Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Emrah Elmasli


Nice sketches (as usual on this thread !)
I prefer ships on the first one (there is more depth), and the landscape of the second one.
But I trust you, it will be fine…

My space opera


The second one is looking the best. It has the main object, the big ship looking to the right side (the way we read) and than u have 2 boats in the bottom of the pic, aiming with their noses to that big ship, making the eye of the viewer goes to the main object. The composition there is just great with some “unimportatnt” elements in the back and u clearly show the action with a smoke in the city. It has it all and it has it in right places. Go with that one if u ask me :slight_smile:


Your china epic pic is awesome, i think your work is probs the best I’ve seen so far, the ship design is awesome, the pic has a kinda of ID4 ships ariving feel, the calm b4 the storm kindof feeling. Your making me think It’s pointless to enter myself :sad:


I’m liking one and two. They seem to have a lot more depth than the other two.
Very nice work.


Your ship is amazing! I really like the design of it! Like you, I think the best of your composition is the 2nd, but I kind of prefer the 2/3 view of your ship in the 3rd. We lost too much of the shape in the 2nd, but it’s cool… Anyway, just a question of perception. Nice work so far!


If I have to choice, then I’ll pick no 1 or 2. my suggestion is maybe the scene can have a bit majestic or grand by add some more space ship flying here and there, also widen a bit the image and work more for the overall mood? just my 2 cents, you’re doing nice so far:thumbsup: .


good cpmpositıon and colors my friend


Lokust - thanks…i’m working on number two at the moment. Infact, there will be some parts from other sketches too. Composition is ok…but i’m not satisfied with the amount of detail. I’m going to stretch the canvas a bit to right and left. That will be helpfull for the comp. Yea, there will be fighters flying around.
melkao - thanks. I’m doing it.
BlueEyeLizard - thanks man. Yes, i recognized it. I’ve sized the canvas a bit…to the top and the sides. That will make the composition more readable.
monsitj - thanks alot. Workin on it
terraarc - haha…thanks alot. I took little pieces from all the sketches. Combining them right now. Let’s see how it’s gonna look.
Arctis - Thanks alot. I hope it will be fine.
NinjaASSN - thanks alot man. You have a good eyes. It’s exactly whats going on there. Aiming the viewer to the main object. I just need some real mood…that’s the most importing thing in a painting.
rusty_carr - thanks alot man. Actually it’s not china, it’s middle east. But i recognized that your orient is asia. Thats good too :slight_smile: What i’m trying to do here is to give an oriental feel to the architectures and the vehicles. a civilized empire but not that strong. Strong, but on that planet only…hehe. Visitors are soulless killers. poor people have no chance against them.
Ondrayce - thanks alot… appreciated
Kraull - thanks man…working on no2 but gonna put some ideas from 3 too.
Androgs - thanks…your thoughts are true. I’ve widen the image a bit to make it more readable. I’m working on it right now.


great conceptual friend

sorry my terrible eng.


Here’s the last composition sketch i did. It needs some fixes here and there. I’m going to add some bombs falling down from the sky. What do you think? What should i add or remove? Comments and crits are welcome


This one was the best to me…
the color scheme is really more vibrant than the last and the huge impression is still here … so… It is my advice but of course onnly you can decide :slight_smile:


I agree with Neozoom, the other sketch is much better and have more depth… I will also add bigger ships (carrier class or destroyer) on the water, maybe firing some rockets etc. but thats only my opinion… your work looks already great :thumbsup:


great designs man…love your ships


great feeling of scale in these, beautiful stuff :thumbsup:


I’ve nothing to say about your choice of colors. Just perfect!


Great last post! As always :slight_smile: Maybe u could turn the right boat at the bottom more to the main spaceship… like on the doodle #2 i think. Otherwise its great!


:eek:wow, amazing.It look great, much better, i like the island ,and the battle in there is very cool


I disagree with Neozoom and NOMAD. The one you have chosen feels right to me but each to their own. I am falling off my chair. the wya you work light, colour and composistion is amazing. hats off to you sir. This is one of my fav’s. dev going to get to be judged i am sure.

Keep it coming!


ooo man ıts not ısland ITs HAGİA SOPHİA and burning, o my god.


Thats priety sharp for a concept sketch! I recon the composition looks spot on. Any more would definatly be too crowded. Very well done!