mess and smoke :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestion tough.
taz23 - thanks mate. i’ll try
NinjaASSN - Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I’m going to try what you told.
But the final image will be generally like this…


/ E


As i see, we have lots to learn from you Atmospheria. You give lessons to newbies like us with your each drawing. Being in the same competition with you and some other gifted people like you amazes me. Your last work rocks…

In Turkish;
“Senden öğreneceğimiz cok sey var analdığım kadarıyla Atmospheria… her yeni ciziminde bizim gibi acemilere ders veriri gibisin… sen ve senin gibi yenetenekli adamlarla aynı yarışmada olmak insanı etkiliyor…Son işin cok iyi…”


iI agree with the ninja guy about the boat in the right bottom corner its kinda leaving lacking
visually . i also think that with the type of technology i’m seeing here it’s a bit to much like a regular speed boat for that battle. You said it yourself it could be in the near future on earth , us humans can’t stop inventing.
Nice work though


dude try not to get to lost in the crits in the end its about what you want to potray, the guys are here to help not direct


Here are some thumbnails of the ships on the sea surface. The ones on the concept sketch were placeholders. To make this image more original. I need to design everything. Here you go. I’m going to do more and color them up later.


ahaaaa ha beatiful :deal:


Hey all! Here’s a color composition of a hover ship. I just wanted to show you how the ships work. Some people said “these are just ships, there are no technology in it.” Well, these ships can hover, but just on the water. Can not fly. I need to limit the technology here. Cause the alien attackers should to be stronger. I love to show the concepts in a composition. These are mostly dramatic. I used a little romantic and luminist style here. Got to love Aivazovsky and Turner! (This picture has no relationship with the main composition. Just wanted to show the ship here.) Anyway…Enjoy!!!


your pics are just breathtaking… fitting nick u got :slight_smile:


Great! Im voting for ship no.1 on ur sketch list.


:applause: "Here it is.Another Nice work…As i told you in my last massage your new works are like lessons to take…You teach the contestants how to race…:thumbsup:
[size=2][color=cyan]Bu i have a suggestion why do you have to sketch on waterproof ships that much? i think it’s a bit of junky work…But it also shows us your decisive act and your specialist spirit…Brilliant Work…Good Job Keep goin…:deal:


:applause: “İşte bir güsel örnek daha… daha önceki mesajımda da dediğim gibi her yaptiğin yeni bir ders…Yarışmaya katılanlara bu işin nasıl yapılacağını öğretir gibisin…:thumbsup:
Ama bir elestirim var genede su üstü araçlara bu kadar yoğunlaşmak zorundamıydın?.. Bana biraz gereksiz geldi… Tabii bu işin ciddiyetini(profestonelliğini) gösterir ama genede biraz fazal uğraşmuşsın :)… Mükemmel olmuş…Bravo…”:deal:


Watching the ship sketches …I can only tell you which ones I don’t like :
No. 2 (looks a hell of a lot like todays fishing boats) and
No. 7 (I don’t really like the style, it looks too simple comparing with the others)

By the way, the color composition of the hover ship is C:eek::eek:L!! Lighting and coloring masterpiece!! :applause:

Keep it up mate!


Wonderful composition, ligtining, colouring and designing! No need to tell too much words over it, just watching is enough. I also like your sketchs! Number 3 and 5 are awesome! Iwould like to see them in Istanbul!:applause:

Biz heybelidee her geceee mehtaba çıkaardıııık.
Sandallarımııız neşhe dolaaaar seyre bakaaaardıııık.
3ile 5 güzel olmush! K:bounce: olay gelsin abi!