Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Emrah Elmasli


Hi, I like much the last returned sketch water is super.


Excellent work so far.

Baba ya bişey soracam. Süpper kaliteli iş çıkartıyorsunuz tolga da sen de. Bu çizimler ile ilgili özellikle kağıt üzerinden bilgisayara mı geçiyorsunuz yoksa tablet mi kullanıyorsunuz? Bir de tabi ikiniz de backgroundunuz ile ilgili bilgi verseniz. Bu yaratıcılık bu teknik nirden yav?

İkinize de çok çok başarılar…

Hadi hadi heeeyt


Thanks for the comments friends

andreasrocha - yea it’s a bit yellowish, i’m going to fix it in the original image. thanks
bolchover - i understood what you mean. I’m going to try it…thanks
mitralone - thanks for the comments. Yes, i use tablet for coloring. Mostly from scratch…thanks for the kind words…

I’m going to post the lineart soon…so keep checking…


Here you go. The lineart. I need this cause when i’m working big i need to know what is where…This lines gonna help me about that. I’m blocking the colors right now. I’m going to show you the process…


Those spaceships that are different than the main one, are they fighters now or something or the same size like the main one?


Great work. Love the dynamic nature of the image (Im going to have to rethink my entry). If this isn’t space opera then I don’t know what is. :thumbsup: Fantastic ships.


Hello Atmospheria! I like your lineart work with the explanations on it! :thumbsup:
Very creative thought!

Waiting for some dream colors!:arteest:


Very nice compo, I like a lot those huge spaceshift.


I wanted to suggest researching the rules of perspective of looking at cones above the horizon line, here’s a suggestion, take a carrot and place the thick base in front of your face (just like your ships there) and tilt the carrot (top part, pointy part) away from your face but don’t move the base just tilt it away from your face, the effect of the tile is missing from your drawings. You should draw the carrot tilted away from you but you draw it , pretty much, straight up and down as if the ships were… small. Another way is to look at the rings on the carrot look under the carrot and look down on the carrot, how does the circles on the carrot CHANGE ? I can’t paint no where as good as you, yet. I’m learning how to paint sea-water from your boat painting. Look at how Feng Zhu draws he always start with a grid this is how i was able to learn this (from disney guys), the grid is ALL. The horizon line is GOD. Everything above the horizon line is being looked UP at. Draw, cones with formfitting hoola hoops, above the horizon line, and below, in two point perspective, the hoola hoops have to obey perspective. If i was better at computers i would draw an example. Good job overall, i only hope to be able to paint as well as yourself some day. :slight_smile:
P.S. it’s the right wing of the ships, you have to be looking under the wing and it should be a tad higher, also notice how the perspective doesn’t change for the smaller ship which is higher up from the ground… we should be seeing more of the base if the smaller ship.

P.S. again If my suggestions slow you down please ignore them, these are ment to help.


Here’s a rough color wip. After doing the lineart i started to block some colors in. Slowly the lines disappeared and rightnow the image looks like this. I’m still defining the forms and giving the correct colors to the scene. This is going to be like a tutorial after this moment. So, check the process…


From what I see of the concept I’m sure this will be something big is coming along. I’ll sure to keep my eyes on a watch for this one.


Nice start mate! :thumbsup: Coloring looks great so far! Maybe adding some more green? :shrug:Just a suggestion

Looks great man! Waiting for an update! :thumbsup:


I’m actually stunned that you’re still posting, I thought you were done already! I had to go back and look to see that your earlier posts were justs roughs and compositions, as they’re good enough to be the final thing. This is just going to be amazing if that was only the rough!



Absolutely gorgeous feel to this piece. I love the colour palette, your ship designs and the sense of scale and wonder in this piece is awesome!

Looking forward to seeing the finished work!


love that colouring :applause:


I can see that this will be much fun to follow… Im really curious whats ur painting procedure and how u’ll make the pic better than ur “sketches” coz even those was just fantastic. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the crits and comments. I’m still working on the forms and fixing the colors.
I’m going to post a wip soon…thanks all!


Nice to see one of your many amazing concepts start to take shape. I cant wait for the rest of the details to fill in.


excellent stuff. your use of colour is spot on… nothing to crit…one of my favs


great use of light sources and color tones. Good job. This is going to be sweet.