Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Blaz Porenta


Very well also it is interestingly drawn… I wish success))


That’s looking really nice, Blaz, I love the changes in the light and layout. It feels like that blueish cliff in the bottom could use a little more of the oraghnes from the sun, but overall, it’s looking great! I’m interested in seeing how you add the charactes… and what kind of species they’ll be. Good luck with it!



Hi Blaz,

It looks much more dramatic and mysterious and gives the cognition more room for individual interpretation. I like it very much. Especially the cloud and sun in the background are very well.

Maybe I would increase the highlights of your buildings hitting by the sun a bit more. And at this locations I would paint a lot of water running down in the canyon just to increase the impression what effect the sunlight has to the environment. This would also establish the falling building in the background.



Thnx to everyone for some really helpfull comments and suggestions! Some of them were already in procedure, some of them were completely new to me and now they r on the list “what to do next…” :slight_smile:

cgkrusty: Some ambient light is coming in next steps. Its true that i lost most of the details in first plan, but that was on purpose. I have to bring the main focus in the middle and background, where the main interactions is happening… sun is rising and cities r falling and destructing. There will be more details in the end of painting proedure, so u can expect some more details in the first plan as well, but not more that will be needed to understand the pic. There wil be still much more darkness here… Its also that there is no light coming this way, so its unlogical to put very brigh parts to the foreground. Thnx for ur constructive ideas!

ecura: Im still not sure what kind of material to put in those domes. I dont know if I wanna to be ice… maybe. But even if it will be ice, there wont be much reflections there. The surface of the domes is not completely smooth, so is simillar to a water with all those tiny waves taht make it not so reflective from the distance. Look at the water for an example (sea). When u r standing next to it, u can see urself in it clearly… but when u r looking at water from several kilometers distance, u can see just blue color, maybe some blurry reflections. And thats what I already have there…some blury stuff the same color as sky. There will be some more details put on the domes and the ice in the first plan, but I think no major changes. Thnx for ur suggestions and for ur support!

coCoKNIght: thnx man :slight_smile: Very encourageable words!

newcenturydsn: Thnx man! :slight_smile: but I think Im quite happy with the light in the abbys. If i bring more light to that part, there will be some missunderstandings about the deepness of the abbys. I will sharpen and detail that part for sure, but no special changes in light.

Nikolay: Thnx man! I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

walrus: Some more orange reflections is on the way :slight_smile: And characters r coming soon… I just need to find some time… maybe today in the evening… stay close and thx for ur kind words!

Fahrija: Will see how it will work with more light on the domes, but Im sure gonna paint some water running all over :slight_smile: Thnx man!


Here it is… some more destruction, more details, waterfalls, steam, sun, etc. Now its time to put some life into this pic, some panic and chaotic feeling of destruction to the viewer. I will soon submit new character concepts, spaceships or someting concepts and put everything to this pic later than. I think that something is still missing in the right bottom corner. I hope I’ll manage to fill that place with already mentioned life forms. And after that, there will be some more playing with sharpening and detailing the textures and thats it…
C&C r most welcome! Thnx :slight_smile:


It looks great, the color is better but I think there are to much blue, I like more contrast.
Maybe with all the new characters, spaceships, etc. you don’t need to do any change in the color.
Very cool image :thumbsup:


Hi Blaz,

the lighning rings in the building structure is a great idea. It immediatley gives an additional information about the scale. I love this feature. You´ve also underlined the atmosphere of your last update. The shiny parts of the building now give a good indication that its structure is mostly made by ice. And in this case the sunflare fits very well to the topic.

No crits, mate!



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Damn, thats geting better and better each time I see it! I am waiting for the Characters now:drool:
And btw: You managed the ice-task very well. Hard task to make it look good,… and you DID it!:thumbsup:


Wow this has come a long way since I last dropped by…nice developement. :thumbsup:


hey there. i really like the way this image is comming together… but its changed soo mauch from the original idea… i kind of like the water falls a bit more.



rock & roll dude, this is looking fantastic. You’re doing excellent. Seems like the break helped a little!
The shrooms were a smart choice, a little more convincing now with your story. Something to try maybe: the stem of the nearest mushroom looks very cool. Maybe even play around with it being a little more transparant and possibly even more refractive of what’s behind it (as if it’s filled with a goo of sort, anti-freeze substance that’s present in some arctic fish). Also, the membraine around the top should be accented as well, it’s a very smooth idea and will add a lot of interest.
I’m can’t decide if I like the forest of shrooms at the bottom left. Maybe a little too much? or maybe just not enough variety in size/shape?

The crowds of people are great, seeing that large group on the falling chunk is perfect, sooo much emotion on that simple section. I would think even more people would be trying to cross the closest bridge to get to the safety of the ice-mountain seeing the fate of the rest of their city.

The darkness of the crashing island is infinitely better. So much mystery and a convincing display of atmosphere. Matter of fact, it suggests to me that you could do a little more with the atmosphere on the rest of the scene. Keep the highlights as strong, but to show the steamy atmosphere make the darks a little more dull and closer to the overall color of the atmosphere.

The island lights around the rims are nice, but still not as dramatic as some interior illumination would be, both by internal artificial lighting as well as the glow of the sun flooding through it. Right now, the rest of the ice is translucent, but the islands, with the current shading, look like they could be made of any given metal instead of ice.

The steam coming off the islands is looking great. I’m not sure what those ‘splashes’ at the tops of them are though?

The glow coming through the bottoms of the islands is great. I like the splashes of the ice-chunks as well.
The waterfalls need to be more defined as waterfalls, rather than merely long ice-cycles. One way to do this is not make them so linear and straight. Maybe a curved projection off the platforms, and as the water falls more and more have it effected by the wind (as I’m sure there would be lots of it with the abrupt change in climate) Instead of having them get skinnier and skinnier to a point, have them get wider and more faded to suggest the spray.
With the collapsing island on the left I would expect to see a rush of the melted iced flowing over it’s right portion, maybe trickling down the under-right side as well? so you can imagine the wet slush this place is turning into. Also something to consider would be, with the waterflow, the streams might begin to shape the ice as rivers would land. Water will take the easiest path to rest into gravity (the ocean) so it will most like continue the flow it finds first carving into whatever surace: in this case, the easily shaped ice. Maybe experimenting with the waterflow sculpted patterns on the surfaces of the islands might be something to try.

The sky’s very powerful. Keep in mind that you could do a lot with the sun below the clouds. You’ve probably seen one of those sunsets where the sun is below the clouds casting linear pink waves across the bottoms of the clouds. Might be something worth experimenting with to draw the viewer into the image even more.

These are all mere suggestions, questions and ideas. You know by now I harp on very minor things, but it’s nice your image is far enough along that these minor things can be addressed and delt with. I was part of a vocal group for a very long time, and it was so nice to be able to get to the point where you could stop learning the piece and start perfecting it. This is where your at. Do what you can with my words and. as always, I look forward to your progress no matter what decisions you make.
Thanks for your comments as well!


It’s coming along really nicely. Once you put in a bit more chaos and destruction it will start feeling better. Try some looser brustrokes, to ivoke more movement.

-The destruction seems very localized…what if you had some nice big cracks extending all the way to the horizon? It might help explain why these things are falling over - the whole planet is shaking or collapsing…something like that.

  • The city design is all consistent, and then the one in the middle looks like it has a second city plopped on top of it. I don’t get it, it’s a bit distracting.

-the ice looks great.

-ditto with the horizon and clouds. a bit more detail in the clouds would be nice, don’t overdo it or it’ll looked crammed.

  • it might be nice to have a few human survivors closer to the camera, scrambling up the rocks.

  • I would get rid of the closest ‘city’ structure, the one just to the right of the mushrooms…it blows the scale of the cities.

looking good man, keep it up.


Absolutely beautiful. I love this entry alot. Great use of contrasts in color. Very nice work! Keep at it.


Blaz, I was running through some of my photos and ran across this image I took in bolivia. It demonstrates what I was referring to with the clouds in my last post.


sweet lighting effects!


this is coming together nicely, maybe you could have a ship entering the image at the bottom right when you design and add them. now its very serene and doesn’t give teh feeling of destruction ecept for subtle clues, so the contrast between serenity and destuctive action sounds interesting.


Wow! This is really good work. The colours work nicely together. Just one comment…(well, maybe you’ve already thought about it) I don’t feel the falling action of the mushrooms. Maybe you could suggest the fall and crash with the mist and movement of air around…


Im really so sorry for not updating my thread and even not repliying to ur posts. Im so short on time that I can hardly breath at the moment. And I got a new PC, a true monster (3,2Ghz, 2 Gb DDR, GeForce 6600gt,… and a new wacom intuos3 a4… drool) but I have to install everything to this baby of mine, transfer all files and some other stuff… so I could continue my work… and other work for companies who started to be very unpatient :frowning: The deadline for everything is between 10th and 17th January… so… I hope I’ll manage to finish everything.
Will take time to answer to all of ur suggestions soon. And REALLY MANY THANKs to ALL of YOU!


Hey! Dont sweat it man.

We all know that great pic can be achieved in no time. You just need lots of luck!
But if the stress is getting too high do as you feel.

I can relate to your computer problems. After destroying 2 motherboards and prosessor.

Good luck! :slight_smile: