Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Blaz Porenta


Here it is, probably the final sketch, which might become even a line art.
I was very busy in the past 3 days, so I didnt updating my thread. But I still havent forgot about the challenge so I was working on the composition and perspective of the camera view. Im finally quite satisfied with the result Im showing it right here.
The frozen city starts melting (as u already know), bridges and pillars r crushing and the first island collapsed. People (many tiny dots in groups) r falling as well, others panic. Flying ships (jelly-fish like :slight_smile: for now) r taking off… In the back, the sun is coming up.

Finally something drawn with a pencil… I missed that :smiley:


how about add ropes hanging from the cities and people climbing down or sumthin ?

good , original idea , this yours :thumbsup:


hmm this is an interesting one…

I like the final composition, but I get a ‘cluttered’ feeling (I think it could be because there are only lines at the moment, and so threre’s no fill/colour, which means things are harder to pick out).

It is obvious that a lot of time, effort and care has gone into this image, it is very detailed, and very precise, I’m v.impressed.


A very nice idea Squibbit… Im just wondering if that will be possible to see (or even to draw ;)) coz the people r so tiny. hmm…
Im thinking of resizing the pic and give it a first plan as well. There is something missing that would make a pic more dramatic. Maybe I’ll really add a first plan, where nations from the woods (bad guys) r watching that chaos from a higher places… infront of a camera. Than I could use my giant termite-giraffe-like animals as well :slight_smile: I’ll draw that idea and show it here coz Im not sure that anyone understood what i’ve just said :D… soon.


But with this sketch the animals won’t be visible :sad:


Thnx stevetwist! I’ll also put some shadows and grayscale colors to help recognise whats what in my next post :slight_smile:

coCoKNIght: animals r coming up :wink:


NinjaASSN: Final concept is great…looking forward to more :thumbsup:


what did you use to draw it? digital or good 'ole paper?


Peddy: its good old paper and a good old pencil :smiley: no digital here exept Levels adjustment.

element5: Thnx man :slight_smile:


Yeah, go with that one!:bounce:


Nice sketch,

Do you want to integrate something in the background? Somehow I think there is a bit less information at the top of your page.

I´m looking forward to watch growing your cityscape under the domes.



Fahrija: I dont understand ur question… what u see in the latest sketch, this will be a background, coz i’ll add a first plan later. Thnx for ur coment!

Tommy Lee: nice seeing u :slight_smile: Thnx

OK guys… Im going to France now, so I wont post till monday. I hope I’ll have some time for drawing sketches of first plan and so on, so when I come back I’ll have something to show :slight_smile: Have a nice weekend!


Hey nice drawings.
I can’t wait to see them in color.


That final sketch is really nice, it’s got a tangible, believable feeling to it and the organic shapes are so pleasing to the eye. The little bit of movement pulls the whole thing together and it’s great! My only suggestion would be to add some more variety to the textures you’re using, but that’s not very useful, is it… ^^


Hi NinjASSN,

Excuse my unreadable english > the question was not that important. I just thougt your foreground has a lot of information and the background is a bit empty. Especially around the horizontline and above.
If you place some topography like rocks in the background, the horizonline gets some breaks. In addition you underline the impression of depth.


KOryH: thnx man!

shadowstarre: every suggestion is most welcome and i’ll have in mind urs as well :slight_smile:

Fahrija: I understand now :slight_smile: have a point, which I’ll try solving with some backgrouind elements. Thnx for ur time, I really appreciate it!

OK… im back from the France, it was a great trip (BIO of industrial design) so I could do some more work for this challenge now. I really couldnt put anything during a trip, it was a painfull 13h bus ride to one way, lots of walking and sightseeing, so… I’ll update soon! :slight_smile:


How about tilting the camera a bit so the horizon line isn’t perfectly straight? That might add a bit more dyanicism to the compostion. Just a thought. I like the idea though - it’s going to look good with color.



This is turning out to look real interesting
I agree with Fahrija about trying to break up the horizon a bit
think that will make it more compelling to watch.

Only other thing i think is that it lacks a bit of contrast but i cant really tell i guess when there are no colors :slight_smile:

Looking really great and grand !

Keep it up!


Looks great! I would love to see the large jellyfish with this one. One little quibble, the falling platform has too long of a right ledge/walkway (where it snapped off from the adjacent ledge). Not sure if I explained it right. Minor though in an exceptional rendering.


wanted to let you know before it wasnt a work in progress :thumbsup: