Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Blaz Porenta


I really like the serene style and wonder if you are putting those cool creepy bugs

in it. Would be very strange.

my 3d entry in the GSO


This is getting greater each time I pass by!!!Feel like a watcher(from fantast 4,i think)
I feel that the image is still missing a little bit of deepness,I agree with Walrus that you could play around a little more morely with the fact the sun should light up a little bit more the upper parts of the buildings.Or even more I thnik you should darken more the inside of the hole.Like there is very few light below where the city falls into the water,the splatterin water should be a little bit less white.
Maybe some blur also could contibute to more deepness.
Maybe some people hanging around on a another closer to us foreground-plan ,spectators of what is happening.
I find it quit hard also to say where the falling city is coming from.
It’s a really great image with a nice concept and just trying to be constructiv i hope.
Sorry for my english and I hope I’m understandabale:D

Later Ninja!!!
My Grand SpaceBra 2d:


looking very good - I like the tones and choice of colours, and teh subtleness of the structures etc is nice.



you have made some amazing improvements! You’ve addressed lots of issues and overcame some conflicts. The sense of grandness is coming into view now, and I definitely have a sense of scale. You rendered the foreground ice extremely well, it looks very frozen and the saturated light pouring through it’s translucent body looks fantastic.

I only have a short time to write right now, got to get back to class. But when I get off I’ll give it a little more time and thought and see if there are some things I could harp on;-)

You’re doing excellent


I see that your image is coming along nicely…keep up the good work :thumbsup:


Nothing more to say… those things have to be done :slight_smile:
Im sorry for not replying to ur posts guys, I will take some time for that tomorrow or day after tomorrow… Im just so short on time :frowning:
I considered some of ur suggestions already and some of them I will in next steps… so dont think that I ignore ur opinions :slight_smile: Im most gratefull for every single one so dont hesitate to write some more.


Some closeups… a bit less than a 50% of an original size.


You are making good progress, keep it up.


wow Ninja, you sure are bringing your full talent to this. The ice looks f’ing fantastic!! The little etches and cracks here and there are really spot on and brings you to a whole different world. Im not saying it would have looked bad with just the waterfalls and ocean, but this totally over takes it!! I really like this =) Ha, although, I do pray for you and those groups of trees. Not saying you can do it, but trees are a PIA. :[

Keep up the awesome work bud!


Very cool background what kind of action will you put in it ?

Have a nice trip in France :wink:


Hey Ninja - You have just superb concept.

I personally like very much cold, dark and rainy environments and your image gives lots of space for imagination. For me it is the key of the good picture if you can dream what has been and what is going to happen.
It’s relly hard to give some good advice. Maybe you should add some more ‘islands’ on the horizon. It gives better perspective and feeling of depth.

Good luck and don’t burn your pencil :scream:, :thumbsup:!


Blaz, again, I have to say you’re making some killer progress! You’re nailing the ice. And the outmospheric lighting around the domes is what your previous color sketches were missing, it adds so much to it.

I’m not sure any trees would be left after so long in the cold without sun;-) But I think you can make up your own species of trees for the concepts sake! Because they really do add a lot of scale to the image. You definitely still need a lot of figures though, to give some relation to the viewer to let them know it’s not just destruction, but destructino causing death to living things.

I would add some large chunks of ice falling off as well, just some more destruction to add some interest.

About the domes, remember ice has reflective qualities as well, so the platforms the domes are on top of would have some darker reflections of the domes. Also, take what you have done to the cliffs of ice and apply it to the domes. As I’m assuming the domes are made of ice, they would be somewhat translucent as well. So I believe the blueish hues would be coming through on the side closest to the viewer, right in the middle of the darkest shaded part. It would be really interesting to play with the light glowing through the ice to suggest what might be inside these domes. Also, steam coming off the tops of the domes would be a very very nice effect I think… try it and see!

You’re skies coming along pretty well, it’ll definitely add some needed depth and mystery to your image! I’m still not sure about the wave… but we’ll see how that comes along!

Also, think about the tip layer of ice melting because of the sun. That top layer (at least where the suun is touching it) would be a littl more reflective, plus it would probable cause some streams falling of the edges of the islands and the cliff. Probably a lot falling off the cliffs

Another thought that might add more dynamics to your portrayal of the scene is capturing just when a ‘leg’ of the island breaks. There would be a snapping spray of ice and the island would just begin to lean instead of just having one island collapse. Really make the viewer lose hope, everythings melting, crashing and dieing, the viewer has to feel like he/she is next

You’re foreground is looking absolutely excellent. Keep working on it and do everything oyu can to give a sense of motion, tension, thrill and dynamics. You’re doing great


beautiful ice effect, really wonderful


with all the hurry , you still manage stuff like this , :bowdown: , don’t overwork yourself tho ,ok? :thumbsup:


wooow great work so far man…love the environment…one crit…the trees from the lower side…maybe is better without them or try to make them more detailed…in rest well done so far dude…keep it so tech


LuisNCT: Thnx man! Im planning to add some more mist and steam add the end, when I’ll have all the details I want… Those will be just last touch-ups.

userBrian: Im not sure if there will be those bugs :frowning: unfortunatelly somethimes u have to miss something even if its a good concept… it just doesnt fit into this final product. those bugs r too small compare to the scale im using in this environment. In some of my next project this creepy animal will sure be used. Thnx!

OKMER: I think I did some more lightening on the tops, so I hope it feels better. I also will play a bit with light and shadows in my next steps, so there r still chances to correct that. I darken the water in the depness but im still didnt sharpen that part of the pic, so there will be more corrections on this part as well. Maybe I’ll breake that island in two giant pieces so there wil be more defined feeling whats happend…
The spectators and escaping ships will be added at the end. I just wanna to finish environment first… step by step picture.
Thnx a lot for ur long post. It helps a lot hearing constructive critics :thumbsup:

adonihs: hehe… trees wont be such a problem i guess :wink: those in the first plan will be nice and detailed but all other just a feeling of details… And I also like doing stuff like this… slowly and with passion. Thnx!

bonestudio: There will be much action at the end… I think of dieing ppl, panic, escaping with somekind of ships… and so on… Its like a judgement day where everybody will try to save them self but with no special chances… poor ppl :shrug:
thnx for stopping by!

tikson: Maybe there wont be islands on the horizont but u make me thinking about the background… I’ll probably add some lower cities there… drowning in that huge wave that’s coming. Thnx!

Steve Newport: U really take time for ur comments… much appreciate it!
About the trees… even if they havent got any sun for such a long time, there r some microorganisms in the ice, which lived in the water before the ice age… about 10.000 years ago. And those microorganisms have all needed minerals and stuff that UV light has it, so there is no problem for trees to successfuly grows.
More ice shunks r coming…
About the domes i havent thinking about so much so they r not sharpen and define yet… but some nice suggestions from u. The steam is alredy planned (could be seen coming from the domes in the back) but it will be more detailed at the end of sharpening process.
A wave stays for now… specially coz Im thinking of putting some cities in the background… which will be crashed under that wave. Just something more to show the viewer that there is a no safe place at the moment. Thats why Im also planning to paint some cracks in the foreground. Destruction at its best.
Im not sure where to put that leg brake stuff… but there will be some more action going on with the already fell island.
Thnx again for ur long post and ur precious time. U r very helpfull! Will reply to ur thread soon. Im following it but just dont find right time to post some suggestions or crits. Soon!

Squibbit: Those things just have to be done :smiley: Thnx!

techart: Trees will be changed coz I also planning to change the first plan a bit… bring more chaos feeling to the viewer who seemed to be standing here. And everything will be very detailed at the end. Thnx a lot!

stevetwist, bolchover, element5, Jose Pardo, V_Shane: thnx a lot!


your latest posts show your instinct is right and you have the skill to produce great work, so there’s no doubt in my mind that this piece will be very successful and it will work!


I second That dude!:thumbsup:


Hi there! I had little time to change some things in my pic. There r some big cracks in the foreground (from an earthquake or something) and some more destruction in the background falling island… just a start. What I’m wondering if that works fine coz Im not sure for myself. So I NEED UR HELP on this one please… is it better or worse than a previous one… what works well and what not?
Please, any suggestion or just an opinion is most welcome! Thnx


Hi, Ninja…

I think that maybe you should add a little bit more contrast or inner refelections ice can make. You’ve made it on the foreground amazingly well. It looks so subtle… but right now your image looks a bit indistinct. Maybe there can be some structures that you can see through ice or something. Maybe you can make the foreground city more interesting?

On your first sketch you put some people standing on ice. Perhaps ypu can put some tiny crowd on the foreground also. It gives good feeling of scale. Right now I don’t understand how big is the city on foreground. Is it huge or just a small base? These foreground trees give very good scale, but maybe some more ‘man made’ details.

Maybe the splash that falling icecity makes, should be more dramatic (bigger wave, crashed buildings, some lights still burning).

Maybe it is possible to add a feeliing of coldness here… I do not imagine how to do that, but I just started thinking that is it possible to emphasize the feeling of cold eternity, which is coming to an end. It is possible that point is alo in backround. If it is clear empty backround, that reaches till horizon… maybe it gives some feeling of clarity, emptiness or lonelyness or something like that…

Too many ‘maybes’, but everything is just for you to decide.

Really good work… go on :arteest:.