Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Blaz Porenta


Cool concept! But in my opinion the size of the city isn’t displayed well.


element5: thnx, but that concept will wait till i’ll have enough free time to realise it. For GSO challenge i’ll do the first one. Im glad u like it :slight_smile:

arden_rey: which concept do u think? the last one? Anyway, thnx for ur comment!


HI Ninja.

Maybe the first idea is a little bit more interesting, the BG history is inspirating and it seems you feel better with it. The medusa concept make me think to Moebius with “L’Incal”…remember ? I thought to use it too…and finally I decided to try to find something else…(and I find nothing…arh…a lot of things but piece of sh…)…Let’s play your insane visions…:smiley: …(I must shut up I have nothing to show.).


I think the last concept you posted isn’t exciting enough, it maybe needs more contrast or something…but it strikes me as good, yet not dramatic enough on a “grand” scale

very nice concept work though



Your ideas are very nice and totally original. I agree that the first sketch is closer to the topic because I feel it’s grandness compared to the other pieces. I really dig the little details on the first sketch around ledge area. It’s close on its way, good luck!


NinjASSN, i think all your ideas are grand, the concept of the first one is the most intruiging to me though, the planet starting to thaw, coming out of an ice age? Very original!
Like I said all your ideas are great, curious to see which one you choose.


Thnx again for all of ur comments guys! I’ll submit my next concept at the end of the week… its jutst too much other work to do beside this challenge. In my next concept will be some composition corrections of the first picture, more details, sketches and concepts of flying objects as well as of “people” and animals.


Nice concept but i agree with the rest bou the jelly fish so far so good :smiley:


Yeah I also like the first sketch better.
It just has more of a grand scale feel than the jelly fish ones. :slight_smile:


I look forward to seeing your new concept NinjaASSN. Sounds like it’s gonna be promising.

Glad to hear you’re developing concept 1, in my opinion that was far far better than concept 2.


good concepts, did you see the concepts of Robota? becuse i think you can get some ideas from it, they are very cool and interesting. take care man see you later

really like your work keep like that, and all of you, just remember to have fun, thats the all what really matters. bye


Having fun is the main reason why I’m here :slight_smile: I saw robota, the concept, the book, but I hope I’ll come out with something original at the end. Just dont wanna to repeat.

Thnx to all of u :smiley:


i dont think Genesisa is implying that you will copy, but inspiration is invaluable - not entirely necessary, but if anything gets creative juices flowing, bring it on!


Hey NinjaASSN… thanx for the visit!

I like your first concept, but i also like that jelly because i get the feeling of space in it.

How bout showing the view from top of the about to be collapsed crystal building? That way you could play with massive GRAND horizon Also the view might induce some vertigo in people, but that is just my idea. You could also depict one building in the horizon being at even higher! Anyway dont mind me… This is your work do as you want :slight_smile:

In the machine flesh you got such wild pencilartwork seems like this time youre going with regular computer graphics style?

Good luck! :thumbsup:


Heya Dude!

Good to see ya here,… Love the concept with the Space-Jellyfish! I am not suprised that u come up with something like this when I think about your machinflesh entry.

Good Luck with this one:thumbsup:



Hey man
interesting concepts but have to go with majority -the first concept had the most impact on me.
Good luck!


Peddy: i know i know :slight_smile: maybe i didnt express myself in a right way. I know that Genesisa didnt mean that I copy ideas from Robota… I just meant that I’ll try to bring even something completely different from i’ve seen so far. I’ sure have to study a bit more about Space Operas, coz I dont have a clue whats that all about. The only thing that I noticed familliar is Star Wars so far. Im more into horror :slight_smile:

Falcor_: I appreciate ur suggestion and I’ll most probably use it. The idea of a high camera view could bring more dramatic effect to the picture, and more dynamical as well.
I didnt choose yet, what technique will I use in this challenge. For quick sketches, computer was the best… it has larger undo history than my sheets and rubber :wink:
I’ll sure submit some of my pencil and ink sketches, than i’ll choose how to continue… soon!

Tommy Lee: Hey Dude to u back! :smiley: I almost didnt recognise u, coz of ur “new” avatar. Than I saw that “I told u to noooooo” and it hits me :smiley: Thnx for ur comment and hoping that u r in this challenge as well…

screamingwing: thnx! I’ll do the first one… actually I’m already working on it :slight_smile:


Reallly love the Second Sketch, great idea, reminds me Great A´Tuin but is an innovative concept, maybe u need do a sketch more detailed, Sure it´s one of the best ideas looked so far here…


While I also prefer the first concept to all the other 2 you’ve made so far - I don’t think you should just go dead on and stick with that concept; think it would be better to introduce more concepts, and explore some more, before finally settling down upon one. Just because the last two weren’t as attractive as the first one doesn’t mean any new ideas you might introduce will be bad.


I agree with Nemein, that’s a very good point. I think that if you have any other ideas rattling arround, get them on paper, and then see which you prefer. It may be that idea 1 is still the most appealing, in which case you would probably feel more confident knowing that it stood out over all your other ideas, than if a concept you didn’t show could have been better.

Good luck, I know that chosing a concept can be a hard task.