Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Blaz Porenta


Really cool concept and indeed I agree also that it might give some more dynamic if the skyline would be a little less straight.
Maybe it could also be cool if there was some water in the depth of that hole.
So maybe we can see floating some parts of ice or town already in that water or virtual waterlike looking something(very strange word )
Sorry 4 my broken english.:slight_smile:
Anyway really GREAT!!!
I’ll be following this one with pleasure!!!

My grint Spacepra


Like I said, there will be a first plan as well, so today I was sketching some characters in my free time… did I say free time? Well, i had it about half of hour in a whole day, waiting my girlfriend. I just dont have time anymore, to comment ur works or reply to ur feedback at my thread. Im sorry… Have a lot of work to do at my college and with my projects. Will do my best in a next few days… Stay well!


YICK!! Those last character sketches remind my of some kinda creepy bug I would NOT like to find crawlin up my leg or somethin’. Disgusting, wicked artwork, but still disgusting. ))not a big bug lover((
Keep em comin


wow that is one excellent sketch!!!


Hi Blaz,

I like the third alien on your paper. I can see it walking proud and elegant through your landscape. How will the feet of this one look like?



Nice development on the characters, I know how it gets trying to find time. Look after yourself and keep up the good work :slight_smile:


This looks a bit too similar to dark riders from lord of the rings, but its just something to show my idea, not the final character… Like I said, there will be a first plan, with 2 or 3 characters riding on those giant termite-quin-giraffe-like animals (i have to name them… it takes too much time typing that expression every time :)). Coz it was a 10.000 years long ice-age period, the characters r like a frozen parasites, living and traveling on other animals backs to survive… thats just an idea about those underground characters, which have to be something special, to represent savage nations of a frozen planet and nations from my part of space. And of course, they have to be also a contrast to the background action and color scheme. Maybe I’ll loose the red clothes… I’ll see in a next sketch how it fits to the whole scene.
Placing them into environment I was thinking to make them very surprise and shocked in a way, when one of the frozen islands colapsed into the abyss (sketch no.5). Sketch with this and all of ur suggestions will come soon. Thats again just a quick sketch, made at the coffee brake.


Blackarts: thnx for the suggestion, I’ll sure try to use it in my next sketch. I really appreciate that u stopped by!

Zpexxo: the true contrast will come with the colors. I hope :wink: thnx!

jbig808: i think that I understood what u meant… will do my best with my next sketch, but i dont promise any jellyfish there :slight_smile: donno how to place it in this particular scene… yet. thnx

OKMER: Im not sure if I’ll put water at the bottom, but there will be plenty of water anyway… the ice is melting, so there will be a lot of waterfalls and where the island is colapsing, there will be a mix of water and ice braking and making chaos… I hope I’ll bring as much power to the pic that I imagine to. thnx for ur constructive opinion!

newcenturydsn: There wont be much bugs :wink: just those big ones :smiley:

NOOB!: thnx :slight_smile:

Fahrija: I decideed that the 3rd alien will be used in my final painting. Im not sure what kind of legs it will have, but most likely something sharp and thin, for stable sticking its legs into the ice. Thnx for stepping by!

element5: hehe… I would really like if every day would have a 30 hours at least… so I could sleep for about 5 or 6 hours than :wink: Work is killing me… but hey, i enjoy it :smiley: stay well!


your designs remind me allot of salvador dalis work,creatures with long thin legs etc.

i like the hooded creature,just cos he has a hood doesn’t mean it looks like the lotr characters heh,i wear hood… i sure wasn’t in that film.

only thing i’m not liking about that is the red colour,cos he looks like a cold creature…that wants to keep warm??? hehehe

great stuff.


Great update - looking so cool. Your sketches are amazing, so detailed.

I wouldn’t worry about lack of time, I too have that problem - school is heavy, but is more important than the challenge, so everyone has to prioritise.


excellent characters , well drawn, too !


Didnt have time to sketch another panorama view, so just another variation of an underground parasite frozen character which will be placed on those big animals back.


wow, and the sparkles are excellent on ur latest piece.


Superb - love the colours, and the design - very very cool indeed.


outstanding… you really did a very good job on the crystal elements. Like the overall weight of the char. :thumbsup:


Nice concepts and nice idea comng along nicely :thumbsup:


Once again, I post this pic, but this time as a lineart. I hope nothings wrong with that, coz i was already start coloring my pic, and I thought thats not necessary to re-draw the same pic one more time… Could anyone tell me if Im violating some of the rules? Thnx


Ok… I finally find some time to paint something. Its not exactly a paintover from my lineart, coz i slightly change the elements. This is my first step, there r still missing characters in the first plan (with that giant termite-quin-giraffe-like animal :D) and some other stuff in the backround to cheer it up. I already put some mountains to the bg, so its not so straight anymore, like many of u said. I hope it works for now. The colors r definitely not the final… right now its impossible to see that all that is in ice age, I have to work on that. But its hard while the snow and ice r blue/white, but the main light of a sunrise is a orange/red like… will see what can I do about that. Any suggestions r most welcome!


Verry cool concept :thumbsup: the creatures looks great :bounce:

Good luck!


Super colors and atmosphere dude. I like the contrast orange-blue.