Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Cliff Cramp


This one or the one above?


Since they ended up on separate pages, I’ll post this again. Which one should I fine tune for the final. This one or the one above?


I vote for Assault 2, because it looks simpler. I would change the sky colour a bit, though, or attenuate the dodge effect in the middle.

Great work…


assault 1… personaly i think the whole colour scheme looks better…


Many many detail in your project the ship have the style of the 60 's illustration in the cover of fscience fiction magazin, it’s great, no critics ,… perhaps,… the llaser ray of the ship must be more diffuse, good work


Sideache - keep the original, the blue one! It’s one of my favourites in the challenge, there is so much momentous stuff happening whereas the assault 2 green one is a bit pedestrian in comparison.


Definitely go with the one with the ship outside the window. Has a more chaotic feel to it.


I definitly vote for the blue one ! It’s clearer, stronger, with a 50’s SF style that remains unexploited in this contest. It’s simply one of the best here.
Good luck !


Hahaha, that’s great! I love the “invader from outerspace” feel you have there–the panicking crowd is great.


I would also vote for the blue one :slight_smile: Aside from the color scheme, I like the composition better. The ships look really great, and the scrambling people are very well done.


The blue one has the nicest color scheme but the other one has merit as well. I say finish both but enter the blue in the challenge as final. The quality of your entry is amazingly detailed. You are very talented, keep it up Cliff!


Beautiful stuff. My vote would be for the top one - the second image is very nicely executed, but something about the design of the ship makes me see it as a luxury ocean liner sort of vessel. That’s a weird crit, sorry - I am suffering from some sleep withdrawal here.

Great set of process images here too, nice work!


I would go for the blue one, you can see the people running off more clearly. Whereas the other one is good but the people are camouflage and hard to spot.


Thanks gang. It looks like the vote so far:

Assault (blue image} - 8
Assault 2 (green image) - 2

Thanks for the input :thumbsup:


Also Number 1 here!.. Love it!:thumbsup:


#1. it is more dynamic, beautiful colors and it has a better sense of “Grand”.


I too prefer Assult #1 over #2, but everyone’s already been really good about citing all the reasons.



Number 1, no question. It’s got a great composition and color scheme. Go for it.


only number 1. Great work!