Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Daryl Mandryk


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hey arctis,

I’m not really sure what you mean, I don’t use any filters or effects to get those strokes. Your point isn’t clear to me.


Man your work is incredible. Just beautiful. I do have to say, I really liked the ringed plant in the previous version. It had that immense “on some far planet against impossible odds” vibe. Don’t get me wrong, I really like where you’re going with this one too. Just my 2 cents.

Great work. I love checking this thread, although it completely discourages me :wink:


Fantastic job, your a great painter… no doubt!:applause:
About the great black ship on the back… i understaind when you say “wasn’t working very well at all”. I agree with you.
So, maybe you can put another ship, more like this new ones…and not so big as the old one.(just my opinion)

well…Your pic it´s gone be great, I’m sure:scream:


Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that I think your work is excellent. Keep up the good work. I was reading some of the previous reply posts concerning style textures, etc., and thought of an interesting suggestion in the event that you are tempted to make a change to the look of your image. I think a significant change could be made just by altering your color scheme from warm neutrals to something else (e.g., on the blue or green end of the spectrum). Concerning the remarks about your brush texture, I find that they lend a lot of interest to the lower half of your picture. However, you might opt for a different texture on the planet in the upper portion of your picture just to keep away from any possibility of “flattening” the picture from potential overuse of the texture. Of course, with all that said, I like it just as it is. Follow your instincts on what you think is best. I’ll be most interested to see what you come up with for the final go around.
Regards, TMArtist


Theres less going on, but thanks to the new color palette and cleaner look, this actually does look better than the old one.


Yep,this a really nice too,Daryl!!Don’t know who said it but I agree that maybe enlarging a bit to the high could give even more feeling of grand space to the pic.
I agree with you for the ship at the background but like Bloodtaster,maybe another ship(their’s, waiting for them) more blurred in the background.
Totally subjective I know,but just an suggestion like that.
Indeed it’s a great pleasure to follow your pic man!!!Later…

My grand SpaceBra:


good work man and good composition is very well


Maybe I wasn’t clear,sorry. I mean that these strokes seem artificial to me, like a texture put on the pict afterwards to make it look like a painting.
Maybe I misunderstood your intentions, I only gave my reaction, that’s all…

Good luck.


gotcha arctis, I see what you mean now. I do like to use overlay layers and such to break up the solid colors, I guess if you over do it it can be cheesy. It’s a balancing act. I do like the idea of capturing a bit of the spontaniety you get with tradional media, I think it adds to the personality of the paitning.


Hey with what I posted earlier, nevermind. The more I think about and look at this new one, I like the huge planet over the ringed one. It’s damn cool, and again…ultimately depressing :wink:


Yepp! Have to agree. Made the whole pic less busy but grander. And the emotional involvement is bigger here on my side of the screen too.


Great job on colors. Nice composition and atmosphere. Keep it up :thumbsup:


hi daryl, nice update and superb use of color :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


nothing i can say but keep watching your work update…your painting is so GREAT :thumbsup: i learn so much from you :slight_smile:


You have gone through an interesting journey thus far in this competition. The last image posted appears to me to be a wonderful distilation of your earlier studies. You have achieved a bold, clean, and decisive vision. Good work.


Hey guys,

thanks for the feedback - I am not sold on the colors yet, I think I’m going to revist them…I still feel they could be more pleasing. And the rings…well I miss them too, they are going to go back in in some form. It helps sells the fact they are somewhere other than earth, and helps out the flow of the eye. The girls pose needs work to…it’s awkward. I’m starting to see how the final painting might come together though, so that’s a good sign, I felt a bit lost for a bit there - especially when I was trying to balance that big ship in there. I’ll post an updated WIP soon…hopefully I’ll have some time this weekend to sit down with this. more madness to come…



just working up to the next milestone requirement. Things slowly starting to gel…working some new ideas in…you get the picture.


thank you for bringing the ring back it :stuck_out_tongue: the ring does seem to have some perspective problems, but i’m sure you already know that. the colors are looking very lively and you seem to have a very strong diagnol composition. maybe for the guy’s right arm, his elbow should be slightly bent? it looks a tad wonky right now. keep on going, man! you’re way ahead of me (it’s just a head start )


Damn you Blackarts :scream: Bringing in the Rings back is brilliant, it gives alot of urgency of motion to the piece. Very cool. The Girls outfit is MUCH better and the pose very tight.


hi daryl,

just to say i’m glad you brought those rings back, they work so well compositionally. i realise they need tightening up in terms of perspective, i loved them before; the way they looked so translucent and colourful. i think they could do with being more accentuated so that they really command that top right corner - they look slightly weak and undefined at the moment.

team freefall is sure you’re on top of it!