Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Daryl Mandryk


Daryl Mandryk has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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After endless tweaks, I think it’s time to lay down the wacom and call it done. Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions along the way. I think I captured more or less what I was going for - energy…emotion…high impact. Hope you all enjoy it!



ps; for those who care, this is at 23% original size.


i hope you’re not planning to use that fancy-pants wacom cintiq…?

that’d just be unfair… i dread to see how good you’re gonna be now…


good luck daryl!! can’t wait to see your entry!!


yoooooooo Daryl…nice to see you on this one too…how is the tablet? :))) good luck with the contest,cheers


heh good one, duddles :slight_smile:

good luck to you , Blackarts , I have a hunch this contest
ain’t gonna be as easy to win as the previous one :wink:


Good luck!


hey guys, haha - actually I’m still waiting on my tablet, I can’t wait to check it out.

This is gonna be a tough contest, no doubt about it…there are so many kick as environment artists around here. So far my vague plan is to try and combine some sort of mythic character action peice with some big epic sci-fi stuff in the BG…whatever that means. luckily I have a few months to figure it out…


blimey… you must be absolutely gagging to get hold of that tablet!!!

i’m sure you’re gonna come up with another stonking image… don’t keep us waiting too long…


better make sure they’re sent it , I mean , I was wondering where
my Exposé1 (one of them minor prizes) was , and they told me like
" o didn’t you get one ? we’ll send it to you right away !" and I got it
in a few days after having to wait for a few weeks :slight_smile:


nice to see you’re in Daryl :thumbsup:


Good to see that youre in here with the rest of us Mr Mandryk, i look forward to seeing what you get up to buddy. Goodluck, and bring on the concepts. Have a beer first though.:beer: :thumbsup:


Hehe, nice to see the award winners cuttle up :smiley: nice 'n cousy :slight_smile:

Gl to all participants. :smiley:


Hey man, welcome back! and good luck:)


ncie to see all you guys back as well, good luck to everyone…can’t wait to sit down and get started on this.


Look forward to seeing what you produce blackarts. good luck sir! :smiley:



Good luck Daryl. To bad that the tablet hasn’t arrived:shrug: but you can still kick @$$ with out it eh


Good luck to the Winner !


I’m kind of happy with this sketch - i might try and turn this into something. Or not.


great mood. Who are they fighting there? Robots? Predators? Symbiotic aliens?


Good start Blackarts!! I like the way you block out an image… not as stark an dynamic as your initial black and white sketch on the machineflesh challenge… but there’s a real sense of ‘battle’… and drama… Is there going to be a bunch of stuff going on in the air…?


Yeah I actually prefer this method of blocking things in as opposed to the black and white, it helps me get a sense of what the final image could be a lot quicker. It’s good for establishing some mood and drama right of the bat. I really have no idea of what they are fighting or what’s going on in the air, they are just abstract shapes I use to help balance out the image. All that stuff will be decided later. This gives me lots of room to play around, try different things, and start refining this into something cool. I’m not a fan of writing a big back-story to explain the image - I really think the art needs to speak for itself, if you the viewer has to read a long explanation in order to understand the picture, you’ve already lost them. That said, my basic idea is a group of heroes, surrounded by a horde of aliens or whatever, and some sort of space ship action happening in the sky (perhaps coming to aid them). Nice and simple. The thing i want to do is balance the heroic aspect of the image with some ‘epicness’…it’s a fine line I think - you want to keep the human drama in the picture, but also provide a sense of scale and wonder.