Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Cliff Cramp


Fantastic. This is working really great…and it’s the most emotional crowd I have seen in the GSO contest entries.Great!

I would like to suggest some things that I think might improve your work:

  • the smaller spaceships are all coming towards us in the same angle, but if you could shift the closest fighter’s angle to the right instead of left you could give a hint of their greater manoueverability (long word) compared to the mothership

  • there seem to be two very distinct depthplanes whose gap is only filled by the small fighters…if you could create some more present middleground elements you could fill that void; you already have two buildings on the frame’s lower corners, but you can hardly make out what they are

  • have you already tried making smaller more intentional lasershots coming out of the fighter? the beam that you have now seems more like something that would come out of a bigger slower ship; or if you don’t want to drop the idea of those long beams, try turning the beam into a motion blur, where it is hot and opaque in the front, and gradually losing its intensity towards the origin, that is, the fighter

  • there somehow seems to be too much blue in the image; perhaps you could try some different more contrasting colors in the background sky

Great work, and it is going nicely for you…keep ‘em comin’


A few more adjustments

Happy New Year Everyone!!


Hey cliff this is beautiful. Truely amazing! I love it!


I love the posing of the FG figures and the Mothership design. My only lament is that I wish the lasers and explosions stood out more. Maybe you could darken the cityscape in the BG and tone down the highlights from the sun so that the fires, lasers, explosions could stand out a bit more as I think they probably would.

A wonderful dynamic and imaginitive image though… great work!


great work, the colours are wonderful and the lighting on the ship is very eyecatching. i have to agree though, that a little more emphasis on the colour of the explosions would really finish it off. keep it up


You have succesfully placed yourself in a position where the picture can only get better by adding more detail into it.

Just keep reaching higher detail. Huge print resolution and show us the result :thumbsup:

Very classical stuff in a good way.


nice colours.
cant wait to see the full version


Thanks for all the comments on my first image. I will continue to fine tune that one, however I wanted to develop another idea.


Developing the concept through shapes


I’m going to have fun with this one. Not that I didn’t with the first one, I’m just going to see how it develops through the paint process


Adding more stuff


Playing some more


A little more work on this one


I will be adding more infantry here and there.


cool stuff side ache reminds me of war of the worlds. these mechs youve got look like what i always imagined the machines in the book to look i like i t alot more than the first one with the ships in the city good job. by the way did you hear about the new war of the worlds movie coming out this year , anyway good stuff.


Added a bit more detail.


Looks good, but it still doesnt beat your first concept.

Anyway do bring out the trenches a lot more. Brighten them up or something. Cool stories and characters remain all too hidden for me to enjoy.

What is the gunfire supposed to be? if its pulse laser i dont think it would be possible to see invidual light bolts. Pulse laser would work like a giant strobo. Flashing on/off … you would need pretty fast camera or gun to be able to shoot like that. Camera should be faster than light.

Anyway. Regular bullets and bombs might work also for this picture :thumbsup:
Lasers are not always needed for space opera :smiley:


Yeah Falcor, I agree, that the gunfire sucks. I’m rushing through this which means I’ve made a couple of not-so-hot decisions. The gunfire being the most egregious…


Hi, painting is sympas in your work, I likes the disorder of
architectures particularly, just I can advise you to lower the
intensity of the black on the vessels of the second plan.


I wanted to get your opinions on which one I should fine tune for the final.