Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Daryl Mandryk


Man i dont know where youre from but you are a real danger for the designer`s race. You are TOO GOOD. I admired your art since the fsirt time i saw your machine flesh thread. Keep up with the good work man.:applause:


Better better … always better… I wish I was on the level to put some serious critics here… but im not :slight_smile: awesome stuff!


Awesome stuff, as always. I’ve been watching this piece progress since the beginning and you’ve sure made a lot of changes. I think you made some good choices in toning down some of the over the top dramatics of the original path this piece was taking. I wouldn’t be surprised if you took the gold again :thumbsup:


Daryl, you definitely found a winning combination in the composition, it’s beautiful with the colors and everything. I feel a lot more in the action in this.

Right now I feel the right side is a little too heavy and makes the image unbalanced. Even with the big head leaning over to the left side I still feel uneasy when trying to stare at the picture… i didn’t catch myself being lead through the picture. Maybe a little more focus to the left side specifically with values, a little more lighter values on the left. Maybe take the explosion coming from the right side and have the firey fall off out more to the left… more sparks that way or something, silhouetting the aliens on the far left… i don’t know… or maybe an alien on fire being propelled that direction?:wink: It just seems that the values in this image aren’t yet balanced. The brights come from the core of the lasers, but nothing else in the image is anywhere near that high value.

Another thing is, and I’m sure you probably just havn’t gotten to it yet, but the girl sticks out to much from her surroundings. I feel she’s too bright all over, and her left leg doesn’t match how the wounded soldier’s body reacts to the environment. It’s in the shadow, but it doesn’t look like it is. Maybe some more yellow hues mized in as well as darkening certain parts of her body, specifically her left leg so it matches the lighting.

I can’t exactly tell what it is below the largest laser on the right. Is it supposed to be ground level? If so, it seems like it’s going a little to steep up to the right, but it could just be an illusion with the angle you’ve chosen to place the camera. Also, I might tone it down a bit to achieve some more depth, or give it a higher contrast within itself as I know the explosion would be illuminating it. So maybe stronger highlights and sharp shadows towards the viewer, but tone it down the further it goes back a little more maybe.

I can’t tell if I think the clouds are perfect or need work!? :stuck_out_tongue: I think they’re perfect and my critical eye might just be questioning itself! I might give the highest altitude clouds more definition, but that’s all I can get out of it in this viewing.

And the last thing I can see right now is something I’ve overlooked in past viewings. The wounded soldier is aiming his gun at an alien that seems to shot… but I don’t see any blood coming from the alien or fire coming from the gun? It might just be the pose of the alien, but it seems like he was just knocked back by a bullet

this looks absolutely great on my monitor, very beautiful image that’s coming along very well. Good luck!


Hi, Just my congratulation for your image final “or presques” you
arrived at a composition dynamic with a well maitrized treaty
painting, I like much the colors, and what I prefer it is the rock of
the bottom which is worthy of best “the Frazzz”, :applause: :applause:


Fahrija; thanks, I like the nebolous look personally…for me it heightens the mood and feeling. I agree with you on the ships.

dean080580; thanks a lot! I’m from Canada. =)

NinjaASSN; thanks dude, I can’t wait to finish this off.

Evil Gerbil; thanks man - I doubt I’ll win with this much stiff competition, there’s some stuff here that is crazy good. As long as I make a compelling exciting image that people remember, I’ll be happy.

Steve Newport; great suggestions. That is supposed to be the ground on the right hand side…I wanted it sloping up to indicate that there might be something above them. The wounded dude will be firing his gun, I just havent got around to putting in the FX. I’ll be doing a few more things to balance the values as you suggested. BTW I think you are gunning after that community interaction prize, you certainly have the majority of us beat when it comes to detailed crits. thanks!

Tranchefeux; thanks for the kind words- your image rocks as well, you better win something!


Awesome work! Nice colors and painting style! I really like the expression on the girl’s face! Good luck! :thumbsup:


Oh my God man, beautiful! I keep thinking it can’t get any better, then you make it better!!! Seriously beautiful work. I’m curious how you get such rich and vibrant colors. Are you using the airbrush loosely with overlays? Just phenominal man. Nice work.


I’m just stopping by to wish you good luck, I’ve got no comment on your image, it’s stunning…
cheers, Francis


cool work all the way through…love the richness and movement…Dynamic comp dynamic style!


nice update as far as the shading’s concerned, but i really liked the planet with the rings turned the other way


I think the guns you have might have some perspective problems. Flip your image and it might become more apparent.


almost done I think…the next update will be the final image. I could probably tweak this thing forever, so it’s a good thing time is running out. What do you guys think? Any last minute life-saving advice?


An excellent piece.

For last minute advice I would consider checking the contrast depending on where you want the focus of the image to be. I feel that the planets horizon is competing with the main action of the hero character. Maybe it can be pushed a little into the background.

I like it very much, I already liked the early versions.


Hi Blackarts,

beautiful work. It has much more contrast now. I personally like that very much.



GO Madryk, go…
Exelent work :thumbsup:

My grand space opera



Hollydays are over, I come back and::eek:

Amazing Work! Nothing to crit at all…


Hi Blackarts, I’ve been away and haven’t seen your pic for about a month. And can I just say :eek:. There’s so much I love about it… I just noticed the alien hunched over the dead soldier in the foreground, very creepy indeed. You certainly know how to compose a pic well, the eye is led to all the right places. As for last minute crits, well I said a while back that it could do with a wider GSO context and I loved the original ship you had, but you’ve chosen your path and made another damn fine pic here. One suggestion that could be worked in would be to have some very subtle warming of the colour of the immediate foreground elements, which would give the pic more depth since cool colours recede and your most distant elements are nice and cool. Well, it’s a killer piece whatever you do now, so :thumbsup:


These are all really nice. all of the variations in your color theme work well. they alll seem good enough to be the final cadidate.
Really tight work.



Wahoo… hooray for hue/saturation mode!


I’ll be doing something similiar (desaturating) to my entry once I get near the end.

Quite a radical departure from where you were but I think it helps pull this piece away from your Machine Flesh challenge entry palette, which is probably a good thing. Never want to be perceived as a one trick pony (which, no doubt, you aren’t :slight_smile: ).

Not to sure if you need the FG hand…

Gorgeous as always…