Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Blaz Porenta


Yeah your colours look very good. Jumping the gun here as it’s your initial colouring but could do with more contrast. Still cool.


AWESOME - Orange + blue = very very cool!

Now it’s beginning to get colour etc. I can clearly see what’s happening (unlike the line art, which is slightly harder to make out IMO), it looks really cool - can’t wait to see the creatures start to appear in it.


super concept you’ve got going on here, I’m glad I ran into your thread!
You’re coming along very nicely and I understand most every step. I’m not too sure I’m very fond of the flying jellyfish… :hmm: But I love the giraffe creatures, very strong concept.

On the issue of the character’s red coat. You’ve got to think: In an environment where everything is completely solid-frozen, where might one get the pigment to dye their clothes red or any color for that matter? The only logical explenation might be using the blood of other living creatures or people?! Think about it that way. Maybe they don’t use pigments and everything is gray?

You’re line art looks fantastic (again, the flying jellyfish hit something weird with me!?). I might reconstruct it a little to make it a little more “grand.” It’s a great concept, but maybe a more expansive view of more destruction and falling islands would make it a little more dramatic. The Islands on ice-sticks is a really cool concept. I might think about it a little more, because human nature has idolized the sun into many different religions. Imagine this race that hasn’t had a sun for 10,000 years to the point where it is either merely a myth to the people or totally forgotten. Seeing this bright, warm (which they’ve never felt and adapted to the oposite) glowing orb in the sky the people might either be scared of it or see it as a sign of the Gods only to realize it will be the cause of the destruction of their nation. Work with the character actions to see if you can demonstrate what they would be thinking at this very moment.

About the color of the snow and ice. It is really reflective and will merely be a refleciton of the atmosphere. I might recomend not having as of extreme of a sunset. Bright and warm colors near the sun, but around the edges of the top have it fade into a dark blue, that way you can reflect the icyness of it all. Work on translucentness as well as and how the light from this sun would project through the city. That will give it a convincing ice-feel.
Again, I might try and add more of these islands jutting out towards the horizon just to add some grandness to it, give it some perspective, depth, and a sense of scale so the viewer can see how immense and terrifying this would be

great stuff here, good luck


Hi NinjASSN,

Cool! The shaped version gives a very good impression which way you to go. I really like it > especially if it comes all together.

I agree to Steve > It could be helpful to slow down the saturation or contrast of the red color a bit > just to indicate that sun is almost gone. That allows you to accentuate the white/blue of the ice. At the the shadow parts I would establish the blue color a bit more.
If you add some more reduced flat reflections to the ice surface you could underline it´s look.



Nice coloring!

About the problem with the reddish light and the ice landscape:
I see no problem there, you’ve already begun painting the shadow areas very cool and icy. As you’ll start adding more detail this will show up much more than it does now, so it’ll be obvious that it’s an ice landscape. Especialy the cannyon walls can be made very icy.


wowowow ! exited bouncing :bounce:


Even though your last post is only a color scheme I think that could nearly be a final illustration


Way to go with that colorsheme. Very moody, mystirious, grand…:thumbsup:
I like your choice of orange and blue.
When I look at it, I have a warm feeling but I also now something is going to happen, something big, because of the cold counterpart.

Rock on



hi, I like your concept sketches. The characters are very imagaintive (eg crystals etc). The overall image is good too - although I agree it’s hard to have the line art as the final composition as, if your like me, you may decide later on to delete one thing or nudge them round a bit or add something extra :slight_smile: My only criticism is that the fierceness of the colours reminds me of a sunset more than a sunrise - but I guess on other planets atmospheric light etc might behave differently. But if you’re still going with ice/snow, making the colour scheme more subtle would allow you more flexibility to show that (and its coldness)…


awesome colours, though i think a bit too saturated would be a shame to print this at less than a3 size:thumbsup:


Many thnx to all of u guyz! I really appreciate ur time spending here, writing some feedback.

Nomad, taz23, screamingwing, stevetwist, Squibbit, LuisNCT, Tommy Lee: THNX a lot! :slight_smile:

Steve Newport: Forget about jellyfish for now… It was one of the earliest concepts and its not ment to be in this final one… for now :wink: The giraffecrature stays!
U’ve got a point about the red cloths color. There really isnt much of pigments around here, so it will left that idea behind. I’ll think that way in the future. Thnx to remind me about that!
U also make me think about that the sun could be a God or something… The story could be that the sun is coming every 10,000 or lets say every 1000 years, and then it destroys all the civilisation by melting their cities and make a chaos. Nations do honour the sun and bows in the first plan of the pic, so the consequences will be minimal… at least they believe so… U really inspired me with ur post and gave me a lot to think about, to make my story deeper.
And im also rebuilding the pic a bit, to make it more grand… I completly understood ur suggestions and I thank u for them!

Fahrija, coCoKNIght, giza-di: Thnx for the snow/ice advices! :slight_smile:

bolchover: thnx man! Im changing my pic constantly so at the end, there will be hardly recognise the pic from the lineart… hmm… I hope thats ok with the judges :confused: I will desaturate warm colors and try to get sunrise color scheme more than a sunset one :slight_smile:

OK, I will do a homework and examine that icy look and colors :slight_smile: Thnx again to all of u!


haha, yes, I realized you replaced them with birds after I had posted, then was distracted and neglected to edit my post! But I’ll reemphasize how much I like the giraffamite-whatever :stuck_out_tongue: Sometimes it’s inspiring and fills your brain with ideas to glance back in time a little and see the habits of the people who inhabited our world hundreds or thousands of years ago.

Love your concept, I look forward to your progress!
take care


They look good, nice to see an orignal “threat” instead of the normal spaceships, and good colour schemes, maybe they need a bit more action in them? looking cool though! :slight_smile:


Steve Newport: Thnx again for stoping by :slight_smile:

rusty_carr: Thnx for ur comment! There will be plenty of action going on, its just that I’d like to paint an environment first, to get the feeling of the whole scene. And like I said, Im planing to put characters in action and lots of chaotic happening. Soon I’ll update my thread with a bit changed canvas and with more elements.


Ok… I tried to make it more grand, so I resized the canvas size, brought more elements to the pic, made it more dark. Most of new elements I putted in (mashroom-like city, blue lights, brifge in the first plan, etc) r just a sketch like. They will be more developed in the future. Im still planing to desaturate the orange color to bring more icy look into the image and I’ll add more sprinkels and other little details to show its an ice age. There r also still missing people for which I dont know yet how to put them into the pic, to make it emotional and dramatic… will they will runing away in the first plan bridge, trying save them self, will they bow to the sun and than I’ll have to change the bridge to something else… I dont know at the moment… For now I sort of like the dynamic and composition. And I’m still not sure that its clear to the viewer how big r the cities on islands. Help me with this one please.


You could try to put ground vehicles in the bridges. I say ground vehicles cause if you put persons they will be too little. Could try with some airship too.


Nice colors and subject ! It really promisses .
Maybe it would be more “grand” if you change the perspective : why not try to see the scene from one of the island, with a white angle lens pointing towards the horizon ?
I think the problem of scale comes from the fact that every islands have the same size, there’s not much depth. That’s my suggestion… :slight_smile:
Good luck

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An update… There r desaturated colors in this version (its obvious), slightly changed concept with one bigger island in the front and more clear background. While the cities r melting, there r lots of waterfalls, water splashes and so on… and in the back there could be seen a big wave coming, which will be the last impact and final destruction of the civilization. I’m planing to put one spaceship in the first plane, flying to the camera, trying to escape that chaos. I know… I’m changing my story constantly… I’m just trying to stick to my first concept of a deadly sunrise. All other stuff will adjust to that concept coz of my short time available for this challenge.

LuisNCT: thnx, but I changed the concept a bit… again. Anyway I’ll put one spaceship into the pic.

Arctis: Thnx man! I dont have time to start all over with a new perspective (loooots of work beside this challenge :)), but I agree that all the cities mustnt be the same size… so I put one bigger one more close to the first plan. I think its much better now. Thnx!


I really like these concepts. You have been making great progress, keep up the great work.

I also like the colours and a sense of “grand” to it. Perhaps adding some other structures in the background would help give it some unity to the forground, middle, and background. I find that your forground is disconnected with the background.

Graet work :slight_smile:


Yes fantastic progress, the desaturated version is maybe a little “sad” but brings a new dimension to your artwork. I`m just not happy with this mushroom/building… in my opinion it just not fits here… and the lighted windows was cool in the other image… but thats just my thoughts… :smiley:

Keep the great art :thumbsup: