Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Blaz Porenta


I didnt manage to try all of ur suggestions yet, due to work I have to do beside this challenge… Have to draw another 300 illustrations untill february :confused: I hope I’ll succeed finish everything.

For now just an update where I tried get the feeling of depth and make it more real, overpainting details that could not be seen coz of the distance. I also make some more details here and there, but nothing serius. The water will be full of small pieces of ice and ice pillars and thats it for now… I hope I’ll manage to update this thread soon again.

Thnx to all of u for stopping by and taking time for put down some words. I really appreciate it! Thnx :slight_smile:


300 ?? insane ! for whom or for what are u makin the pics , if I may ask ?

And that update… eeeexcelleent !! :thumbsup:


I have to graphically equip 4 children games completely, draw some stuff for books, completely equip slotmachines for casino games, etc… lots of work and fun :bounce:

Im glad u like the pic :slight_smile:


umm… don’t go with your machineflesh entry style for the childrens games , hehe

that’s still a pretty impressive amount of work to be done


Great ambiance in it!

300 illustrations…
That’s crazy man! I’ll pray for you!:slight_smile:


I really like your colouring WIP - it’s looking great and certainly has a sense of depth to it. Good luck with managing all that work and the challenge too! :scream: Claireabella


I was thinking how to show the scale of the environment… so I quickly painted a frozen woods in the first plan (pine woods) in a perspective and with a small mushroom-building to compare the acctual size. Does it works??? Do u get the picture how big all that is?

Any comment is most welcome!


Hi NinjASSN,

You are a mashine! Hats off!

I get the sense of scale but you´ve created some very beautiful ice-rock-surfaces (previous pic). I would just spread liveforms on that places where the ice-rocks look not so readable.



great work mate!! simply great! :thumbsup:
i’m very impressed! very nice composition and pleasant colors!
looking forward for development!
best of luck and cheers… :beer:


Yess! The foreground element is excellent and just what was lucking all the time, great work!


SIMPLY GREAT! The new foreground is totally epic! I love it!

This piece totally rocks!


OK… so this is just a color scheme, with no contrasts yet (maybe I’ll even leave those gentle colors), just to see how it works. Im not sure that wverythings is OK at the moment, I really have some troubles with this ambient light, especially in the first plan. It seems that nothing works as it should be. So any suggestions which color to use here it will be most welcome.
Now, that I have 3 main charactaristics of the pic done, I’ll finally resize this pic from 1000px to at least 4000px for final step… painting details, sharpen the image and do some other fun stuff :smiley:

Any opinion is most appreciate it! Thnx!


I reducedd the mist in the first plan which startd really bothering me… It looks sligtly better now, but still, Im looking for the rigt colors there… any help please?


Here is the version without so mist in the first plan, and some minor changes in the middle plan (made some shadows so there isnt everything so equal… but its probably unnoticable :))


Awesome job! Reminds me of Gennosis (SP?) From Episode 2, Star Wars :smiley:

Looks great!!


Hey, NinjaASSN, I really like the pastel tones that you’ve added to the piece as a light-source. The subtle clouds in the background at the horizon really work well. If that low sun is the light source for the piece, though, it seems like that top-most part of the floating city should be getting more hilights from it… And the iceberg breaking off (did i read that right?) should be shadowed by the cliff-wall and getting less of the light. Anyhow, really coming along nicely, can’t wait to see how it looks when you start refining the details at a higher res. Good luck!



I finally started working on 4000px resolution, sharpening shapes in the first plan… its lot of fun when u have the final composition and everything already chosen, and started finishing the picture as u have in mind :slight_smile:


I just have to take some time and reply to ur comments :slight_smile:

Squibbit: Dont worry… there will be nothing like MF in children games… im not that cruel :twisted:
And the work is going just well for now… :slight_smile:

Kraull, Claireabella, greentek, coCoKNIght, stevetwist: Thnx for the comments and best wishes! :slight_smile:

Fahrija: Unfortunately there wil be no or minimal life forms in my pic… mostly coz of the hight of the camera, where they couldnt be seen :confused: At least the life forms will not be so detailed as I wish they should ne… but hey, in next challenge :wink: But anyway, Im planning to add some life into this pic at the end. I also have a plan what and where will be put, but that will come later :slight_smile: Thnx!

adonihs: really? do u have some pic or something maybe? I didnt see that part of SW :confused: Thnx for stopping by :slight_smile:

walrus: Hi there! :slight_smile: The sun is in the left corner of the pic, or at least there will be at the end… I acctually didnt painted yet. So there shouldnt be much more light at the scene as it is now I think… There is only the back side lighten, so everything that is seen is a reflection on the edge of those mushroom buildings… and some on the ice platform. There will be some more work on that part of the pic, but Im not sure if I must lighten up that… After all, this is a grand distance and the air makes everything more blue and the light less bright. And on the falling iceberg there is a small amount of light just getting over the edge of the cliff-wall. I put some shadow on my latest version, but I’ll leave some light as well. Its still quite high even if its falling.
Many thnx for ur constructive critics! :slight_smile:


Now, with the trees on the first plan, the big scale of the city is more obvious… gives more ‘grand’ feeling to the scene. (But I like it more with more mist in first plane, like it was three steps ago)


I have to entriely agree.

It’s looking so damn awesome! You’re very lucky that you’re a big portion into finishing your entry.