Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Blaz Porenta


Looks nice! Some snow storm may add some more drama to this and maybe would emphasize feeling of coldnes what tikson have already sugested. Good luck!


Hum… for me the new forground is too sharp and disturbs the spectator from what is happening behind the water…

Keep up the great work :thumbsup:


Blaz, I really like the reworked destruction, it’s a good starting point. It gives depth to the forground and adds a sense of fragileness to the whole city, showing the viewer it can be destroyed. I’d make the pattern of the ice cracks on that falling fome different. Maybe have it spreading from the impact point up. Right now it’s just the top part of the dome falling off, make it seem like it’s the impact to the water that is causing the breaking.

I agree with Tikson, I’d really like to see more translucency in the domes themselves. Having a vibrant blue glow through the ice sillouetting the structures inside would be incredibly dynamic and dramatic and interesting. It would give more of a sense of encapsolation than enclosure. It would make you wonder who was inside about to meet their end instead of thinking it’s just a solid, indestructable dome of ice. The crushing of the falling island helps display it’s vulnerability, but the translucency would also help show it’s not all that thick, it could break… there’s more tension this way.

One thing I’m able to put my finger on now is the awkwardness I felt with the falling island… you can’t tell where it’s falling from, there’s very little, if any, evidence that shows this. This would be a good spot to show the cracked spray and chunks of the collapse of the columns and walkways between them. I think the ‘glitter’ effect fresh snow or shards of ice have could be used very effectively with the sun illuminating behind them. It would give a frozen atmosphere, as someone else requested

Also, someone else mentioned that the forground is too detailed and takes focus from the centerpiece. While I’m sure that you will soon be adding much more detail to the other elements of the painting, I might suggest, after all is said and done, blurring out a bit of the extreme forground for both a sense of realism, with the DOP, and also to draw a little more focus to the destruction. The forground is simply there for scale. And Tikson mentioned people would work in the forground, I agree, but I know you mentioned that you were going to add that element later

You had asked earlier what part you could add more destruction to. Well, I think the center 2-story building looks like it would be the next to collapse, it looks structurally a little weaker, so it might not be that hard to make the column between the two snapping and collapsing over. It would add motion with the already fallen city. It depends on which way you want the piece to go. If you had all the buildings falling into a center it would, in my opinion, make it seem more vulnerable with a domino effect. If you have all the islands collapsing, but in different directions/patterns, then it would seem more uncontrollable, havic, more caused by the coming of the sun. But I do believe at least one more dome collapsing in some way is called for, it would add a lot in my opinion. But what do any of you think?


Some more destruction in the first plan. I didnt manage to read all last replies, so dont be mad if there is something u dont like and I didnt consider it yet :slight_smile:
Thats work of todays “free time”.


It looks great. I like the sense of scale, and the colors are very good. My only recommendation is that you put some more highlights somewhere- the piece looks uniform unless viewed up close


I agree with a lot of the points Steve mentinoned. It would be nice to get more of a sense that this world is crumbling, and it would ratchet up the tension. It reminds me of the beggining of Superman when Krypton shatters. The one thing I don’t really get are the trees…they don’t make sense to me if this is an ice-world…maybe some interesting alien rock formations might work better. I would like to see some of that great detail go into the citie structures as well, (little lights, stuff like that), just to help sell the scale some more. Other than that I think this is coming out really nice, good work!


This is getting really great. Chunks of ice and everything add so much.

Blackarts comment about the trees I kind of agree with too. It’s not impossible, and it could work in a conceptual world obviously, but his comments about rock or ice formations wouldn’t be a bad idea to experiment with either. And where you’re really going to get your sense of scale is from the people. Trees can come in any size, but people, living beings are the only thing we can personally relate with on scale.

2 more things I noticed:
#1 The highlight on the falling island (the refleciton of the sunset) seems a little missplaced, I would make it a little further away from the viewer on the outer edge. The reflection the way it is would suggest it’s reflecting something from directly above.

#2 Also, the splash that is being caused by the island is too light. That would only work if it was bein backlit. I think you should bring the values of the water down a bit as well as the splash. Especially the part behind the island, through the cracks of the island the splash almost looks like it’s glowing.

And in the future, I was thinking about what it must be like to see the sun after never seeing anything like it even remotely close, having things you’ve seen or maybe only felt for your entire life, suddenly become illuminated. The mental picture you made for yourself while living in this city is completely different from the reality this light brings. I was trying to think of a way to not just make the destruction the focus, but what’s causing it as well, the sun. A way to make the viewer feel like they are with the people there, experiencing the sun for the first time. Whether you start thinking about it now, or whether it’s a post-production type deal, a good sharp contrast between light and dark might help too. Making the sun seem glaringly bright that the viewer feels they need to cover their eyes with their hands while looking at it.

One more minor thing, the highest island would look good if the ice-cylces (or streams of water, whatever) coming down from it were vibrantly illuminated by the red/orange glow of the sun.

It’s really good that you can start getting specific critiques already on the details, you’re ahead of the game, take care!


Hi guys… very interesting suggestions, worth thinking about them. But honestly I have to say, that Im loosing the feeling of happyness doing that. It could be just that kind of day and I have to take a pause of working all the time… but looking the pic I’ve created so far, I just dont see it the way I imagined :frowning:
Will see what will tomorrow bring, till than have a nice day and many thnx for stopping by. :buttrock:


dude, take a break. It’s the belief among many artists that it’s the break, in between working on the art, that is the most importance steps. If you work yourself too hard, you begin seeing only the details of the image and not the image as a whole. It’s like the artist that works on a huge 20’x20’ painting and never steps more than two feet back from it. Critiques are for you while your working on it to have a fresh mind viewing your work, but sometimes you have to take a break so you can come back to it with a fresh mind
you’re doing great work, but go smell some roses :wink:


Freakin awesome entry Blaz! No crits here.:thumbsup:


If you put some little lightpoints in the buildings it will look more dramatic and catastrophic, cause now it looks like a long time ago deserted place, that isn’t bad idea but less spaceopera-like. On the other hand, your work looks great. The breaking ice bridge are awesome!


getting better and better. Had few things to crit but allready mentioned…



know what you mean about becoming disillusioned. I often do with my stuff. trying to transfer the image in my mind to canvas, something gets diluted and the end image often looks stale… but taking a break is very important to come back and be reinspired.

great work. love the image and light. erry


Thnx for replies even that I havent updating this thread for a while. Now that i took a week free of working on this challenge, I did some big changes on the pic. Some more details and shapes to finished and I’ll submit it for further comments and opinions. I considered many of ur suggestions and it helped a lot! So thnx to all of u guys for stoping by! U r simply the best :bounce:


Here they r… some big changes. Different coloring, more contrast picture, specially coz of sunrise, the shadows r darker in the first plan… I also tried to achieve a nice composition with brightness and darkness… more dramatic feeling i guess. And it flows the eye of the viewer to important things in the pic, not confusing it with unnecessary details. The trees r gone, replaced with alien mashroom-rock… those r acctually mashrooms dressed in some gel that protect them from frozening. There will be much more mushrooms, i just have to find some time… and on those mushrooms there will be many many lifeforms (not humans… i have a concept of characters, will post it soon)… and there will be also much happening in the air. Panic mostly :slight_smile:
Thats a short overview of my new update, there is much more to say, but not enough time… Till morning i have to finish 8 more pictures :confused:


Oh… and i added some more destructions this time (island in the left back is colapsing for example)… and much more destructions to come :slight_smile:


I think you were right to modify the lighting to make it more dramatic… your initial attempts were looking a little flat. That being said I think you’ve gone a bit too far the other way and you’ve lost a lot of the detail that made your piece interesting.

I think, if you wanted to make it more dramatic (and maybe you’re going to do this) you could have these city structures lit up with light from the inside, casting ambient light around. That way you can have the dramatic sunset, the cool silouettes but not loose the detail in your city structures.

Looking forward to your next iteration!


With these additional colours in the palette, there seems to be more depth to the image. However do be careful with the reflections, at the moment it seem to be rusted metal surface with some of the structures. Probably a bit too dark in the forground but nevertheless I do like the concept and progress. Good work!


absolutely breathtaking! I agree that it has much more depth in it now and well, dunno what to say, it’s already almost like I’m there… great work! :thumbsup:


Lookin’ good Blaz! I hope you bring the platform splashing into the water more into the light, I thought that looked really cool!