Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Daryl Mandryk


hello, great piece !!! I like your choice of calm colors - they help to portray the despar of their fight …

keep up :thumbsup:


I liked previous versions much more. Now there are to many black elements, contrast it’s bit to big for me (previous one was more colorful and that was a plus). Beside 1st, 2nd and 3rd plan were more visible, now I see 1st and 2nd plan looking quite same.
My opinion is quite subiective of course :slight_smile: I don’t have any other criiques, picture is beatutiful.



Looks great :applause:

The red tones version is much better… If I have to make one critic, I will add some lights to the girl`s weapon… looks too dark…

Awesome finish :thumbsup:


Daryl - looking good! I think it wouldn’t hurt in this version to lighten up the background behind those two left-most aliens so that their sillhouettes read a bit better. And I agree with cgkrusty, I’m not sure you really need that hand in the far foreground. I have to confess that I found the colors in the previous post a lot more pleasing, but that’s entirely subjective, I don’t have a valid reason to back up why I like them better. I guess I just find the reds more of a dramatic color and the blue-greens more serene and calming, and ‘calm’ isn’t what this piece is about. I especially miss how the cool colors of the main hero’s armor contrasted with the warm backdrop whereas now he blends in a lot more.

anyhow, congrats for being almost done. Good luck on the finishes!



very difficult to judge this challenge! your art is amazing, very strong and very dramatic too…


Thanks guys, that’s some really good feedback. I really like the idea of warming up the foreground a bit, just to give it some more depth. I want to bring out the reds in the characters a bit more to help them pop more as well. Another thing I’ve been toying with is putting some color into the armor…but so far it hasn’t been working out…the white metal armor will probably stay. The cools vs the warms in the BG is definatly a subjective thing…personally I like the contrast between the chaos and the serenity. I’ll probably have some time tonight to put some more polish on this.

Anyways, thanks - i like getting as many opinions as I can…off to work!




[b][color=yellow]i loved the attraction here especially the medic… but i guess colours were better in the last one…and i m sure that the final composition will be magnificent.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:



Man Blackarts, you friggin’ nailed this piece. It’s hard for me to say which one I like better, they’re seriously both great, but for totally different reasons. Excellent work, as always.


Damn dude - this is sick. Love the heads in th bg and the devil may cry style handgun work for the main character - thats just crazy cool. Love the new colors too. You rock man.


very nice.
I think ther needs to be something in the upper third of the picture to balance everything out and fram the main guy a bit better.
may be another blast from the sky but very subtle and in the distance. to tie the foreground with the background.

looks great BTW


I’ve only just checked your entry for the first time, but it really is brilliant.
I loved the progressions earlier in the thread, and learnt a whole lot from them too.
A couple of things I think the image is missing, though it’s probably a bit late. .

  1. A space battle. It’s brilliant how your image is so epic with only humanoid characters in a ground battle in it, but I truly think it needs a space battle in the background to give it that undeniably huge space opera feel. I know many probably think that this would choke and clutter the image, but i’m sure if you could find a way given adequate time.

  2. The femal medic’s pose isn’t nearly as classic or exciting as her old crouching pose in <a href=“”>this image</a>, yet I can see the purpose of having her leaning over as though helping the wounded soldier. But the old one was just so awesome!

  3. The wounded soldier’s gun looks as though he is firing directly at the alien behind the one being shot by the hero character, and the pose of the alien almost encourages this idea. When you follow where the gun is shooting though, you can see little tracer effects on the very left border of the image that I figure to be the bullets just fired from the gun - going nowhere near that alien. This makes that portion of the image hard to read, and it’s still ambiguous as to if he is aiming at that alien or one off-screen. My personal thought would be to either move the alien further to the right so that the wounded man’s gun is just overlapping it, change the orientation of the gun a little and/or make the tracer effects more apparent.

  4. the original versions of your image had more aliens! It really gave that classic sense of “good guys being practically overrun but fighting to the last man” kind of thing, and I think you lost that in later revisions.

done with crits now :smiley:

as for the stuff i LIKE. . the lead character is absolutely spot on. I can’t think of a superbadasscommanderkillerperson guy more suited to be standing on that rock reaping a path through alien hordes. And not just the design, the rendering is beautiful. definite classic.

Those stone heads are gorgeous, they give identity to the world instead of making it just a standard everythingisboringandplainbutwehavekilleralienhordes planet.

You got the planet rings in and they look great!

The design of the aliens, especially combined with the pose of the one in the foreground is so classic and space-opera-ish, yet they still retain originality. really awesome stuff.

wooh, if anyone read this far then have 10 points!


-tolga-; thanks…her pose is annoying me, her right leg is messed up. I think I’ll have to tackle this.

dougbot; thanks Doug…I always mess around with the colors until the very end…they are getting close though.

x_se7en_x; Devil may Cry always looked cool - I never played it though…Thanks for the support!

KOryH; thanks for the suggestion…I’ll keep it in mind!

The final image is coming along and should be here shortly…thanks for the feedback!


Mandryk your Final Cg is Fantastic , good Job :thumbsup:


Hey !

Great job man !

Good luck for the final !
BTW, how is this tablett :slight_smile: ?

I see you on the next one, I haven’t said my last word :))

Luter (aka goli)


Inspiring as always Black, nice work. I really dig the look of the background, a very ‘real media’ look, alwost water colour like.

Great character in all the characters as well…these guys have a story! Well done!



amazing work :eek: :eek: :eek:
i like this very much :applause:
wish u good luck for the final image!


After endless tweaks, I think it’s time to lay down the wacom and call it done. Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions along the way. I think I captured more or less what I was going for - energy…emotion…high impact. Hope you all enjoy it!



ps; for those who care, this is at 23% original size.


Congrats on finishing it, came out really great.


Awesome peace mate! Good luck for the judging process…


Hi Blackarts,

beautiful image! The last modifications are stunning. Besides the great character I especially love the FX. The image also got much more mood than it had before. That might be due to darken up the left part of the head in the background.

my thumb up :thumbsup: