Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Daryl Mandryk


Woah! That cintiq does hold it magic it seems :thumbsup:

You won and you used few of my advices! So im very happy about it.
Really hope that the next challenge will be more mundane. It will be a pleasure for sure.

Seya then Blackarts!

Aahh… Next time im gonna get that honorable mention!
Got a few aces in my sleeve just waiting! :deal:



Your image had the strongest and most appealing look just by watching the thumbnails. Hypnotised by this this it led me and automatically into voting area. :slight_smile:

Great work and well deserved.



An awesome image… I allready said everything about the pic thru the challenge itself, now its time to congratulate u for that winning entry! Second in a row… u r truly one hell of an artist :thumbsup: It was my pleasure participating in the same challenge!
cya in next one!


very well done . . . next time i might finish the challege … 2 in a row huh. GO FOR A HATRICK!


Hi Daryl

Congrats on the 1´st place…I actually didn´t vote for the image…which I don´t understand now, it´s really cool. Guess the thumb didn´t appeal enough. But hey, you didn´t need my vote, so who cares.

I wish you some great outcome of this, you should be able to take this very far.



An entry that totally deserved to win Grand Prize; great job as always, Blackarts. :slight_smile:


Congratulations! So you did it again! You have one hell out of graphics station now! Cintiq and all! hehe! :smiley:


Congratulations! Wow, two in a row :thumbsup: I’ve got to hand it to you - you never cease to amaze. You completely blew away your last contest entry this time around and I’m glad to see that that was recognized by the judges. Your image was personal, action-packed, grand, and inspiring. Great job :slight_smile:


Congrats again Daryl :thumbsup:


How big’s your apartment or home, Daryl? Maybe you’ll start running out of room and then let someone else win…! Just kidding, of course, it’s good your here to raise the bar. Congratulations, great entry, way to go!



Congrats Daryl, great image, keep up the arse kicking!


your style and composition are very inspiring.

I especially like looking through your WIP’s. It’s really amazing to see how willing you were to trash parts of the artwork that weren’t working. Many artists have a very hard time do that. Your willingness is something I like to see (mainly 'cus I have such a difficult time doing it). Keep up the good work!



Congrats Daryl ! I’m in 3d section but I was in this forum everyday . You’re my favorite. Others are tranchefeux , evil gerbil , andreasrocha , starbuck . Congrats everyone. You did great jobs.


You did it again. Congrates on another win. A WOWing fantastic master piece.


Congrats Daryl ,hope you join again next time,your works are always rippin’!


OH MY GOD!!! man I’m competely blown away. I cant say anything, this is a beautiful piece. Everything you said you were going for is here…emotion, action, etc. Excellent…I cant think of nothing else but excellent. Its people like you who I would want to be around and just soak up all the knowledge. What reference or direction can you tell me to go in order to try to produce work like this?


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