Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Blaz Porenta


I am really in awe of your work … especially the latest submission… the colors really are breathtaking and the scene feels very epic! I love it (I bet you hear that a lot) and think its a really good piece of work indeed! I have no criticism for you though, just praise :slight_smile:


yea this is really starting to look grand ! fabuloserous extravaganzzzarama !


UNbeeleivable, this is absolutely fantastic, well done sir, you were right about the lighting, the darker the abyss is the deeper it looks. I can’t express how impressed i am with your work, good show!!:thumbsup: :bounce: :buttrock:


Just a quick update, as much as I could do in several 10minutes breaks between my worktime. Replies to ur comments r coming soon. Thnx so far!


Unfortunately no sign of characters or spaceships yet… no time :confused:


Playing with a pic, applaying some touch-ups…


this is a very nice composition but you’ve ‘overdone’ it a bit with all the shining highlights I think. There’s no clear accent in the picture, nothing draws the eye. Don’t get me wrong, its a great picture but you could enhance it a bit more. It also has this dirty look on it because all of your highlights are made with a white colour…just put a tiny bit of colour in these and it will make wonders!!!

good luck, francis


Hi Ninjassn,

Very beautiful things happen, when you “playing around” with your pen :slight_smile:
The mood is great and the current details are now a very good indication that the shown civilization is melting away. I very much like the texture of the buildings in the middle of your image. Looks great to me.

Maybe I would try to give the sun a bit more agression to underline the situation a bit.



Great job! Th mood is great but i must agree with foane about the highlights. I don’t think they should be that bright in shadowed areas.


OK… im submiting this for showing my intentions on bringing the life forms into the image. This is just a sketch, to show where will be the action. All those yellow stuff r “people” (still not designed yet) and those dark spots on the sky… yes, u guessed right… spaceships runing away from the sun. I still have to do lots of corrections on the background, thnx to u of course and ur great suggestions. In my next post, right now, I’ll reply to ur posts and reveal what will I change or correct in my next steps…


Looking really great Blaz!!

The people are gonna be a nice touch when you get them done, I like the ships too, except I don’t know if the one in the very front, comin right at you, is placed proper. After you add the details in, it’ll probably look better.
Well Done!!:thumbsup:


Finally, I found the time to post some replies… bosses gave me a day off, so Im not in the hurry :slight_smile:

ered dium: the colors r now much more desaturated, coz that blue was really a bit strange. But I will increase the colors in the back on the sky, to get a feeling of power. Thnx!

Tommy Lee: thnx man! characters r coming…

element5: thnx!

Slav: maybe there will be some more waterfalls in the back, where the abbys begins. Thnx!

Steve Newport: First, thnx for the sky reference, I will sure use it, coz it just fits to my pic.
I added the lights and shiny dots so the transparency is a bit more obvious… but still not as a window, coz afterall, those stems r quite big and there is a lot of ice inthere…
Crowds r coming… will be better presentated.
The domes stays as they r… donno… I kind of like them that way, but there wil be much more tinny light on the surface… and cracks r already added.
I correct the waterfalls as u said and its much better. Thnx for the advice!
And yea, I have to try with some more destruction posibilities… ur suggestions r coming to braingstorming.
Thnx again for ur long post, ur time, ur energy, everything… much appreciate it as alwasy!

Blackarts: I wish I had a power with the brushstrokes that u poses :smiley: I just cant catch that stroke to give it dynamic and stable feeling.
I spread the destruction a bit, and maybe I’ll do it some more… will see how will fit in when the ships and crowd will be painted.
I tried some variationds with the cities but I cant found something that wil satisfied me… at least not as at the moment… personal taste :slight_smile:
Clouds will be more detailed, most probably something like Steve gave me that last reference… and definetely more colorfull sky is coming.
Humans or at least some life forms r coming right away…
It looks too empty without a thing in the first plan and split the chain of the domes… I will work with textures and more lights, windows on that one to keep the scale.
Thnx for ur time and most valuable suggestions!

DMW: thnx!

hydrocell: more lightening effects r coming… thnx!

Hillartsympho: The ships will be coming toward the camera, while they r escaping from the domes… I hope that the present destruction is OK… and thnx for stopping by!

Lovliebutterfly: I did some corrections on that part… I hope it works now? Thnx!

Falcor_: thnx :slight_smile: I know ur sotry… yea… hehe

fabianv: thnx man!

Squibbit: thnx mate! :smiley:

newcenturydsn: The ships r just a quick sketches… they will be (i hope) properly placed when they will be redrawn :slight_smile: Thnx!

foane: I will reduce the lights in my next step… thnx for reminding me about it! About the different colors of the lights… donno… afterall is a cold dark planet, where red light (example) wouldnt give enough light to see… this is a blue planet so most of the lightening will be blue also I guess. Thnx for ur suggestions!

Fahrija: Thnx man! Some more textures r coming up, and the sun and the sky in the back will be given some more saturation and power…

KaleN: lights will be corrected :slight_smile: thnx!

OK… so what I’ll also correct… some more defined background, where the great tsunami is coming, some more cracks will be added, more lights on the domes for better scale presantation, the cities on the domes will be more detailed, and some more textures here and there…
Thnx to everysingleone who took a minute or two or 5, to comment my piece and helped it developed to the stage its now :bowdown:


Hi Blaz,

I like the idea but I would avoid to give the ships that fast and confusing flight patterns because they are not attacked suddenly by another species that would indicate an imediate escape. The destruction by the sun is a bit slower. So I would show ships that fly straight up to the sky > an organized escape with big civilization ships which burdensome take-off because of their haviness. And I would place at one of those buildings a kind of dock(station) to give an additional impression how the environment is functionaly build up. The viewer can see how people line-up to get into a ship. This could be a (ice) bridge which leads to one of those ships during the ship waits standby docked in the air.
Just some suggestions



o please not the tallship design again atmospheria’s been playin around with
thtat one so much pleez design something else :slight_smile:
otherwise that image just rocks


seems like you have been sticking with round pattern a lot and try to enforce them,in some of your concepts it goes well ,

maybe this last drawing,
some other it is way out of place

well,good luck,and happy new year


Squibbit, dont worry… I was just searching for something that will fit into my pic. I thought that the tallship will succesfuly hide my mistakes in the background and be enough interesting to bo a contrast to the dome, which lies in horizontal line.
But Fahrija gave me a great idea to play with, so I will head for this one in my next step of researching.
boalid, thnx for ur comment!



ok , good to hear that , and happy new year to you too .


Well, after all researches what will fit into my pic (I mean the spaceships) there will be a giant vertical zeppelins (yea… they will be tall… to keep the contrast with horizontal domes) with a massive iron outfit with lot of lights (rooms) for ppl to live there during the evacuation flight… and in the middle it will be empty, filled with blue rocks or something that r lighter than an “air” in the atmosphere on this planet. Designs coming soon.


blaz, sorry, I missed out on some of your updates, been busy. Anyway, at first I didn’t like the new color mix, the vibrance was lost… but now I kinda like it, maybe more fitting, more accurate, believable and dramatic. I like it, maybe add a tad more vibrant colors as you go just to make it a little more stunning.
The waterfalls look great now, no mistaking.

I’m not sure if i like those ships… it could be just following your thread I’ve come up with my own story maybe and my own ideal of the image… but at least at this point they seem kinda pointless… like they were added as a last ditch effort (not saying they were). If you want to keep the ships, like someone else said, I’d give them a little more purpose. Right now it looks as though the ships are what’s causing the destruction, they look like <i>they’re</i> wreaking havoc because of their varried flight patterns, not the sun. You mentioned something about the zepplins, that sounds a little more fitting, I think it would be a little more dramatic to visualize slow moving blimp-type airships slowly taking off from the islands as they collapse. It might also help to have some ships docked on an island… or having a rope going down to the crowds so we <i>know</i> that these ships are here to save people, to escape. And maybe to suggest this isn’t the only city, have tons more in the sky all going the same direction to safety or the uknown. But if you plan on keeping this spaceship design, I’d recommend giving them a more upward direction, so we see more of the underside of the ships, instead of heading right towards the viewer. It might help to show they’re escaping instead of coming for us to harm us.
One more thing to take into consideration is what poses will the people closest to us have? Will they be trying to flag down a ship? Crying? Just standing in awe? fainting? make sure they don’t just look purposeless.
Oh, and I just saw the glowing crack in the ice in the front right island… I really like that, very cool, work on it a bit more though because it lacks dimension, it doesn’t look exactly like it’s a crack <i>on</i> the dome yet.

Great work and good luck!


New design of evacuating ships… Flying above the surface and picking up civilisations, evacuating them to another place, maybe planet… One is just uppon the first citystructure, which has an airport on its roof… there will be many ppl, waiting to be picked up.
I also sketched a new sky, different background with lots of water and waterfalls falling into the abbys, a dome drowning in the back, more smoke, more cracks… more changes coming up.
Any comment is most welcome!