Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Daryl Mandryk


Bravo! U brought a great dynamics into this piece… but im thinking that the composition is not quite stable at the moment… all the lines and characters views go in one way which slightly disbalance the picture. And thats my only crit at the moment :slight_smile: Very nice stuff!


that medic band is a nice touch. Otherwise its just an excellent pic :slight_smile:

the action, the opposing slopes , cool stuff…hey I just noticed that
lying dude is no more firing ! yea if u add a muzzle flash there it would
fall over that monster and make it unclear… still I liked the lying dude
firing… maybe add a grenade in his bloodied hand …or is it completely
useless ?


WOW! Looking great, gonna be tough to hold a candle to this. I love the “happy” rock in the bottom center. ; )


Great work! There is a great sense of action and also scale, but as much as I love the composition, I would really like to see more indications of a vast civilivation. Perhaps that isn’t needed in this composition but it would be nice to see that.

Amazing work Daryl Keep it up!


teknotek83; I think the perspective of the rings is not too bad, its the planet that makes them look out of whack, it needs to be rounder. There probably needs to be a shadow cast on the planets surface by the rings as well.

V_Shane; thanks, I’ll probably redesign the outfit some more. I think it could be stronger.

Freefall Alpha (Vapourtrail) (Team Freefall); you need to pick a name and stick with it. =) Yeah, I want to give the rings a bit more of a glassy feel they had a while ago. It’s on my to-do list.

NinjaASSN; thanks - I’m pretty happy with the flow of things, there’s definatly a few areas I see that could be tweaked to help things out.

Squibbit; muzzle flashes and FX I’ll drop in near the end…he’ll still be firing, and there’ll be some lasers and stuff and dirt flying…you get the idea.

AirbORn; thanks man, yeah - I don’t want to get carried away adding things just for the sake of it…but there might be some sort of structure in the distance. I’m not sure on this yet.

thanks for the comments, your feedback is valuable!


Hi, Very cool last tone posts…


Beautiful work, man !
That’s my favourite work of you.:thumbsup:
Will you detail the character on the bottom ?
Keep on !


nice work dude…love it like hell…your pure amazing style…great one too :)…love the characters alot man…good job…cheers


Another great piece…Congratulations!!!


very nice update, i like character setup, picture looks very dynamic, but i miss that black ship.
these smaller ships are for me just “common movie poster stuff” while old one adds threat to the scene.


Hey guys,

What do you think of the image flipped? I am starting to like it this way even though I thought I had settled on the unflipped version. I think it’s because your eye is lead into the image instead of out. I dunno, I would like to hear some opinions for or against this just out of curiosity.

Arctis; thanks - yeah everything will be detailed out more, there’s going to be some interesting foreground elements to put in.


Daryl, I like it this way. I’m so used to the main action going from left to right, it is nice to see it the opposite. It seems to add just a bit more tension, for me at least. I might highten the fallen soldiers arm, action line, a bit when you start detailing that section. It could counter balance what is going on with the other two figures. Another great one :applause:


I like it flipped! This is an awsome pic! :thumbsup:

my only crit would be the chest piece seems awkward to me on the male character, it makes him look turned around at first glance, and the colors of the planet in the distance dont sit well with me, im not sure why. mabie try bringing the value of the entire backround down a few shades?

i duno, awsome pic.


Daryl, I also agree with SideAche keep it flip this way. It has a much better feeling to the eye movement. Oh baby!

In my previous post I mentioned adding more indications of a vast civilization and you mentioned after that you may add something in the background. With the composition flipped and after having another really good look, I no longer think it needs anything in the background.

Once again great work!


I have to say I preferred it back the way it was; It seems more natural reading the piece from left to right, with the eye being caught in the top left, led round, right throught the picture by the rings and into the action which then flows out to the left nicely and to the right with the guns which seems like a natural outlet.

Now it seems a bit empty somehow, you’re coming down from the left and straight away the characters are staring back at you and pointing off the page. For me this disrupts the flow of the image, takes all the emphasis away from the elements on the right and bottom, and leaves it feeling unbalanced and empty.

So I preferred it before, unflipped when frankly it was better.



hi , first post in this thread. Amazing work . I like it a lot. I prefer non flipped version but one difference .Just flip the planet (with rings) and the ships . If you do that ships’ angles are gonna fit with guns’ and arms’ angles . I hope I could explain .Just a thought. You know what to do of course. keep it up. great work.


I dont like it as much this way. In the previous version I felt that I was coming in with the light into the scene. This way the diagonals of their arms are so strong that they are bouncing my eye back out. Honestly though, either way it is an awesome pic, I dont think it will make that much of a difference.

P.S. There is still a rock at the bottom of the image that looks just like a happy face, was that intentional?


Very very cool pic !!! Another stunning piece man.

I just have a litle problem with the man’s left arm, which seems to parallel to the other one. He coul kill a monster on his left and not necessarily behind him…


thanks, it’s always interesting to hear people’s rationale on things. I doubt I’ll decide on a final orientation until it’s all finsihed up.

Jose; heh - that ‘happy face’ is a 5-second block in of an upside down face in agony…so it won’t be happy for long.


muzzle flashes and FX I’ll drop in near the end…he’ll still be firing, and there’ll be some lasers and stuff and dirt flying…you get the idea.

-eexcellent :thumbsup:

and I think I liked the pic a bit better when it wasn’t yet flipped :slight_smile: