Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Blaz Porenta


amazing peice of art there… and i just wanna say a tiny thing which prolly wont make much difference… is it’ll be really cool if you have rays of ligh shining out of the cracks. If you down know what i mean, its … like at the end of Matrix Revolutions where Smith’s head explodes… just like that…


I forgot to mention… there will be much darker abbys in next step… i found it too similar to the background… so there isnt much feeling of a deepth. Soon. :slight_smile:

daadaa: thnx… I’ll look what can I do about that… good suggestion.


I really love your main work. The lighting and color is super. Probably my fave of the whole lot! :thumbsup:


Wow, this is really coming along great! I can’t wait to see it with all of the little details in. It’s going to be awesome :slight_smile:


nice work …happy new year


Blaz, I just noticed the massive waterfall you have falling over the ice drop-off… phenomonal job on that! really great effect!

At first i didn’t like the ships, but I think they add quite the sense of depth. Still need work, but we’ll see what happens! The sky looks great, everything’s turning out really well.

I’d make sure to make the smoke on the bottom be effected by the sunlight as much as possible to give it volume and color.

keep it up


hey man…cool stuff in here…lots of details and great mood with the great scale of colors…realy huge like it was ment…cheers


Once again… some big changes. I flipped the picture horizontaly… First of all to see all the mistakes I made so far and didnt see them coz of geting used of them, and to see how the composition works this way. For now Im staying with this version.
Than I completely changed the first plan. There was really too much of everything (little bright dots that bring attention to wrong places and dark and bright parts in the pic werent clear enough anymore)… So the bottom of the pic will be as dark as possible, but I’ll try to keep interest there, feeling of destruction and feeling of the right scale. The upside of the pic will be bright and full with optimism, help is coming! But is it too late?
So, in the first plan there is now that great-big-giant wave, caused by the melting planet, where will be lots of stuff in there (pieces of domes, icebergs, ice, ppl, etc). For the feeling of scale, there is also many “little” waves under that big one, splashing into the dome, so the viewer has something to compare acctual size of the tsunami.
And in the back I slightly changed the sky and removed most of the crushed island in the abbys. Now the abbys has more depts and I kind of like it that way… I’ll add more steam there later, to fill that emptyness a bit.
Also some smaller spaceships will be added later on, flying around the big ones, picking-up survicors, searcing for survivors inside from the city structure… there will be great masses of ppl, and some other details for finish (lights in the city and on the domes… ect)
Comments r most welcome! Thnx :slight_smile:


Hi, Your painting with advancing well and it with an atmosphere
original, the colors are beautiful, only small reproach for me a
little too many blacks.


Your paint is very good, the color is great and the ligthing too, i like this good work


Started detailing the first plan. Some changes in first plan as well (ice, icerocks,…)


Nice work, mate. Love the water…respect to the technical achievement on this piece.

Good luck



Hi Blaz,

Great additions you have made. great mood and clear displayed scene of danger.

For the most parts flipping the image is very helpful but I think the danger and intense of your floodwave in the foreground could be much higher when it would displayed in reading order. The eye then would go with the wave and lead to the buildings which are in danger.
Just a suggestion.



To start - incrdible Mood…Holy cow…and your detailing and texture on the different materials are great…metal ice and water …

The wave…That is the last thing I saw before reading your comments, I actually saw an already mostly dead civilization or a people struggling through an iceage, however, it has to do with the first thing I see is the Metal buildings due to glare and then the ice surrounding them…the black center also directs my attention away from the wave. To me this isn’t a bad thing, but the wave needs more drama to emphasize it if that is your intention…perhaps breaking into the black space with spray or something? I hope that helps…wow this piece is incredible…it is so moody. ;}


Whew… I’m glad you’ve gone back in and lightened up the scene. I was concerned that all that great detail you’d put in was going to be lost in shadow. I also like the sunset sky, really adds some needed contrast in the image.

I’m a little confused with the ships in the sky, are they escaping or attacking? I’ll assume, because they share the same colours as the crumbling cities, that they’re escaping the disaster.

Looking good… adding some sparkles / highlights to the wave will help give it some depth.

Nice job!


I added some more action and destriction to the first plan and some more in the back. There is a new wave coming from the right, some ppl sketch, and new ships. Those r medic scouts, searching and picking up ppl from the islands, evacuating them into those big motherships. I did 2 sketces on the pic what would the composition would look like… Please tell me which one do u prefer more. I slightly like the second one better (it will be submitted next minute after this one) but Im not sure, so please help me on this one… Thnx :slight_smile:


This is the second one… So, what do u think? Or neither of thhose two :slight_smile: maybe without that scout in the water?


would perfere the one in the water… it shows more struggle…


hmm… 2nd one ? cause it maybe seem more alarming and desperate with the
medihelp spheres floating broken in the water… ?


Bravo :thumbsup: I concur, the second one :applause: