Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Cliff Cramp


Congratulations, this turned out really nice. Good luck!


Hi SideAche,

Great work. I especially like the running people wich are captured very well. Good luck!



Well man, you did good job.
I like it, it has some retro design, just like in the old days.
Good luck.


Why do people always stay by the window till the last minute…

Great piece man!


great detail, awesome pic!


The chaotic feel of this really lends to the grand theme. Awesome work- love the modd you’vem anaged to put across, theres a lot of energy in it.


Okay, anybody know why my final image won’t upload. I FTP it and it connects fine. I check my status and it say an error in uploading try again.


Very chaotic - i like it :slight_smile:


I guess evrybody is uploading now(except me…) and that causes problems.
To make sure contact a mod!

Cheers buddy


Awww dont tell me you left the upload to the last day?

Specially you had such a great entry which you completed weeks ago. You should have upload way earlier.

Anyway does your FTP program say you have connection?
Did you rename the zip properly? … Do you have a zip file?

Well everybody else decided to leave the upload to the last day. I knew it would cause problems… Maybe the server is too busy?

Also you should use username and passwords given to you.

Hurry up! Upload already! :bounce:


Falcor, I started trying to upload it 3 days ago. Zipped it and ftped it. Says connected. However later when I check my status, it says that an error happened. So I don’t know if it is just a delay, but when I ftp it connects just fine. puzzling :banghead:


wonderful, i just got confirmation of a success upload. i was worried for a bit


I always liked your idea, I think it its grand and opera like, and you can paint too.


Cool! I vote for You! 3rd place because I really don’t like those 2 columns! They don’t suit ! 1st attempts were far better! also it looks better with blackstrip (cg logo) underneath. Without it it’s too heavy.

But I like it!

:thumbsup: Chris


its good to here it uploaded succesfully, because its a great painting. i love the looseness of it, that matched witht the colours makes for a wonderful piece. good luck


Very very good piece! Lots of dynamic, nicely chosen colors and great technique. What I like the most here, r the people… U really did a marvelous job here. Good luck!


Thanks everyone for your kind words, constructive criticism and encouragement. These challenges are quite fun. Great community to be a part of.


Fantastic image glad you managed to get it uploaded. Love the style :thumbsup:


This is injustice : though I’m not a big fan of old Sci-Fi, I really thought you work would be in the top 3 !
I find it really great, so I hope you’ll present it in the CG choice gallery, to get at last the place you deserve. :thumbsup:

Good luck !


Same here!.. Congratulations to your masterpiece:thumbsup:

Cheerz buddy