Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Emrah Elmasli


The next color wip. I totally changed the sky. It’s more promising now.( I guess)Wanted it to be more dramatic and in a romantic style. There are still lots to do. I’m gonna add the fight scene at the end. A huge fight! and some bombs falling at the back perhaps. This is it for now…enjoy


Hey! The sky looks great! Definitely better! Really more dramatic! The scene is much more alive! :thumbsup:


I liked some of the subtle greens that were in the last post’s sky, but this is nonetheless beautiful. That reflection on the water is really done nicely, too. Not much constructive here, I’m afraid. Keep it up! :slight_smile:



Beautiful piece. I really miss the “light” teardrops from the sky, to me those really make the piece.


Oh boy, oh boy…looks to me like we are looking at one of the winners, for sure!

Emrah, your work is astounding, I really mean it. The sky looks awesome, superb, fantastic…The spaceships really seem to be coming forward now. And that blueish part to the right really works well.

You added a spacehip below, but you can hardly make it out, behind the seawaves. Perhaps you should light it a bit more from above.

(really love that sky)

One other suggestion would be to overlap one of the smaller fighters (or whatever they are; I mean the small ones in the middle) in front of the big spaceship. I think the viewer needs a reference to know where the fighter is exactly.

I think the image looks better without the “firedrops”. They distracted too much and you didn’t really know where they were coming from.



Thanks for the replies and comments. Actually i’m thinking of adding the dropping bombs again. But in a different way. Maybe to the far back. I don’t know. I’m going to consider your comments and suggestions. Thanks again…


I love your painting style…its very reminiscent of the old landscape painters. The only thing that I can see is that your composition is still somewhat very monochromatic. Yes, I do see the application of the subtle hints of the muted/lesser hues, but who knows what kind of an anchor colors on the other end of the spectrum could ad to your visual. Colors that are decisively cooler, always intensify warmer/hotter colors (This is just a suggestion…I love your work). Awesome work…very cinematic.



nice consept

good luck:bounce:


this could be one of the winners…altough its a tad monochromatic…put some other colors in a subtle way and it will be great. this piece has a BOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM feeling coming with it, perfect to put on a magazine or something!

my last advice would be to put some more variation in the waves…
keep it up!


really good works.


Thanks for the comments and replies my friends! Happy new year to everyone!


Happy new year!
Best of wishes for happy living and more astounishing work! :thumbsup:


Most impressive sky and colors in the contest!
Very realistic i wonder how things like that can be done.

But i have to give you crit this time!
You have to spend more time thinking about the decorations and patterns on the spaceships. They can be easily regarded as dirt. Specially when looking at small thumbnail of this picture.

Well thats about it. Everything else way beoynd me! :thumbsup: :sad:


About the patterns, i don’t think that they look like dirt. The thumbnail view is not impotant.
But thanks for your crit anyway…


Here are some more details from the image. I’m working on the “fight scene” right now. There will be a huge fight between the invaders and the other civilization. Then i’m going to polish it up and call it finished…Enjoy


Good progression of your project, water is particularly well seen
and the hot colors are pleasant.


wonderfull coloring my friend :thumbsup:


Loving the colours and the epic feel of the image. I’m looking forward to see your battle composition and how it plays against you BG imagery. Granted, you’ve got a very clean vertical composition going on in the BG which should allow you to do a very dynamic FG battle scene without taking anything from the overall image.



very impressive - great quality - …really like how everything seems to be really thoroghly planned and scetched…

Dont know if u changed it but the way the falling bombs were all falling pretty much straight down - would maby look better iff they would fall more in random directions…

good stuff - I really like the coloring


I’m close to finish here…gonna add more fighting and bullets to the sky. Then i’m done…(ar last)