Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Daryl Mandryk


concept sketch milestone…I figure I’ll hammer away at this until it turns into something cool or I get bored…whichever comes first.


I’m digging the monochromatic color scheme with the touch of blue in the guns. I know it’s only your prelim sketch but consider keeping it with that tonal range, new here so I haven’t seen your other stuff but I like what I see so far…


u da man :applause:


Looks great so far, Daryl. You’ve got a real eye for the dramatic. If anything, I’d say that overhanging shape of a ship or whatever it is might be a little too much in the frame. I like the vertical element to it which intersects with the moon/planet in the background, but that large dark mass seems a bit overwhelming to me.

Good luck to you and to all your fans in this thread as well :wink:



Your sketch are very good and I like the colors good luck for
the continuation…


Heaps of Space Opera goodness here! :slight_smile: Awesome composition, mood and energy without having a story. This piece truly sells itself, which is what any good work of art should do i guess.

Definitely looks like some kind of valiant and heroic last stand…great stuff Daryl.



absolutely awesome, with what little detail there is this image speaks in volumes, an excellent composition i cant wait to see the final thing. It has a great feeling of action and movement youve really managed to capture a great freeze frame of some epic sequence, definately part of what this comp seems to be about. Keep it up.:thumbsup:


Beautiful…Looking for something to criticize, but I can’t find anything. The only thing, perhaps (but since this is a concept, it’s too early to be mentioning this), are the expressions of the man and the woman. His pose asks for a really big scream, I guess…and she looks too passive, somehow. Perhaps her left arm could be outstretched, waving off that group of “bad guys”, in despair…Just hints.


Really fantastic!!

This could be even better than the last one!!

Um… the one…that…erm…won… bugger…


Fantastic works, as usual, Daryl…


This is the most remarkable start I´ve seen so far. It looks epic - the perspective angle mediates tremendous dramatic action - The compostion is great and has a convincing arrangement between the different objects.


I’m looking at these concepts and I’m saying to myself is gonna be …again…one outstanding piece…love the idea…cheers tech


very dynamic composition. The pose of the characters remind me of the SW EIV movie poster which isn’t a bad thing.


grr admins please delete this, accidental double post.


Hey Blackarts, thanks so much for taking a look at what I’ve got down so far. you’re suggestions were really helpful. maybe someday I’ll be a winner too… in life :smiley: hehe

hmm trying to find something for you to work on… how about the closest areas of the foreground? whats going to be there? How close will it be? and the “flag pole” sort of form on the right side with an orange form under it is still confusing at this stage… is that a part of the ship above or the forground? its its the front of the ship you may want to play with the anges to make them line up better and at least at this point the hue is to different to read as part of the rest of the ship. if its a specific object on the ground, it of course needs more definition so it can read as an object rather than just mark.

your compositional strategy is similar in some aspects to Frazetta’s paintings; as the hero and heroing are central on a mass/ hill in dynamic posture; the moon present in the back… but the handling of the sci fi theme is contemporary and unique to you.

Magnificent. Fantastic, and you just got started!!


i was wondering where the previous winner went to! good start you are off to. im still struggling to get that level of implied form in digital concept work. and how so! a concept on a more personal level works very well, and yours already has impact.


The composition is so good its scary, i must say i really love it already. Something just tore down the recemblence of my image in my brain :D. Btw, i think i can see something similar with the last winning piece, uhm, the guns and colour buildup? But since i belive its in a early stage anything can change. Its going to be fun to watch this thread.



keeping up the good style from last challenge…all that energi…love it!!


I have to echo the Frazetta comparison. This is a fantastic start. It is jsut what I need to kick start myself & see what this challeges is about.


Great sketch! remind me The Raft of the Medusa (Géricault).

I’ll keep an eye on your work :smiley:


wow thanks guys, I’m glad you are diggin this even in the embyronic stage it’s in at the present.

andreasrocha; the poses are basically placeholder and will likely be changed. I shoudlnt have really even done anything on the faces this early, but I couldnt help myself - again they’ll be changed. I would like to have the woman looking up into the sky at something (?)…still have to figure this out.

russelcollins; you are right man, the ship will have to be pushed back a bit.

duddlebug; thanks duddle…I dunno if it will be better - just different. btw your cartooning skills are awesome…I am green with envy.

Hillartsympho; that flag looking thing will probably be a tattered flag with fire behind it…or not. but that’s sort of what’s in my head. As for the foreground, probably alien corpses…still need to figure it out. Frazetta uses strong focal points in his compositions which is what I try and do as well…I want to get the viewers eye to focus on a specific area, then move around and check other stuff out.

Peddy; thanks, I appreciate your comments.

ZuraK; I do a have a thing for big blue laser beam guns…I admit it.

thanks all…more to come sometime soon…