Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Emrah Elmasli


The last sketch is gorgeous… go for it!

The new angle of the mothership is quite better. :thumbsup:


Here are some more mothership thumbnails. These are the versions of the one i selected. The main design still has some minor problems to fix so i made these to be sure. I’m painting a colored one at the moment. I’m going to post it as soon as possible…


I like the composition of concept #4 the best, but I also think the one centralized explosion in #3 is really good, and the ships probably should not all be flying in the exact same direction. Good work.


Great work… all sketches look promising, color and composition. But I like the lust pencil sketch best
Mother ship concepts rocks!!! I tend towards #5 but that’s just me and love of sailing
it looks more like a yacht, big sail in space.

 Keep it up



#2 looks good. can’t wait for the next step. You’re already one of my faves for the final!


[left]Hello! [/left]

[left]Nice ship designs! Nice colours! :thumbsup: In my opinion your best concept is the “orbital bombardment 3” but the explosion was very little . Maybe you like a nuclear explosion in big scale :twisted: .[/left]

[left]Only one question, please :rolleyes: : what’s your favourite tool? Maybe Painter?[/left]

[left]Thanks you very much! [/left]

[left]Good luck for all.[/left]


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CgTalk member - Thanks. I recommend wacom intuos2 A4 or A3
KOryH - Hey there! Yea…long time no see. Thanks…good luck with your entry.
Pentagramma - Thanks…yea, i liked that angle too but i’m going to fix it a bit.
ChrisThatGuy - hey…thanks. These are just thumbnails. They will not be on the same scene. I’m going to go with #1 i guess.
bakbek - thanks bakbek. I never thought about the yatch think, yea it looks like a bit:)
igino - thanks alot.
Lluc - Thanks. I use painter 7 and photoshop together.


Awesome concepts mate, i really love the thumbnails youve generated of the ships, great details. Sice youve shown all that great stuff in the thumbnails it would be a real shame to loose that in the final image. You definately have to find some nice views to see those ships from rather than just seeing the backends and thrusters. I will definately look forward to seeing some more updates, keep it up.:thumbsup:


the concept looks great


I like concepts 2 and 8…maybe a combination of the two?? great stuff :scream:


Here is a colored version of the mothership i’m working on. I’m still not sure about the design. I’m gonna make some fixes here and there, maybe some major changes. It needs to be an original design. After designing some ships, i’m going to return to color studies. Enjoy…


Very nice design, and I like the coloring. I’m curious to know which concept reflects the final piece though.


Oh man see artist like you make me want to draw harder and harder every day, i must say that sir you have inspire me :thumbsup:


niiiice! could be the final. though it has not much “space”-feel, I like the fact you lit the ship from down below, which is very unique, I think. In general, the light and colors are very appealing. but I think I already said that. I guess you are already working professionally in the concept art feld, right?


OMG that is an awesome concept…:applause:


amazingly amazing! especially for these just being concept sketches. cheeeeeeeeese!!


excellent grasp of your pallette you have. I like the design on teh most recent one the best.


Beautiful! Wonderful work!


sidchagan - Thanks. Yea, i’m curious too.
CgTalk member - Thanks cg…
igino - Thanks man. This is just a ship concept not a composition or color scheme test. Yea, i’m working freelance.
element5 - thanks.
teknotek83 - thanks alot dude
malcolmvexxed - thanks…i’m going to fix it some more
ebrowning - thanks man.


Where is the light coming from? Lighting on the rocks and mother ship is from different dirrections. Are there green gases in space?