Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Blaz Porenta


This is quite grand in deed. Very nicely done!


Hi Blaz,

Wow! your are running from development to development. Great work. I especially like all those little indications of people and the broken ice. The wave in the foreground is stunning. I love it.

I would prefer the second arrangement of the ships.

In case the little “medi”-ships are smaller than the motherships I would avoid to give them those antenas to distinguish from the big ones in size.



Hi NinjaASSN, it’s looking very promising! I kind of preferred it without so much flying debris though, I myself find it all too easy to get carried away with adding the little bits here and there! Love the waterfall too, it’s way better than mine! Out of the two latest submissions, I’m not keen on the one with the medic scout very close to the ‘camera’ and on the other one the scout in the water really does it for me! It makes me feel that their resources are stretched to breaking point. Good stuff, keep it coming!


Coming out nicely, love the water effects. The darkened color tones look great too.


Some replies… :slight_smile:

daadaa: I know what u ment with rays out from the cracks… I’ll add a glow round them, coz those cracks r so far away from the viewer that it must have less power as the sun has. And the second one it is… Thnx!

Markski: thnx man, really encourable words!

Evil Gerbil: thnx man! Little details r coming!

jorge moreno: thnx and a happy new year 2u2!

Steve Newport: Nice to hear some constructive critics from u mate! The ships will be very detaild and clean… right now they r still just sketches. No time :confused: Thnx for stopping by!

techart: thnx! Love ur work! Its a learning process for me!

Tranchefeux: Thnx for stopping by and ur kind words! I’ll see what can I do about the black areas… but its a mistery and also, when the sun rise from the back, there is really nothing much brigth on the front side.

MDN67: thnx dude!

Paul Davidson: Thnx man, nice seeing u in my thread :slight_smile: I learn a lot during this painting… a looooot!

Fahrija: I added some more water in the higher places as u suggested. Im very happy with the changes :slight_smile: Thnx to u as well. I’ll go with the second one, yes, and I will redesign those medicships a bit. Thnx for ur suggestions! Very helpfull!

Shinwa: As to Fahrija, thnx to u too for suggeesting to rise the water a bit higher in the pic and I also added some stuff into the wave, so the wave is more visible now. Thnx!

cgkrusty: Yes, I missed some bright areas as well. The ships r escaping in a way… but they r evacuation ships, big for a whole civilization in a single one. They r traveling thru all the planet, saving different nations. But they r too big to land on the islands, so they have lots of those medic scouts, searcing for survivors and transfering them into the motherships. Thnx!

Squibbit: The second one it is… thnx!

SideAche: Thnx for stopping by! I’ll go with the second one.

DMW: thnx!

Speaky: I’ll reduce the crowd of the ships, right now its just to show my plans. And I’ll go with the medic in the water. It really has some more emotional power. Thnx for ur comment! I appreciate it!

sidchagan: Thnx man!


hey dude, you see the ship on the top… middle/right the one closest to you… what would it look like if you removed that, cus it seems to get in the way… its like your driving and a bird has shat on your windscreen :stuck_out_tongue: it might look great if it was pollished up but atm it looks a bit weird… anyway i guess this comment depends on ppls tastes.


daadaa: at the moment that ship and every other ship is just a sketch. Ur comment is in place, but I’ll choose to remove it or not when it will be finished. I think that one mothership has to be closer to the viewer to see the actual scale of those ships. Thnx for ur suggestion!


Aww…it lost that peaceful dispair I liked so much hehehe…I just noticed the city on top of the left ship, it is very cool, good job bringing it out …I know you’ve chosen, but I’ll just say I like the second one best to confirm the choice? hehe really does help emphasize the panic a little…

I think that there is a busier forground now and everything is more animated…if you illiminate the ship in the water in the forground it will divide the medic ship area from the main ship area too much I think…
My ideas would be, keep the detail but darken the forground with shadow so the details are subtler…and/or place some more medic ships in the back ground as well…especially if you decide to illiminate the forground ship…however I like it there, I just think that area needs to be darkened abit…maybe even with a shadow of one of the leaving ships?

I did just get my monitor fixed color-wise however, so I apologize if these are details that have been there and I havn’t noticed.:thumbsup: Keepup the greAT WORK!


Great detail on your entry. If anything I would look into the contrast, as the contrast looks rather equally distributed over the image.
Looking very good.


This is great!! Things have really changed in the last couple of weeks, for the better. The rush of the wave is a nice touch, icing on the cake you might say.

I just love this entry, very enjoyable.
Good Show!!


Sure is a fun piece to look around I agree! :smiley:

I second some of the comments, like the second sketch being more powerful, and the introduction of a slightly larger value range to help indicate some of the planes. Ah, but great work on the ice and water, and the ships of course…I’m looking forward to seeing it get refined!!

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Absolutly my words! Congratulations… You topped your Machineflesh entry, wich I loved alot!!!:bounce: :applause:

Cheerz buddy



Hi there and thnx for support guyz! Its been a really busy month… I finished over 300 illustrations for different companies, so I can execute this entry now. Its so much work to do, and so little time, but I hope I’ll make it… See ya soon with updates!


Coz Im seriously runing out of time, I decided to keep this color scheme as a final coloring… now Im working on details and more medicships r coming… than for last touch I’ll try something to bring the right atmosphere into the pic, and that will be it.


awesome work, yet to comment on your thread but its a great painting. the colours are nice i particularly love the contrast of the cold foregound and the warm background. at this stage it is very good so dont get too stressed about detail, just make sure it gets uploaded. good luck


Sweet dude! Great stuff…I was out for some time but now I see it and it came out great. Good luck to you dude!


Wow, is great! really chaotical and epic scene.


Hi, Cheer for the final one, an image which with character, good luck.


I think this is it… my final entry. The well known story I hope, about a first sunrise over 10.000 years… on a frozen planet… A chaos, destruction, melting… final day of the civilization on that planet… Even that help is on the way, big motherships, which will evacuate ppl from this planet to another one, there will be many many casualties…

Thnx to EVERYBODY for watching my thread, giving me really helpfull advices and suggestions, encouraging me through painting process and giving me the power and will to finish this piece, definetely my best work till now.


Great decission putting all those little people in the first plane with the big waves. It gives a sense of dimension to the image