Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Cliff Cramp


Cliff Cramp has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Welcome to the challenge dude!
Nice to see you in here too. Can’t wait what you come upwith…:bounce:

Cheerz and good luck



This is quite rough, however it will start to emerge more as I paint it. This first one will be a bit of a warm-up.


Thanks Tommy! I registered a bit ago and haven’t checked anything untill I start to post. I’m looking forward to your stuff. I’m going to try a slow down a bit this time. :thumbsup:


I sketch in color, so here is the start of the concept sketch.


I think this scale works better. Enough for now, I’ll work more on it tomorrow


Just a little more blocking in.


And a bit more


I’ll take this one to completion eventhough this is a bit of a warm-up. I think I might work something up similar except from a different angle.


Hi! SideAche

will you place between the columns some barrier? for instance: the glass… (as a great aquarium?)

excuse my English…
I didn’t find better words to express the question…:sad:

to create a new angle for the current concept seems a good idea!
that is part of the progress and you are going well! :slight_smile:


I’m starting to lay in the detail in the buildings. The ship detail and foreground detail will be done when I feel more comfortable about the overall look of the city. The will be a lot more going on also.


Great work you are doing here. Love everything about it except for the people. Their legs seem too spread for some reason. Other than that great colors, lighting and I love the cityscape! I’ll be watching this one


Looks promising SideAche. Maybe the guys standing in front of the ship could fire a cannon or run from the incoming ship. Keep on playing with the elements you’ll see new ways of finishing this piece. I like it so far, keep it up! :thumbsup:


taz & jbig

Thanks for the encouragement. The figures in the foreground are there for scale right now, it will be more involved when I finish out the background. Thanks


Looks promising! Great start on the sketches.

What is the story? :slight_smile: I noticed that the people standing in the forground are not panicing, is there a reason for that :slight_smile:


I think its a holoigram, just kidding. But I do remember a few posts up saying the peps are just a reference for scale. :smiley: But what do I know.

I do really like the change in scale cliff, the smaller the peps the better, unless you cant see them anymore, that wouldn’t be good.

I like what I see!


nice depth from the color choices


the background is beautifully rendered and the entire piece is coming together very nicely. but, if this is an assault, should there be more ships attacking? not to clutter your work or take away from the backround. i do want to see how it comes together though, good work.
r.l. hunter


This is coming along very nicely:thumbsup:

Composition is very classic with a centered weight. Reminds me a bit on the old Perry Rhodan Bookcovers… great!

Keep it up:beer:


Thanks guys! There is going to be a lot more going on. I’m trying to develop the look of the city or background right now. The figures in the foreground are there just for scale, more activity will occur. Lots of ships and lazer fire will be happening. The large ship will be more developed. I’m sort of feeling my way through this one. Thanks again for the encouragement.