Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Daryl Mandryk


Wow… that tecnic is so good, I like the lights, very good work… I think its too late for this but, I think it is similar to Alien vs. Predator… but is original too…

Good work :bounce:


This is coming out awesome.

I would suggest that the three ships should be flipped horizontal so that it forces the dynamic of the picture in the same direction, in turn, this would lead the viewer’s eye from the ships, around the planet’s ring, to our main chars, then to the blasted invaders and back to the ship’s vapor trails. Thus, making a nice circular path for the eye. My 2.


my god I hope you win!

this is amazing! jesus, you won the last one and I wouldnt be surprised if you won again my man! god, wow what a comic book pose =D I LOVE THIS!!


Hey, great work! I love the light most of all but everything in here fells very space opera. I haven´t seen it in a while and I get surprised cause the big alien ship over our heroes dissapear! I like it more with it. It gaves the composition more suspense and increase the menacing power of the enemy. Like it is right now it looks more quite. Anyway it is 1A! The reencarnation of Frazetta!


Squibbit; yeah, it’s always easier to add all the eye candy afterwards, it’s also fun doing FX type painting.

penumbrae; thanks man, I havent seen AVP, the trailer looked horrible to me…but I grew up loving those kinds of movies so there is probably some Aliens and Predator influence in there for sure. Gotta make sure those beaties don’t look too Alien though.

igorstshirts; thanks for the suggestion - I might give that a try.

adonihs; holy crap - thanks! This still needs a lot more polish, but I’m glad that it seems to be resonating with people.

kaparo; thanks for your comments dude. The reincarnation of Frazetta??..naw not even close, ,but thanks. =) Frazetta did a lot of things art-wise that I admire though…strong action, strong colors, bold forms…I try and take those principles and inject them with my own style and influences.

cheers guys


I must say I really like your painting style and the way you work up the image, never ceases to amaze me in your work. Just thought I’d pop in and say that, keep it up, the pics looking great.


hi [color=darkorange]Daryl, the[/color] flip looks more striking. :thumbsup:


I think both versions r just great, cant decided which i like more at the moment… but that just shows how great composition u have… And i lost the feeling of unstability of the pic. :slight_smile:
Great work man!


Just trying to push things more…the BG ships are still very heavily under construction, as is most of the foreground bottom frame stuff. The little marks around the guns will evolve into some sort of energy-shell-casing-something or other…mainly just there to suggest movement…for anyone following the flip-non flip debate, I flipped it back just for the sake of it, I’m still deciding which I prefer. Anyways, this is the result of a couple hours this past weekend. I have thick skin, speak your mind, good or bad.


always better :thumbsup:


WOAW ! This is getting better and better, if this was possible :slight_smile:

I think you’re on the good way for victory !


I’m not sure what your plans are for the foreground, but as a suggestion, perhaps the backs of the attacking aliens, maybe about three framing the edges - with their heads and shoulders, would give the impression that they are REALLY surrounded.

The background accomplishes the sense of the epic. I’m not sure if anything else needs to be added there in terms of further elements - perhaps a little destruction in the skies?


hi, this is loking good. I think it could be a bit grander - more enemies, something like that, or vista. I haven’t been following your flip/no-flip debate(!) but I’d have them facing left rather than right (as in your latest update). Reasons being: psychologists have shown viewers tend to examine a work in zigzag across image, roughly left to right. This means your latest is more harmonoius composition (whic is ine) but the initial one (I would say) is more appropriate to teh challenge as the figures are placed ‘against the grain’ - thus more aggressive - which fits with what is being portrayed ie a scene of desperate last stand aggression type thing… just a thought :slight_smile:


Hey, Daryl, it’s looking really great! I really like some of the new changes, especially the improvements in the woman’s outfit - i like the addition of red and the changes to her boots and hair - as well as the new figure with the head-go-splat at the bottom. I don’t like the hero’s face right now as much as I liked the grimmer closed-mouth in the previous shots. Right now the grimace is feeling a little cartoonier than the rest of the piece, and I just liked the determination in his face more than the anger/fear portrayed there now.

Just to throw in another opinion about the facing left versus right - because I’m sure there’s nothing you need more than another opinion about that! :slight_smile: - but I like this orientation better. It may come from years of both looking at and actually producing book covers, but for a dustjacket illo, you generally want the action and the characters facing in towards the inside of the book, which in English books is on the right. So American/English book covers more often orient left to right instead of visa versa.

anyhow, best of luck with it, it’s coming along wonderfully!



Hi Blackarts,
About flip or not flip, your last update has my favourite orientation.
I also like the red suit of the girl : it catch better the eye of the spectator.
Keep on the good work ! :thumbsup:


Thanks for your opinions guys, I’m leaning toward this orientation…I’m toying with some ideas for the BG just to push it back a bit and give it some more depth. Just increase the scale of things slightly. And I’m still not entirely happy with the colors, so I think there’ll be some changes there as well…take out some saturation here and there, and add more grit…more saving private ryan like…that sort of thing.

walrus; thanks - yeah I’ve been trying different facial poses, I think I’ll push it back to where I had it a bit. I think stern determination works better too.


It is interesting to see that you’ve switched to a more conventional style of weapon given your affinity for blue lasers :wink:

I like both directions equally well so flipping is not an issue to my eyes’ appreciation of this piece. I do wonder about the “gore” factor though. Will the carnage be explicit or implied? I think the previous expression on the medic was more appealing than this one but this one is perhaps more appropriate for the scene. The “Braveheart” face paint on the main dude is cool too, just another nice touch on an overwhelmingly cool picture.


Great artwork, your characters looks very cool and all the backgroud.
Maybe you can draw more enemies on the right side.
One of the best images.

Grand Space Opera -


Overall, I think this is amazing, but isnt his gun (firing at the alien behind him) a little high?

other than that, keep it up man =D looks great!!! so smooth


Really a piece of art mate.Love the poses,love the tones.Love it.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: