Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Emrah Elmasli


Brilliant design!!!
Next next!!!


Here is second color sketch of the mothership…i changed the design a bit. I’m still trying new looks for the ship. Some more exposed parts would be nice immo. There will be more of these…check back soon.


i had to register just to tell you how awesome i think that is! im gonna subscribe to this thread for sure. keep rocking!


Excellent design and use of color Atmospheria!

I’m looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with your designs. Don’t dwell too much on the design as they are all very well designed. Also as you decide on your final design, you should probably have already thaught about the the type of people that inhabit these ships. This may help in your design as well.

Personally, story before image is the more effecient procession. Of course whatever youre most confortable doing is ok in this matter as well.

Good Luck. I’ll be watching this one.



Dang dude, this is like Homeworld meets Jacques Cousteau! I love the ship design and the look of the artwork so far. I think the thing that hinders this is the “grandness” factor. It has the “coolness” factor nailed to the wall but if this space opera is to be grand, you have to figure out some epic representation. Come to think of it, I don’t have the “grandness” or “coolness” factors nailed yet… …back to work!


Nice to see you here Atmospheria, MEME here :thumbsup: . Awesome concept man. Looks really big. Reminds me of Feng’s stile. Keep up the good work.


WOW! Excellent ship design and color concepts!:thumbsup: And the compositions are great too (me also prefers the last one, B/W pencilwork by the way)

The mothership looks superb (I’m for No 2 too)

Keep rockin! :bounce::bounce:


amazig design . beautiful colours. keep it up my friend.

-üstad hayranlıkla takip ediyoruz . devam . çok iyi gidiyorsun .


Oh yes that is fantastic :applause:


Very nice.


Still nothing to criticize… amazing work man! amazing! Donno what will be the end version of ur masterpiece, coz if those r just studies what u have submited… than… wow!


Beautiful work man. I’ve never seen your stuff before, but keep track of you from now on. No crits just wanted to comment on the beauty. Nice desgins too.


your work is very good.
it mekes me to remember the game homeworld. your ship is beatiful and the space too. it seems to be ready to the war. i like it:)


Atmospheria, you are one of my favourite : scale, ambiance et movement, organic design, and a personal artistic touch.
Personnaly, I don’t agree with Marc 001 about lights : it’s art, so we have not to be only logical : for many centuries, painters added light sources wherever they needed, to make their picture more striking.
My only remark woud be that the last picture don’t really tell a story as much as first sketches. Maybe ships in the background could be bigger, so that we have the impression of an imminent assault.
But anyway, beautiful start.

My 2D space opera thread


your colour schemes are awesome, this last mothership design really rocks:)


Lokust - Thanks man. I’m glad that your first post is for me. Hope to see you around.
Rares_Halmagean - Thanks alot. Yea, you’re right about what you said. Concepts have a story ofcourse. I decided to change the subject. The ships will remain but the entire scene’s going to change. It would be nice to post some character sketches as well. gonna think about that. thanks.
Russell_Collins - thanks russell. I like homeworld but only similarity with it is the vertical ships, yea maybe the colors a bit. Trying to achieve different looks tough…One of my main purposes is to catch the grandness factor. Thats the magic. thanks again
taz23 - Hey man…whats up? Saw your entry. Good luck with it.
terraarc - Thanks. I decided to change the subject. You’ll see it in my next post. Yea, i’ll go with the ship no 2
geronimo_x - Sağol kardeş. İzlemeye devam…:wink:
element5 - thanks.
ChrisThatGuy - glad you liked
NinjaASSN - Thanks alot. Yea these are sketches. I’m curious about the final image too. We’ll see…
Gamoron - thanks. yea, i’m new around here but you gonna see me often now.
melkao - thanks alot.
Arctis - thanks alot. I agree with you. I use somekind of baroque light. Btw, the last sketches are just the ship concepts, they have nothing to do with the final composition. Just tried to show the design there.
giza-di - thanks.


Hi all, i decided to change my subject cause someother people started to do the same subject with me. I need to be more original in my stuff and i don’t want to do the same thing with other challengers. So i came up with a different idea. The ship designs will remain but the overall composition and theme gona change. Ok, here’s the theme i’m thinking about. We’re on earth but another time-line. Maybe a symettric timeline to ours. Oriental countries are the most powerfull and have the technology. As you can see in the image the architecture is more orient based. Visitors from another galaxy are attacking the planet. This is not the last composition. I just tried some colors. There will be different composition sketches. After i come up with a cool angle i’m going to start to the final image. This is it for now. Enjoy!


Enjoy??? With ur art here, not a problem :slight_smile:


sigh…this is a discouraging thread…excellent colors and everything else…ugh…


nice colors… and lots of sky room. Really looking to see how this comes out!