Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Cliff Cramp


Yes, it is looking good! I agree with what blackArts said about the columns, but I also have to say that I really like some of the most recent changes that you’ve made. The smaller ships firing instead of the large one works well, and I really do like the changes in the big ship’s front windows, which make it look much larger now. Anyhow, great going!



I don’t mind the columns… Keeps it in perspective. You convey fear very well. It has amazing depth too.

If I had a crit… I would say that the people towards the bottom right could use a little juxtaposing, bringing them closer and maybe even to another level, adding even more depth to this chaotic scene.

You are very good.


looks way better! nice job! :cool:


I really feel a sense of panick in that crowd. Nice work. I was thinking there would be even more energy to the piece if the big ship was damaged, as if it might smash right into the room. Great work man, add some highly saturated color to those guns and lasers. break things up a bit. keep it going.


Excellent ! It reminds me old classic movies, like godzillas. I love it :slight_smile:

We can really feel the action, and the threat of that big spaceshift


This is awesome! the colors are just great and every thing is on its place.
congraz on that.


Your scene is getting better! No comments to add.

Good work!


Moving the beams to the fighter was a very good idea, now the depth is showing really good.


Thanks gang, the input from the group has been wonderfully helpful. There are a few more adjustments coming and then i would like to develop another concept.


I love this idea and execution.


Knocked back the mother ship just a tad and added a few more details to the buildings.


Félicitation pour ton image final.


I like what you have done with the mothership! I think some of the other elements are too sharp like the laser blasts. Very good work!


just great:thumbsup: But I also think the laserbeams are to sharp. Overall excellent work!


Cool, nice destruction! There is one thing that i’ve been meaning to mention… the pillars around the window are soooo plain in comparison to the rest of the pic. If you were to make them a little more technical looking as apposed to barnyard beams, I’d say it would make the image so much better… thats it, everything else look real cool. Oh, and maybe the smoke looks a little like coloured candy floss? Hope this is helpfull. good work!


Still modifying per your good suggestion. Thanks gang.


Still modifying per your good suggestion. Thanks gang.


You’ve done a great job of indicating the people in the foreground. It’s simple, yet effective. I’m wondering if that is a wall of glass in front of them, though, and if so I think it needs a hint of reflection on the middle area. The city is great, but I feel like I want to see some subtle color variations here and there. Just a thought. Great work overall. :applause:


Hey, Cliff! I’ve already commented on how much I like how this has come out, but I just wanted to drop you a note of congrats for winning the latest SCBWI contest. (Beating out my own Runner Up, i should add! :slight_smile: ) Anyhow, I have no idea how many people from here cross over to there, but I suspect it’s not a ton, so just thought I’d point it out and throw all earned kudos your way - nice work!



Thanks Mike, that was good news. I really liked your illustration. I haven’t posted here in a couple of weeks, trying to meet some deadlines by the end of the year. This illustration is just about done and I’ll start a new one soon. Thanks again for you kind words.