Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Daryl Mandryk


common link, common style…I love it… I cant see any problem. Listen to what we say, Take on what is relivant and do what your heart tells you. Love your work and its great that the story continues. A picture tells a thousand words…

P.S. I dislike writing backstories you cant always exhibit a story with your painting :smiley:


:wise: :shrug: :banghead: :surprised :curious: … bla,bla,bla.

Cheerz my friend


yeah vaportrail, who are you? your criticism is non-constructive. If you’re someone who has not entered, what does it matter? who could feel this way and think its a good idea to make an extra screen name just to go off about how jealous or contemptuous they are of daryl’s work?? I think we can all learn something from him. I can agree with some of the points made, but you are rather harsh about he way you made them. crits shouldn’t be accusations. Why don’t you at least have to courage to make your comments under your own name and whats with aluding to being more than one person? as you said, you’re obviously after a reaction, which you got, now lets get back to helping daryl.


in many respects my post was harsh and the tone was on the patronizing side, and it’s true that this was to get a reaction. however, the excercise was not to slate daryl for the sake of it or out of jealousy, it’s just that we (myself and a friend with a shared view) like to see innovation in concept design; new ideas and imagery that is truly fresh and exciting. as we said, we were looking forward to seeing how the previous winner would adapt to the new challenge and having seen daryl’s new entry, we were just dissapointed at what to us seems like a slight lack of imagination.

the points i made are intended to state this view and ultimately help daryl out; ignoring my personal preference, it seems to us that if you enter an image into space opera that’s virtually the same as your entry for machine flesh, you’ve got a greatly reduced chance of winning.

with the 25% community challenge system, we have the impression too many people are simply going round all the threads sucking up to people, offering encouragement, but not necessarily constructive criticism.

we intended merely to make daryl think a bit ‘out of the box’. if it wasnt for people making such points i think the forums would be much more stale and unimaginative.


i do think vapourtrail was just trying to help out need to be so defensive.

i do agree compostionally that,its VERY similar,but altogether it is a cool ass pic!!!

i dunno how the judges everyone relax and let daryl do as he wishes.


Nice work, the best part IMO is the area where the ring on the saturnish planet comes around in front of the planet with the nice blending effect. Like your machineflesh entry, it has great composition. If I had to crit anything, I’d say the rocky(?) surface the characters are standing on looks odd, but that appears to be from you not detailing it yet so it’s all good.



Thanks for you detailed post. Overally harsh? hah! I’ve had far worse in my day, and besides, everyone has a right to voice there opinion. Since you flatly stated that you wrote that to generate a response, I thought I would oblige.

“Thought I’d throw my hat in again…sounds like a fun topic! A little broad perhaps, but I think that will just generate a huge variety of crazy-ass images.”
My first post was simply intended to say that this contest would generate a lot of interesting art - from everyone. I think you took it to mean that I would be trying something crazy and whacky, but that was not my intent.

Generally, I think you succeeded in pointing out that my work has a recognizable style and that they look like they were designed and done by the same person. There is no doubt that they both deal with sci-fi themes, and I have injected simialr design sensibilites into each. Hey, no arguement there.

Does this mean I am un-creative? Who knows, that’s an excellent question. You could ask the same thing of ANY artist out there who has made more than one peice of art, and especially about any artist who has done more than one peice of sci-fi art. Is Giger uncreative because his art all looks similar? Are Berkey spaceships just rip-offs of eachother? What about Brom? How do you judge creativity? Should art be judged on it’s own or in comparison to past works? Frankly I can’t tell you - It’s a subjective matter, pure and simple, and I respect you thoughts on this.

Your claim that writing a story will somehow enhance your art is valid, and hey - if that creative process works for you, more power to you. But I’ve seen plenty of images with a lovely backstory that make absolutley no sense whatsoever, and try to cram so much story junk into a picture that the art just collapases. Sure a story is fine - but I make it up in my head as I paint the picture, and that’s what I want the viewer to do. It get’s them invloved, get’s them to ask questions, and fill in the answers themsleves. Art that answers all the questions for you, whether they are written or in the picture I find dry and boring.

it seems to us that if you enter an image into space opera that’s virtually the same as your entry for machine flesh, you’ve got a greatly reduced chance of winning.
For the machineflesh challenge I just painted what I wanted see, I really didn’t expect to win anything - the image was completely self-serving. I took a vague idea and ran with it. As you’ve probably noticed, I am doing the same thing here, painting an image that satisfies myself. Am I satisfied with it? Of course not. That’s why it’s a clearly labled WIP. So I think comparing it to a finished painting is a bit misleading.

As for winning something, of course I hope the judges and voters like it, but I don’t enter these things to win prizes. I enter these contests because of the community interaction, and because I can paint what I want -not what an art director wants, and that is a huge difference. I do that every day for a living, and acting as your own art director is much more rewarding. My number one goal here is just to have some fun and make a painting that hopefully will kick some ass.

with the 25% community challenge system, we have the impression too many people are simply going round all the threads sucking up to people, offering encouragement, but not necessarily constructive criticism.

Hey - I agree with you that constructive criticism is essential. Everyone needs it, and I encourage it! But After reading your post top to bottom, I couldn’t find any specific suggestions of what you (or your mysterious friend) would do differently. I thought you made some interesting and well thought out points about creativity and ingenuity, but as far as an actualy critique went, I didn’t really see one, and that was what I was waiting for you to get to.

Anwyays, thanks for your feedback - I’m always interested to hear what people like or dislike about my work.



Nothing much to say here, just expermenting a bit, and slowly tightening things.



That response was truly inspirational. I’m so, so glad you reacted in such an intelligent way, you really couldn’t have said it better. although our taste in subject matter clash (which of course they will do, it’s only natural!) I’m now assured that you are truly a humble and skilled artist.

For the record, the piece is looking severely tasty now! as a painting in itself it’s really good. You’re dead right about me not throwing in any advice at all, and if you will allow me to…All i’d do is drop the main characters down a bit into the golden section and bring them forward a bit (thus making them relatively bigger) I may consider putting elements of figures right in the foreground, out of focus to immerse the viewer further.

I look forward to your input on my entry, which is in the pipeline…


people no longer in disarray


Your work is terrific. The work definitely has an iconic feel. The have the spontaneity of a war zone photojournalists imagery - capturing the “decisive moment” - but those moments are made convincing by your powerful drawing/rendering abilities, which fill that moment in with interesting detail.


Hiya…I think the characters a little bigger would look cool and as for something in the foreground… maybe an alien hand in pain with blur…:slight_smile:


:thumbsup: Coming along nicely…great composition…characters are strong and big in frame, and yet you’ve still got the scale / epic thing going…great stuff!! :applause:


Ummm… what to say… errr… right… constructive criticism… errrm…
OK. If I have to say something, I would say that in the situation they are obviously in, being over-run by the enemy, I would try and show a few more of his comrades who have been killed. It would reinforce the idea that they are the last hope for the humans being the last man standing…
I would also give him or her a wound. All our heroes get wounded and overcome their own pain to win the day… Go on… Chop his arm off or something… :slight_smile:

That’s about it.

Loving your style dude!

The Ton


People like you scare people like me. It looks awesome. Don’t know what else to say?


I just wanted to say that Im completely blown away. You have the most incredible skills… Ive seen work from thousands of illustrators in my life. In terms of science fiction, I personally consider your work as some of the best Ive seen. I cant wait to see the final piece.


yeay darylman paint good majik


Damn Black… You bust. Some good work and debating going on in here, subscribing to this one for sure.

Someone mentioned Frazetta earlier, one of the masters of sci-fi works. Even though he tackled a broad range of sci-fi images, his style and composition are very reckognizable.


You know, half the reason I religiously read these replies to threads insanely laden with dial-up-bandwidth-choking art is for ideas for references… …“war zone photojournalists’ imagery”… perfect. Google image search, here I come (modem don’t fail me now!).


the WIP is looking good. I especially like the colours, and the looseness of some of strokes in the detail at the front. If it were me, I would try not to lose that completely as you tighten things up, as it adds spontaneity to the image :slight_smile:


i’m glad to enter this challenge and see professional work develop ! it’s like step by step learning ! with your work … i have a lot more to learn…can’t comment anything !awesome work!