Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Daryl Mandryk


Superb work, Daryl. The piece has the same great energy and life as your speedpaints, and that’s no easy task in an image with such a high level of polish and detail as this.

Excellent job!


Now I remember why your illustrative style seemed so familar to me: you won the 2D Grand Prize for the Machineflesh Challenge (I was using you image as a desktop for 2 months).


hey thanks a lot guys, I’m happy you like it.

Evil Gerbil; thanks jason - I’m pretty happy with the way it finally turned out…There are parts I like better too…I think I’ve refined my technique a bit between now and machineflesh, so maybe that’s starting to show.

doug; thanks - yeah I start out very small…500x700 is a usual starting res, and the final one was quite large…3150x4494…I uprezzed twice during the process.

MattDixon; thanks matt - my only question is where was your entry? Surely you would have kicked some major butt.

ArtisticVisions; glad you liked my machinefelsh pic! They were both fun to do.


This one is a front runner in my opinion. Really nice work.


This is an awesome peice and has my vote. Nice compostion and overall style


Ur final picture really covinced me… it is again a true masterpiece, using right strokes to imitate lots of details. U r a true master and during ur process I learned a lot, so thank u once more time for ur participation :slight_smile: It was a pleasure wathicng ur thread!


Awesome Work. :applause:
You Had my Vote!:deal:


thanks for the support guys - I’m really happy that you got something out of this process.


The best one of its class

Really awesome image.:eek:


Congrates On your win Daryl :thumbsup: Nice one.


:stuck_out_tongue: man u so lucky , hhaha j/k , good work dude , the pic looks great on the book cover :thumbsup:


Congratulations, I can’t wait to see your tutorial. Awesome job, really top-notch. One more win and it’s a Dynasty!


Congrats Daryl… I think it was a foregone conclusion right from the start! Awesome work!


Daryl, freakin congrats man! You deserve it! Winner twice out of thousands of artist, I wish you the best of luck (as if you need it now;-)
take care!


Wow! Congrats Daryl, if you keep this up you’ll be able to open up a computer store! ; )


All my compliment with gaining, congratulations. with the
pleasure, for a forthcoming challenge.


Wow - thanks a lot everyone for your kind words. I actually think there were several entries that could have easily taken top spot (tranchefeux, you were definatley one of them), so I’m suprised and honored. What an awesome challenge - the next one will be even bigger and better.


What an iconic image you’ve made - clean and powerful. Many congrats to you and much luck on your future projects! It was a definitely a pleasure participating with you in this challenge.

Great work! :slight_smile:

  • Patrick


Congrats buddy!!!:thumbsup:





Congratulations!! Nice to see your Image on a Book Cover :bounce:

Absolut great image with a great color scheme, and great sence of Action! AWESOME!!

Only good that you are on the 2D Site of this Challenge, if you are going to do 3D-Stuff so please tell me. (than i wll quit) :wink:

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