Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Emrah Elmasli


Great finish :thumbsup: hope to see you at the next challenge :slight_smile:


:eek: Great work with amazing colors and specific style !!!
wishing the best for you…:applause:


great work.i looked your web site and love it works.good luck …(helal olsun bu gibi şeyler yapan çok az kişi var türkiyede :slight_smile: başarılar)


just wonderful!! I’m excited about the results!:bounce:


Whahuh? U weren’t among the top 15 ?? Mustve been some poop in some
voters and judges eyes if u ask me! Oh, the shame…


I have to agree… This is one of the most beautyful images in this challenge:thumbsup:
Next time…


Tommy Lee


Bad luck Atmospheria!:sad:

Great entry anyway. Really good work.
Hope this will not discourage you from the next challenge?

I bet you will be in the challenge book! :thumbsup:
Dont loose hope! That will be a victory!


I agree with Squibbit, Falcor and Tommy Lee … :rolleyes:

Your style promisses a lot (I’ve been on your website), especially your sketches. :thumbsup:
Keep it up, man !


I this would be in the top 15 Absolutely loved it, looking forward to seeing you in the next one.


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