Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Emrah Elmasli


LOOOOVE you work. I still like the one with the dark foreground the best :thumbsup: :buttrock: :thumbsup:


You’ve mastered the feel of a Grand Space Opera! Marvelous!:thumbsup:


Hi Atmospheria. Like everybody here, I love your ship designs, very well worked out and original. I’d like to see a bit of variation in their orientation, though the way they are presenting a united front really makes them seem to dominate the sky more. A touch of three point perspective would vastly improve the feeling of height and integrate them into the scene. At the moment they seem to be hanging ‘behind’ the foreground, rather than floating above the plane of a city. Still looks fantastic, I’m digging deep to find some crits for you.

More, please! :thumbsup:


Neozoom - thanks for your constructive comment. I can’t tell all the story in the previous pic i did. Because there will be some action on the sea, maybe some burning ships and stuff. So i decided to make the last composition. I’m going to widen the pic a bit to the right and top. It is going to help us to read the comp. better. The mothership is too centered. I need to brake that. Anyway, thanks again.
Nomad - Thanks for the comment. You’re right about the destroyers and carriers. I need to add some more ships to the composition. But it’s same as i said to neozoom. I need sea to describe this epic.
techart - Thank you. Appreciated.
flyingP - Thanks
Kraull - Thanks alot.
NinjaASSN - Thanks for the comment mate. I’m going to delete that ship and make it smaller. It uses so much space there.
melkao - Thanks alot. Actually its not an island, but it’s good that you used your imagination :slight_smile:
W!L - Thanks alot W!l. Really appreciated. Yea, i beleive that this composition is more dynamic than the other. Tying to fix it right now.
-tolga- - Well, not hagia sophia. But similar architecture.
johnny boy - Thanks. I’m going to add some more ships to the sky but they are not going to make it too crowded immo. anyway, we’ll see.
SideAche - Thanks alot for the comment. People like that comp alot :slight_smile: But, beleive me this is going to be better.
Octothreat - thanks. I hope
Speaky - Thanks alot man. You are right in some points. I’m going to try to break that “hanging” feel of the ship by adding some more mood in it. The ships need to stay in one direction cause they are still moving towards. Burning whatever they see on their way.

Thanks alot my friends. gonna fix the composition and post soon. Check back again.


Is it just me, or does anyone else feel guilty and a little dirty that they aren’t paying to see these works? I feel like I just snuck in the back door of some magnificent art showing/black-tie banquet and am eating the complementary muffins for free hoping no one sees me. This damned forum won’t let me grade higher than 5 stars =`(

I also love your space ship designs, they really remind me of the early massive sail boats/exploration etc. Also, what program are you using to sketch/paint these?



You’ve obviously put a lot of work into your drawing!!!
I really like what you have so far…
If i may offer up a few crits;

the scale of your ship can easily be mistaken at first, given it’s simplicity (which, if you ask me, is a good thing). Perhaps you can counter that by changing the view al little bit… I would suggest you place the ships using a “contre-plongé” perspective (sorry, i don’t know the english term). That is, the view point of something on the ground, looking up at an angle. we would see the underside of your ships and the top would seem to fade in the atmoshere, giving it a true sense of scale. Also, you could then show a few more ships descending from the ionisphere…

a few observations:

Have you noticed your motherships look like a cross beween a sailboat (keel and everything), and a spaceship? ~ I really like that design! :thumbsup:
Also, they look a little bit like elongated fish heads :stuck_out_tongue:

Whether it’s too late for you to try out my suggestions or not, i commend what you have so far and look forward to what you have to show in the near future! – Good luck!



I’ve fixed the problems in the previous image and added some details. Also i’ve widen the pic abit. It gave more dept to the composition. It’s getting better immo. What should i add or remove? I’m thinking of adding a fighter to the right side firing rockets with smoke. Maybe that way i can improve the depth and dramatic look of the composition. What do you think.
BTW: This is the sketch of main image. I’m not going to go over this pic. This is just a referance.


Vey nice, I like the compistions alot.


Hi atmospheria,

What an oustanding sense of scale you have !! I also like the green light you add for more drama - the previous pict looks more like postcard compared to this one-.:thumbsup:
My two crits would be : as for Speaky, the orientation of ships is too repetitive for me. And I prefer the boats of the previous pict, more traditionnal, more contrasting with the technological fury of the aliens ships.
Later !!!

My space opera


I am pretty sure your concept depicts very well what space opera is all about. Congratulations!
nice job.


Man, lovely work! great job. My only sugestion is ad more shadows on the ships…trying give more contrast…just a opinion


The pic is a bit too heavy on the left side… it need something at the bottom right side… also because there need to be something to lead the eye straight to the main interest. Now its empty, somethings missing.
The secon thought I’ve got… How big is the main spaceship? I thought that is huuuge and behind the fallen city (and i looove that version!) but I’ve doubted when I read some posts of other users. Is it in second plan and not so big???


Wow you have come along way, looks fantastic great atmosphere. One thing :slight_smile: The centre main ship not sure where it is on the horizon. Maybe a building in front of it or the ship crashing into a small skyscraper to help with the scale and the position of the ship in the picture…just a thought :thumbsup:


very nice! the sense of scale is great and the ships shapes are very interesting as well.


I’m having fun watching this progress. Thanks :thumbsup:


The comments dMAGE XVII made were right on the spot, all things above the horizon line are to be looked up at. You should make the changes he/she suggests…that’s if you are feeling that there needs to be a change.


Man, this is looking really beautiful, Atmospheria! Your sense of lighting is just superb! The scale in these images is impressive too. One of my favorite parts of this image is the smoke from the city, because it’s well-renderred, and because it helps give some scale to the gargantuan ships. That being said, i have to say that I really agree with Arctis: The big ships are all oriented pretty much the same way, and it feels a bit repetitive. Aside from that, no other comments from me. Good luck with the finishes!



Thanks for the comments! But this time i’m a little bit confused. Everyone says different things, some people likes, some people not. I know the image has some porblems but i’m not going to change the all image again. I’m going to fix the problems immo. As i see from the critics, some people have problems with the scale of the ship. Yes, it’s huge and behind the foreground smokes. I’ve faded the ship a bit but i’t not enough i guess. I’m going to fix that as soon as possible. Also i’m going to add an attacking fighter to the right side firing rockets. It’ll surely help the composition. Whatelse, going to make some crashed ships. Picture needs some more dramatic elements. I’m going to post the fixes soon. Please post your comments if you have…


Cool your image I believe to recognize with far the "blue church ":slight_smile:
Good Road


looking really good - if it were me, I’d add more contrasting blue or purple, as in your earlier concept sketch. and deepen some areas to red. At the moment, it feels to me like it needs that little extra something - certainly I think entirely orange becomes a bit overpowering. But I love the mood. Also improved since penultimate, with the darker shoreline/buildings and smoke. A real contender :slight_smile: