Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Cliff Cramp


Hi!!!Althought I really find that windowlicker got great point there this looks great man!!!
I just find the scene a little bit too cropped and missing some air.Maybe put the camera a little bit higher and have some kind of balcony on the foreground with some people closer to us as those first ones.
Maybe the horizon(or skyline?,don’t know,sorry 4 my english :slight_smile: )
could be a little bit more rounded,with the buildings a little bit more inclined.
Anyway I suscribe,great drawings and great concept!!!

My grint space pra:


Way to go man…:thumbsup:

I think everybody has good points, but thats also very subjective. technicwise isn’t alot to crit, because it’s still an early stage. Balance is good, dramatic… classic with your personal touch.
I would say when you happy with your piece,… GO WITH IT!!!

Summary: ME LIKE!




the foreground adds a lot more to what was there before. great work and cant wait for more. just keep pushing forward.


Another update. I’ve added some stuff falling in front of the window on the left.


ahh , excellent ! great work on how you’ve made those
people look like they’re fleeing !


This is really dynamic, great pespective and sense of drama. The yellowish explosions don’t do anything for me though, try using more oranges and deep/brownish reds, and show huge bit of building coming off and falling :thumbsup:


Very nice overall feel. The ship and building designs are like in the old sci-fi movies. And the blueish color adds a certain feel to it :). Im definiatelly waiting for more to come :thumbsup:


Yea! This is coming up great!:bounce:


Thanks gang, i’m starting to feel better about this one, though it needs more works

Taz - Thanks for the advice and encouragement :thumbsup:

v_Shane - You’re right, the expolsions need work, they lack depth right now.

Lenz - Thanks

T-Lee - always glad to have your encouragement

Squibitt - thanks bud

Misled - Thanks bubba

Windowlicker - I’ve added some building part falling in front of the window, it still needs work-thanks for the suggestions

AirboRn- thanks

Arctis - thanks

fifty-five - It usually takes me about a day or two to paint one of these - however I’m working on this slowly because of the competition. It’s good to get the FB from the community which is what makes this stuff fun.


Great work! Love the movement of the figures. Looking forward to the next update.
Good luck.



One of my favorites 2d entries. Keep up the good work man.


I think the two laserbeams or whatever it is are a bit to fat. Makes everything look smaller now…don’t know why. The composition and feeling you had befor suffers, in my opinion.

Great work on the fleeing people, looks very realistic;Very dynamic:thumbsup:



Thanks guys,

Tommy - good point :thumbsup:


Modifying the ship a bit. I’ll start playing with the lighting in the foreground.


I am liking your colours, but i find that their is not much of a personal element to the image . Does not feel me with m uch emotion. perhaps it is becasue i can hardly see any of the people being attacked. Also cuts them off at the bottom of the picture as if they are not important and we should just concentrate on the ship.

But the destruction in the background and your style of painting is very very good.


Thanks Wil. On this one I wasn’t after intimacy. This one is more of an establishing shot. I do get what you mean though.


Hi Sideache!

I really like your crowd! People in there feel very alive and in panic. I know you’ve not finished yet, so I restrain myself to say comment about color, but, just in case, maybe you should lower the contrast of your main battleship. It’ll give us more perspective.

see you


I added more contrast to the foreground and less contrast in the main ship. I also changed the rays and thinned them down.


Wow, looking gorgeous, too bad I found this threat so late…


Yeah… looks much better now.:thumbsup: Go on…go on!