Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Emrah Elmasli


i see you finally decided on the layout good luck man really work that background i want to see details make me believe that this could be happening for real.

my space opera 2d


Good choice of colours. Looks a bit surrealistic for me. Gonna keep an eye on it!


Here’s the second color wip. The colors are ok i think. Now it’s the time for details. I’m detailing the ship right now. I’m going to post some closeups soon…that’s it for now.


U are a genius!this piece of art is INCREDIBLE! intense,well coloured,the ships design is simply brilliant!one of the most beautiful space scene ever seen!G R E A T!


Phenomenal color!


The middle half of the picture is what i like the most.The colors are vivid and the mood is great.Instanbul of flames is something that you wanted to give as a personal touch since you are Turkish:) .I am wondering who are the alien invators.Good luck!

My entry:


Nice progress mate!:thumbsup: Nothing to crit at this point…:slight_smile:

I’ll be watching…


Here’s a detail from the process. Gonna post a new wip image soon.


I love those ship designs. I was just thinking though, I think the values of the close ships in the bottom left hand corner are a little too similar? They seem to have a kind of atmospheric haze on them that kinda messes with the scale of everything else in the piece. I think they should have the same contrast as the purple ship on the right.

It looks really good! :slight_smile:


I really love the colors and the lighting on that large ship. The design is really fun, and different than what we normally see. The only thing I’m not sure about is the blue things up at the top. They distract me for some reason, and maybe if they weren’t in an arcing line, and some were closer to the middle of the picture it would draw the viewer’s eye to the action. Good work nonetheless!


Dude, this is awesome. Rminds me of Chriss Foss and John Berkey, with a dash of Syd Mead. Nothing wrong with any of that! Great stuff.


great work. the detailing on the main ship is very unique and i think it would work well on the others, but not as dark of course.


awesomely detailed… i like the scale of the scene!


Hi again,
Here’s another wip. I’ve more concentrated on the sea and smoke this time and added some more detials on the ship. There are still many more things to do. I’ve removed some of the ships on the sea but i’m going to put them back. Also i’m thinking something different for the sky. More moody and atmospheric than a dark and cloudy sky. This is going to make the painting more “daramtic”. Like " a beautiful sunset and invasion of the outsiders." You gonna see it on the next wip. Take care until then.


With the blend of orange values with sky and spaceship does look draw the image a little bit flat, however I guess its going to look quiet intense and show more depth with the darker clouds. Good move, looking forward to see the progress.


good job my friend !

and congratulations for your baby website ! lol
colors are pretty good and atmosphere too …like a burning sky !
small crits : why don’t you smooth a little your littles waves in the back ground to give more like a camera lens…and depth field? suggestion …of course !
there will be more litles lights on your background spaceships?very good work

see you next time !

may the force be with you !

french jedi


This is awesome! :bounce: The blasting sky, smoke, lighting and water looks great! Great work!


Nice going mate! :thumbsup: The sea is developing great so far and the city outline with sunset behind is working pretty nice…

Nothin to crit…

Keep up the great work…:slight_smile:


The quality of the concept sketches and your latest update to your image is outstanding… You have created so many sketches (that rivals any finished artwork) and so many ideas that you made this look easy! I browsed thru 15 pages to see your updates and sketches (couldn’t read all the posts tho sorry!)

There’s one little thing that I think would improve the image, tho I feel almost guilty for thinking in this way(!): The waves could be smaller and could contain more sub-waves for finer detail, in this current situation, everything near the sea looks smaller than it actually is. Of course nothing can even touch that big big huge mothership, the feeling of mass is excellent, it is not even merely affected adversely by the seemingly huge waves (with no sub waves on them :slight_smile: )

I like the image so much that I feel abnormal when I think I found sth that could improve it :slight_smile:


imressive imagery :applause: you have to be proud of this image :thumbsup: