Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Cliff Cramp


looks good, i think maybe if you had a weapon on the ship charging and pointed at the people, and the ickle people are running away it would add a more "assault"y feeling to it, instead of them just kinda standing there watching their city be destroyed ¬_¬


The people are just there for scale right now. :thumbsup:


oh, ok
missed that bit ¬_¬

but put them like that anyway, cause if you still have them there, it will keep the sense of scale… but add more drama


A little more work on the background. I’ll try and get to the action and all the ships soon.


Hi Sideache,

I am digging your classical speilberg-like take on the ship design. I was going to comment on the figures, but noticed the previous posts have already done so. I might tilt the camera either up or down a bit, just to get some nice perspective happening with the buildings - I feel you can push the drama in this area.


Thanks Daryl - good suggestion. The background isn’t done, but it’s far enough along that I’ll start adding the action and developing the movement in the foreground people.


I’m just starting to bring in more action into the image and commotion in the foreground. It still needs works.


I just like to say it’s coming on well and think it looks great aspeically with the ship designs, I just like to know, what going to be in the far back ground?


Coming along very nicely, I like the scene and colors a lot. I honestly think you need to work on the onlookers though- despite the raging battle, there seems to be absolutely no sense of panic, or even apprehension; its as if they’re watching a show.


Ya, that foreground area is the sticky-wicky right now. It all still needs a lot of work,with the foreground needing the most. That’s going to be the key to the whole illustration. Thanks gang.


Just another update. It still needs work. I plan on doing a few more versions.


maybe you can have those people attacked , and add some dead bodies to the scene :slight_smile:


Hey, I really like the people in the foreground on this last pass- they look like they are just now cutting and running, like it wasn’t real to them until the attacking ship got that close. Fantastic work!


Yeaa man! That’s what i’m talkin’ about!


that’s coming along really nicely! i love how you did the city’s buildings! keep on trucking! :stuck_out_tongue:


wow, nice entry sofar man, i really like the scene setup and the building allyway kind of thing, how long did it take you to paint that so far?


I really like the way you painted frightened crowd : that’s brilliant. (i like the rest of the pict too)
Maybe it would add more depth if you light the big ship a little, suggesting an atmosphere between it and little ships flying away from it.
Good scene, very lively !

My space opera


Yeah it is looking good! Looking forward to more :slight_smile:


Looking good! Very John Berkey! :wink:

I think you should boost the color a bit. Try adding some orange/red to the explosions to give them some more power. I would also advice you to think about the way the image is composed - i think the background is superb with a very nice perspective and all, but the at the great window there’s a very distinct gap between forground and background. I would try bridging that gap with either something sticking out into the space, or by painting something like a ship crashing through the glass. You get the point. :wink:

Looking forward to seeing the final thing!!


Thanks gang for the nice words. It still needs work, though I think it’s starting to get there.