Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Emrah Elmasli


Thanks for your replies all! I’m going to show the tutorial in my site soon…so check it out later.
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congratiolations…looks great, I think u have done a great job, covered all angles


Amazing work , my favorite for now :thumbsup:

The colors and the light , the perspective ,the design of the ships , i like all theses aspect of your image

Can’t wait for your tutorial :slight_smile:


Well done , your stuff is among the best here. You really made those ships look big,
and those little battles all around the pic are great ! I would only critique the sky ,
which in those early early sketches was so smooth and beautiful, now looks very
brushstroky , unlike rest of the pic. just an opinion, tho ,good work , one of the best :thumbsup:


Wonderful piece…Congratulations!!!


cool work all the way through…definite style all your own…still like one of the previous images that shows the small ships from more of a side view…


Awesome! Your work has long been my favourite 2D now :slight_smile:

The sense of scale on those ships is unlike any entry I’ve seen so far. They are huge!
The light and the colors are simply awesome.
The city silhouette and and the sea sure have a surreal look to them. Great work man, great!

Also, I’d ask these aliens for a big favour too. ANNIHILATE THE BUS DRIVERS IN ISTANBUL FIRST!!! :twisted:


Nicely done mate! :thumbsup:

Wishing the best for such a strong entry! :slight_smile:


Goog, very good final image, the big clouds in the sky are very great, the big ships have an extraordinary design, i like your sunset too, and, finnaly, the sea is terrible, very realistic, but, i don’t like the little ship, like a boat it’s oruginaly but, perhaps more detail


Thanks alot for your comments!


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take care!


Congrats on an excellent entry. I for one have enjoyed watching your progress… best of luck, the final image is awsome… especially the colours!


Briiliant Emrah. Like jezzarts, I’ve also emjoyed watching this develop. A favourite for sure.-g


Jezzarts, unitstudio - thanks alot!


Hey brother, what have you done there? Looks great, amazing, perfect :slight_smile:
Thumbs up, two thumbs up


You have created a really nice image. Nice work.


Just stopping by to congratelate u for ur awesome piece of art… a true masterpiece. As I said before, I cant give u any crit here, just best wishes in the woting process… And thank u for posting here, letting me learn some new stuff from ur thread :slight_smile: good luck!


I’m speechless! I really like your final work! Awesome work! Awesome sea, sky, coloring! Really good! :bounce:


This is great! The final coloring is superb! Really nice work! :thumbsup: No crits at all!


Thank you all for your replies and comments. Good luck to all challengers!