Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Daryl Mandryk


This REALLY came out awesome. Its a lot more colorful than the previous iterations, and feels just as dynamic. Less gritty perhaps, but it doesnt detract. This has been one of my favorites through the challenge; great work :slight_smile:


wow this is looking SO much better! :eek: I thought it looked cool before but now its just jaw droping! amazing piece dude!


grreat work again, daryl, thta’ a reeally cool pic !!


Congrates, this is done done and done. It looks super fantastic and has been very enjoyable to watch this progress. To me its already a winner, best of luck.


congratz mate!


thrylly amazing… the thing that i like most in your work was the way you was improving the idea of the first concept. not because it was bad, but because you where looking something better and better. that definies the gratests.


azazel; thank you!

Atmospheria; thanks a lot

Fahrija; thanks - the fx help, plus they’re fun to paint

sidchagan; it was tough trying to balance between colorful and too colorful if you know what I mean…I didn’t want it to appear ‘happy’…I’m glad it’s reading well to you

CodeNothing; thanks man

markovicd.; cheers

kengi; thanks…yeah usually I work with a more solid idea in mind, but because of the amount of time I decided to try a more freeform approach and see what happened. The results were unexpected, but that kept it interesting for me.

Just a note, I think CGtalk must put a slight sharpen filter on these things when they reduce it…it came out a little harsh. I’ll post a link to better quality version sometime tonight, It’ll give you guys a better idea of what the high-res one looks like. If you guys are interested I can post a couple close ups as well.


Great illustration; this sucker totally nails the idea of a Grand Space Opera.
Definately a winner in my book.


beautiful piece daryl, superb job. Best of luck, you’ve created a great piece


you have my vote


It’s been fun watching your progress along the way. I knew your piece was going to be awesome from the minute I saw the concept art. Love the way you kept it loose. Good luck.


ArtisticVisions; thanks!

Steve Newport; thanks Steve, and thanks for your crits!

bombeu; cheers

coryloftis; thanks - I hope you get to finish your peice I just checked it out and wow.

here’s a slightly higher quality (and larger) version:

and this is a closeup (actual resolution) - you can see how loose things really are…


Great Job Daryl - best wishes :thumbsup:


nice job, I love it :applause:


:buttrock: Good luck.Be st wishes :thumbsup:


Awsome. Good luck Buddy!!!:bounce: :thumbsup:


Great image, it looks very detailed, good comp. and it’s just fantastic! :smiley:
I’m glad you tweaked the color back into the “warmer” zone, I personally didn’t really like the dominating green in ur last one, but this is probably personal preference. I think you have a big chance to win something with this one :slight_smile: GJ!


Yeah, I really agree with Amida about the warms. Thanks for posting the hi-res versions, it’s nice to see it the ay you intended. Really beautiful work, Daryl, it was fun to be part of the process this time 'round. Congrats!



It looks awesome! Personally, I like this one a lot more than your MachineFlesh, and that’s saying a lot :slight_smile: I’ll just give you an early congratulations :thumbsup:

:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:


Wow man, it turned out great. Thanks for posting the actual size too. I was crious how big you painted. Truly an awesome peice. Good luck!