Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Blaz Porenta


awesome work, yet to comment on your thread but its a great painting. the colours are nice i particularly love the contrast of the cold foregound and the warm background. at this stage it is very good so dont get too stressed about detail, just make sure it gets uploaded. good luck


Sweet dude! Great stuff…I was out for some time but now I see it and it came out great. Good luck to you dude!


Wow, is great! really chaotical and epic scene.


Hi, Cheer for the final one, an image which with character, good luck.


I think this is it… my final entry. The well known story I hope, about a first sunrise over 10.000 years… on a frozen planet… A chaos, destruction, melting… final day of the civilization on that planet… Even that help is on the way, big motherships, which will evacuate ppl from this planet to another one, there will be many many casualties…

Thnx to EVERYBODY for watching my thread, giving me really helpfull advices and suggestions, encouraging me through painting process and giving me the power and will to finish this piece, definetely my best work till now.


Great decission putting all those little people in the first plane with the big waves. It gives a sense of dimension to the image


Love your work Blaz! I didn’t know that you draw so many sketches before final work. For me they are all very good :slight_smile:


Hi Blaz,

Congrats to your image. It was a pleasure to watch your picture developing - especially if I compare it with your first line-drawing. I remember my first post. At this time had no idea which way it would go. One of the most interesting step in your development was darken the whole image to give it an other direction in terms of atmosphere. :thumbsup: The background feels almost alive and the water - I don´t know how you paint it - but it looks great to me.

the only thing I´m a bit sad about are the ships - especially the little ones. They needed a bit more attention. But if I had to create about 300 illustrations during this contest I wouldn´t have paint s single brush stroke at all :smiley:

See you next time


Awesome piece of art…:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

You did an amazing job. I have to agree 100% with Fahrija.

Best Wishes Buddy



yay! and with all the hurry u too been having !:bounce:


LuisNCT: thnx man :slight_smile: Yea, im also very happy with the effect of those ppl in first plan.

izisilver: nice seeing u here posting ur opinion :slight_smile: thnx for stopping by!

Fahrija: Thank u so much for all ur posts. I know that there could be many many corrections, some changes, more details, but the time didnt alow me that… As u know, there was really so much other stuff to do. Its been a really hard time which I dont wanna try doing it again… But Im glad that u like this piece in overall :smiley:

Tommy Lee: thnx to u too man! It was such a pleasure seeing u around :slight_smile:

Squibbit: Many thnx to u too man :slight_smile:


really good work cong. and good Luck.


I think you’re getting a lot better. This is a really great image, and it’s come a long way since the beginning. Sadly I feel like I didn’t converse much with you this time around, but in the next challenge I promise to be more active in your thread.

The only crit I have for this is that I feel like the middle area needs a little more value and color variation—just barely. I look at that and wonder what’s down there, and I guess I’d like to see a hint of some rocks or ice or whatever. Just a little something. Other than that I feel like there some of your forms could use a little reflected light from the sky to give them a more harmonious feel, and to make the top feel like it is a part of the bottom. Anyhow, great work Blaz, and keep it up!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :applause:


Great final image, the choice of color is very good, very good work, i like the sea who fall in this big hole, like a really stange world, big impression


Blaz, this is frillin awesome! Absolutely funtastic! Great job, great everything, not crits at all. I love your entry. Definantly one of the best of your category! Good luck in the finals!


Job well done, I am glad you got it finished…Love it :applause: and the story to go with it… Goodluck my friend…:thumbsup:


One of my favorite!:thumbsup:


Arrgh, so close! Next time, buddy ! I know u had a great time tho , see
u in the next one !


And on what place are you? (if you know) - I cant find it on those pages.


Thnx to everybody! It really was a great pleasure participating in this challenge on CG Talk… cant wait for the next one! cya there! bwahahahaha :smiley:

izisilver: donno… nobody knows whats behind 15th place :slight_smile: