Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Emrah Elmasli


spotted something … looking at where your light source is… shouldnt the large ship on the right be alot darker, and almost a siluette? like your island?


great !

your fighting spaceships are good
details are better : spaceships , and waves corrections…lol
your sky and tones ambiance are really awsome !
one question : is you stylzed boat is going to stay alone or you gonna add more littles boats?

let’s finish now ! lol


french jedi


Tranchefeux - Thanks for the comments my friend.
-tolga- - thanks brother
cgkrusty - thanks. yes, its what i’m planning to do. Working on it right now…
juju - thanks for the comments my friend. Nice idea there…i’m going to try it…
daadaa - good point. But there’s also “color perspective” which i need to obey. Maybe i should darken the ship abit. Thanks for the comment.
stefuse - thanks man. I’m going to add some more ships on the water.


oh my god your work is beutiful!

I can’t say anything bad about it.
Well if I have to say something “bad” the “sailingship” craft (bottomleft corner) was better in earlier versions, but this new one is almost as good.

It seems to be very uneven fight and I feel bad for those guys in the boats. But as always “Grand space opera” wouldn’t be a “Grand space opera” without uneven odds and miraculous victories over evil and tyranny.

Great storytelling moment in this one! GL!


Wow! I just love Your colour scheme. Incredible.


Hmm… I think that it starts to be a bit messy in some parts… Im not sure about that rockets smoke… Its too desaturated, too gray for this very colorfull pic. And it disturbes in a way. Otherwise one of the best entries.

PS: nice portfolio :thumbsup:


ElFuego - thanks for your comment! I agree with you…i’m going to fix the ship a little…
KaleN - Thanks man…appreciated!
NinjaASSN - Thanks for your comment! I’m trying to fix the smoke…but it’s going to be gray…


I don’t know what to say - this is just amazing :eek:

It’s probably too late at this point, but my only suggestion would be to move one of the left-most ships over some. Right now they are practically on the same verticle, which is excentuated further by the purple virticle beams. I’m only nitpicking, though :slight_smile:

Great job :thumbsup:


I’m Done! at last! This is my final image. I’m not going to do changes on it. I’m happy with it and i hope you people are happy with it too. Hope you liked the process also. I want to say big thanks to everyone who helped me and supported me through the process. If you can support me in the finals i’ll be very appreciated! Big thanks to everyone again and good luck to all participants! Take care and Enjoy the image!


very nice dude very nice!! and defintly wont leave without a prize


Looks awesome! The boats on the left/bottom look a bit too low-tech compared to everything else in the image though.


Looks good to me. Its a dramatic scene all rolled into one. I think the design of the spaceship stands out as being bold. Great work and good luck!


congratulations on finishing! your final image is great. I especially like the colours and emphasis.


Right cheer for the image final and this splendid lying of sun
which points out to me my visit in your beautiful country.


daadaa - thanks alot man…i hope…we’ll see
Lunatique - thanks man! I made them on purpose. Somekind of “powerful vs weak” thing…
ecura - Thanks my friend…
bolchover - Thanks…appreciated
Tranchefeux - Thanks mate! If you just saw istanbul it’s not enough…you need to see the whole country…really great culture…good luck to you.


And u did it! Congratulations! I dont know why, but that smoke doesnt bothering me anymore. Very ql pic with just the right amount of everything!
Good luck with the jurry :slight_smile:


Great Work, Looks great and with time to spare as there are still 2 weeks left. :slight_smile:

I should get my ass in gear and finish mine :slight_smile:


Hi there,

I am sure you will get at least a prize for this lovely work. I will definitely vote for you.

Biraz daha TÜrk toplasak aslında Time’ın anketine bile çeviririz ama gerek yok baba çalışma zaten süper.

Ellerine sağlık. Tabi tutorial bekliyoruz haberin ola…:slight_smile:



nice done man…love the final one…great mood and everything…nice background and colors too…cheers and good luck with the contest…


nice nice nice! :slight_smile:

It’s final in my opinnion too cause I can’t point anything about it that I’d like to change :slight_smile:
Perfect job with grand space opera and we will see what you do with that possibly upcoming grand prize boxx :slight_smile: