Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Daryl Mandryk


Just love it… nothing more to say or to crit!:eek:


Man just dropped by and your image is tightening up fantastic…I have no crits my friend :slight_smile:


impressive work blackarts :thumbsup:


Sorry I’m a bit late in adding my two pence worth! The rich, warm tones really work for the concept, but (obviuosly I realise its still a work in progress) maybe it would be worth adding some darker, colder tones for the enemy elements, to help give it more drama?

Then again, what do I know, my first sketch still looks like a heroic space dwarf!


I’m loving this, such a cool style. Id like to see some alien silhouettes on the hill to right to show these characters are getting out numbered, and maybe some more/different ships as well. Looks great as is though… cheers


Not followed your work from a while… you made great progress… I like a lot the characters :thumbsup:
The only crit is that there is not enough ennemies around… shoud be massive crowd here by looking on the number of bullets spread by the heroes :smiley:

Keep up the grand art :bounce:


Russell_Collins; hah - yeah I don’t know what the weapons will be firing, I’ll figure something out. I’ll work in some blue somehwere though. As for the gore, it won’t too crazy, nothing more than a bit of blood…the violence should be more sensed than seen. Gore can be distracting.

ered dium; thanks, I’ll probably rework that right side…something more cliff-like maybe. Havent decided yet. There’ll be more aliens too, I just need to work them in there somehow.

adonihs; hey, yep - suprised no one else has said anything about that, I’ve been meaning to fix that for a bit, I just havent gotten around to it. I want it to read like his arm in motion maybe strafing the body with bullets, this needs a fix.

Onsloh; thanks man

element5; thanks, it’s starting to come together. I still have a lot of work to do.

ScribbleHEAD; cheers

mack72; good suggestion, thanks, I’ll be tweaking colors a lot. I usually tweak colors all the way up till the end.

Jezzarts; thanks dude

Nomad; thanks - yes…more bodies to come.


Killer pick, reminds me of some of the Warhammer art, I’d like to see the big ship come back into play but I trust what ever you choose will kick arse.


Blackarts, i’ve been thinking, what if you a very personal fire from that gun in his hand (the one aiming back), and have the recoil knocking the gun back a few inches with the insides of the guys head scattering all around. Kind of like a profile view of the weapon!

But yeah, it looks amazing, im very impressed :slight_smile:

Edit: As Rylons said, that big ship really made the picture epic, I was hankering for you to leave that, but I know you’ll do a grand job no matter what you do!


Daryl, I’ve been staring at your picture off and on, amongst other threads, for about a half hour. It’s very hard to critique something like this. You’re now natural habits of composition, color and dynamics are far beyond me and I couldn’t give any advice on any technical end, because you obviously have it down pretty well!
But, the only thing I found kind of off was the ring around your planet. I’m sure it might be too late to fix now, but it looks as though the ring is not a perfect circle on it’s perspective. Normally when things get closer to us, such as the movement of this ring from behind to planet to coming closer to us and sweeping back around the front, they get bigger. It seems to me that when this ring get’s closer, it pushes back closer to the planet and stays about the same width as further up the ring… others jump in here and either tell me I’m wrong or see what I’m seeing. It just looks as if you were to have a profile birds-eye view of this ring, the right side would be smeared in, not a perfect circle. You could add a lot to the dynamics, i think, if it got substantially larger and swept across the right side of the screen, almost as if it were about to hit this planet we were on. Let me know what you think of it
nothing much other than that for now. It’s a great image, I can’t say more than anyone else says. Very heroic, dynamic and powerful
awesome job and keep up the work


Alright, looking at it again, I think another potential option might be to change the orientation of the ring. Instead of having it coming from the back of the planet, maybe having it going to the back of the planet. Have the top most part of the ring in front of the planet and have it come down and go behind the planet. I don’t know if it would throw off the balance or add more to it. And I also don’t know if you work with layers or not, so this may be impossible, but I think the ring needs adjustment either way

Another thing that could go into thought is the ships flying over head. They look great and this entire image would make such a great promotional poster for a movie or something. But maybe give the ships a little more purpose. The viewer can’t see where they’re going and not really where they’re coming from either. Right now they look kind of just like an ornamental design aspect, an airshow going on above their heads. Something as little as one of them firing, being fired upon, being hit, or something, I’ve got full trust in your creativity! The placement, movement and direction is genius, just use a little more of your genius to give it some other purpose than simply aesthetic.

Also, the guy, who I believe is injured at the base of the rock, could have more tension within his form. Next to your hero, who is just jaw-dropingly dynamic, emotional, full of tension and energy looking so natural, you don’t want to take the focus off him by making the injured man more dynamic, obviously, but the pose just doesn’t look as convincing. A little more of a cringe in his body to express his pain, legs more brought up and tense. Facial expression is good and the tension in his neck is too, but his legs more resemble someone propped back in a couch watching TV
take care


Hi, the development of painting advances well, cool, the bottom
on this level is very good and balances with the action, good courage.


Hey Steve, thanks for your comments man,

I’m happy you’re liking what you’re seeing so far.

A lot of what you touched on are things I just haven’t got around to yet, and have been thinking about also, so we’re on the same page. The ships, most of the bottom half, this is all stuff that will all be polished up, and probably end up very different from what it looks like now.

I don’t work in layers, mainly because Painter 7 has a bad habit of crashing when using them. Sometimes I’ll work on a new layer to try something out, and then quickly flatten the image, but for the most part I work on a flat canvas just pushing and pulling paint around. I’ll probably try a few subtle things with the rings to push the perspective more. They still need some more polish. I don’t think the orientation will change though, I’m happy with the flow it brings to the picture.

adonihs; interesting idea, thanks. Might be a little too much though.

RLyons; thanks!..I think this has the basis for a good final image.

Tranchefeux; thanks, your image is looking pretty cool too.

Anyways, it’s starting to get there.


Steve, the more I think about it, the more I realize the rings suck. You made a really good suggestion there, I think I’ll do something along those lines. thanks!


So what are you going to do with your prize :wink: . It’s looking great, but these new rings aren’t my favorite. Glad to hear they’re not yours either. I really like your characters, also you have a great looseness to your piece that feels very traditional (a look I’ve always wanted to do, but have never been able to achieve).

I look forward to every update in this thread. To be totally honest i like this piece even more than your machineflesh entry.


ha, the rings hardly ‘suck,’ the color flow is very nice. It just might be a matter of going into photoshop, illustrator or program of choice and applying a perspective mold to a ring and placing it over your piece as a referance.
Huge props for being able to create such a grand piece on a single layer. Granted, it might be a pain sometimes having painter crash using layers… but I think it has made you a better painter in the end, it’s good practice and builds a more controled technique.
What’s your background and what do you do (if you don’t mind me asking)


I’ll probably just repaint them from scratch (shouldn’t take too long), or if I’m having perpective troubles mock it up in 3D quickly and use that as a sort of template. I’m pretty used to working in Painter using only 1 layer, I’ve been doing it pretty much every day for the past 2.5 years…so you get used to the limitations. In a way it’s good though, it forces you to make big decisions about your painting, and sort of puts you ‘out there’ more. It’s fun.

There is some background info on me at my website if you’re interested:

long story short though, I’m a concept artist working currently at Electronic Arts, doing mainly character work.


Wicked awesome pic Blackarts! not too much to say about it, but the guy underneath is really hard to see, (god said let there be light, or a little more of it anyway)
and the girls front right foot doesn’t look right, is the toe of her boot pushed up against an invisible rock?
the grand scheme of things is rockin though kid!
keep it up, i’ll be watching:beer:


My only advice now would be to increase the chroma on the blood coming out of that guys head at the bottom to activate the space better. Sence its still wet it should be reflecting some of the fire light?

amazing work! :thumbsup:


this weekend’s effort…

Probably my last coloring WIP before I move onto final coloring. I basically re-did the BG, most notably the rings,and I’ll be adding back in some other stuff as I move forward and finish this. comments are welcome.