Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Emrah Elmasli


Emrah Elmasli has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Finally!!!

I’m Done! at last! This is my final image. I’m not going to do changes on it. I’m happy with it and i hope you people are happy with it too. Hope you liked the process also. I want to say big thanks to everyone who helped me and supported me through the process. If you can support me in the finals i’ll be very appreciated! Big thanks to everyone again and good luck to all participants! Take care and Enjoy the image!


Good luck to everyone. I’m going to start posting sketches soon…


I started to think about the theme at last. I still have no idea what i’m doing. I tried to catch an “orbital bombardment” atmosphere here. I’m going to do more of these…check back soon…


Great beginning there Emrah - has a timeless feel to it - classic space opera.
well done…


that works very well! the colours are so vivid! i think with some ideas for the foreground this can be an even better piece. keep it going.


I really like the color scheme as well!


That is a really nice image, hope to see more soon :slight_smile:


Oh only artwork in this challenge with the ability to capture the viewers attention to certain place…That hotspot on the leftside of the picture.

Right side is slowly fading away to cold.

Show us more!


Thanks for the comments. I’m still thinking for new angles and color schemes. I’m going to design some ships too. A big armada, and a poor planet. I don’t know, i may suddenly change my mind and go for an earthy atmosphere. On earth i mean, not in space…we’ll see.


In this picture i’m still trying catch a cool angle and color scheme. The ships designs are random. I want to blast a planet, but it’s gonna be hard to get that effect. I’m gonna do more different angel shots and different ship desings…


YES! I love that angle too… :applause: MORE! MORE! MORE! Pleeeeease :thumbsup:


I think I like the colors of the first one a little more but still both great


Great work, Atmospheria! Your concepts really look good…Ryan-Church-like…I agree with Gük, the color-scheme of the first image looks better…The first one really looks good, with the solitary spaceship heading toward the battle.Your techinque is wonderful!

This one is definitely a thread to look out for!


wow very nice coloring and camera angles, dont stop there show us more lol :thumbsup:


I like the first one better in terms of ship design, color usage, general mood…
This is looking very promising and I’m looking forward to seeing more!


yea this one looks sweeet


Yea, i think purplish atmosphere looks better but i’m still searching for new angles.Thanks for your comments. I’m going to get more into ship designs in other posts…thanks


Here’s a new angle idea. I’m slowly getting into ship designs. I like long shaped ships and there will be some designs like these in the final image.
Still trying to catch the best angle…


Congrats! Very nice sketches so far! :thumbsup:

I´m not totally sure about the vertical ships design in the last one… maybe you could put some of them in other angles, so we could understand their unusual shapes better…

Anyway, it´s great. Looking forward to your updates!


love the color and atmosphere, but I agree with the last post - I think you need to do something to break up the verticals on the ships. It looks like the planet is being bombarded by sex toys.