Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Emrah Elmasli


Have you made any tutorials yet? I have nothing to crit and I’m enjoying every single pic you post!


God love those Ship Designs very cool!! Looing forward to seeing more development on the whole thing


By far the most alive and best of your concepts, glad to see this is what you’ll be drawing :slight_smile:


I love that sketch. Particularly the seperation between the light and dark areas, and of course, the lighting in general. Great stuff!


Beautiful use of silhouette. This is really looking great. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


All the sketchs you did are very nice!, I like your ship designs and backgrounds. Also the colors and lights are great


Just like the rest,Excellent concept’s you got there!!!And I’ll subscribe to this one 2!!!:slight_smile:
Maybe the last one the ships fades alittle to much with the sky…

My spacepra:


thats just mind blowing! artwork like this is so inspirational. you’ve got the talent, keep it going!


Great concept and composition! Has something apocalyptic and “End of Days” look! Surely is a turning moment in this civilization!:thumbsup:
Colors look great too!
Keep it up!



Now thats a powerfull image love the orange sky…:applause:


Good thing you changed your concept, the second one looks much more impressive.

I’m waiting for details :bounce:


Great looking concept. The warm colour-scheme works very well.


Sweet like allways. You could make the ship a bit darker and detailed.


NinjaASSN - heh…thanks man. trying to make this thread enjoyable.
teknotek83 - thanks. Discourage? no man. not at all…
V_Shane - thanks alot…sky will be the most important part in my peace so there are lots of space to play on…:slight_smile:
coCoKNIght - No i did’t make any tutorials but i’m thinking of making one. Maybe after this challenge. Thanks for your comments
Kosmos - Thanks man. Trying to keep the ships original. I will go on with the final image after posting some sketches.
sidchagan - thanks. Yea, i’m glad too. The theme is more original than the other one. I’m happy with this.
Markski - Thanks man. This is just a composition sketch. I’m trying some colors and layouts. I’m going to do more.
SideAche - Thanks…
ered dium - Thank you…appreciated.
OKMER - thanks man…the ship fades in the sky cause it needs to look huge. maybe i may darken it a bit. thanks again
Miker - thanks man, very appreciated.
terraarc - yea, it has some apocalyptic look. It’s the end of this empire indeed, no chance :slight_smile: thanks for the comments.
element5 - thanks man.
CYCLER - I’m happy with this change too, we’ll see the result together. thanks.
ChrisThatGuy - Yea i think so. thanks
taz23 - thanks mate. yea i will


Ok, i’m ready for the final image i think. Here are some composition sketches i did. No:2 is my favorite and i’m going to scale that up and work over it a bit. That will be the last composition sketch. Then i’m going to switch to the final image. This is it for now…


i like number 2 and 3 alot! perhaps im drawn more towards number 2 but they’re both really good and you could go with either, there will be alien fighter crafts zooming by right?

great job! eagerly awaiting every update :slight_smile:


i am agree, the second one looks better, work more in that one


[color=white][font=Verdana]I like #2 as well. It looks good. This may just be the way the sketch is and ignore this comment if you realized this but make sure to not have the tip of the ship touching the very top of the composition. Either have extra sky above or crop the tip of the ship off in a decent amount so you don’t have a tangent. I recommend not cropping the ship. It’s a nice ship!



I lke no,3 but no 2 has more story about it so , your choice is right , can’t wait to see the progress


I like #2 and #3 too! Personally I prefer more #3 because of the more distant angle on the ship. Also I like the dunamic of #4 with more ships on the back…one fallen down…
I’m sure you’ll make the greatest choice among all 5 of them! :thumbsup: (Always give an artist an open window! :wink: )