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Latest Update: Final Image: sunrise

I think this is it… my final entry. The well known story I hope, about a first sunrise over 10.000 years… on a frozen planet… A chaos, destruction, melting… final day of the civilization on that planet… Even that help is on the way, big motherships, which will evacuate ppl from this planet to another one, there will be many many casualties…

Thnx to EVERYBODY for watching my thread, giving me really helpfull advices and suggestions, encouraging me through painting process and giving me the power and will to finish this piece, definetely my best work till now.


Hi guyz! I hope that i’ll see a lot of familliar nicknames in this chalenge :slight_smile:

Good luck to all!


hey man! good see you here!!1
good luck!


My first sketch I put together. I hope it fits the subject, and that I correctly understood the instructions.
So… This planet lays in a galaxy, far far away from ours. There’s a time of an ice age now for about 10.000 years, so “people” have got used living there till now. On the ground, there r frozen trees, but still green on the top, and there lives hostile nations, barbarian/monster/creature like. So the peacefull nations have to figure out how to avoid contact with them. Thats why they built a civilization on giant islands put on ice sticks, where they r safe.
They dont know heat of anykind, and they r about to experiance their first sunrise in a 10.000 years. The ice start melting… if they survive the impact of hitting the floor, would they survive a contact with downtown nations? and so on…
There is a pic, showing “people” on one of many sky-islands, looking melting the ice of another islands around… and the sunrise in the back.

Sorry for my broken english :slight_smile:



Welcome Back , dude !


NinjaASSN: That is an awesome idea :thumbsup: love the colouring too.


Here is my second idea… A planet, something earth like, with lots of population, was crashed, destroyed in a galactic war. But some pieces of that planet manage to survive. Now they r in a giant jellyfish, flowing in the space. The jellyfish is somehow a protector of that planet piece in it. Maybe I’ll add some little hostile spaceships floating around, attacking and so on…


I like the new concept, but I personally much prefer the first. It seems to have more emotion in it as the people can see thier world falling apart, and aren’t sure what’s about to happen etc.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see which path you take, but I’d really like to see the first concept idea be developed personally.

Just my $0.02


I like both concept… perhaps a way to merge them can be accomplished?


HI ninja. I really enjoy both of your ideas, but I like the first the most so far. One suggestion I have for concept sketch 1 is to move the large planet to the left some more so it is in the middle of the invisible diagonal line coming from the bottom right to the cities in the sky on the left. I know it’s just a concept sketch so in the end everything might look different. Anyways Good luck!


Thnx a lot for comments guyz! I really appreviate it!
I see that u prefer the first one… well, I have some more ideas which i will put down tomorrow and post it here. I just think, that the first one was seen for so many times, that its not original anymore. Not the idea of melting ice construction, but i mean the visual part.
Its enough time to make decision which sketch to develop further… for now i’ll just submit some more ideas.
Thnx again!


Chris: That suggestion of urs, moving the planet to the left, is very usefull. I didnt think about it and i wouldt put it there in the final image, if u werent mention it. I also look at ur threat and its breathtaking… I post a comment tomorrow. I get to go to the bed now… its 2 in the morning overhere… zzzzzZZzzz… my eyes r hardly open :slight_smile:


Thats sort of update of sketch2. There is a giant jellyfish-like planet, traveling round the space… Here the jellyfish came too close to another planet (red one in the corner) and little spaceships, plankton-like attacked it.


In my opinion - every next concept is worse than the first one. The first picture looks cool, have the space and is uncomplicated, which is its power :slight_smile:


Thnx Artie! I guess thats its better stop making new concept and stick to the old one… I’ll probably go to the next phase with the first idea now. Make balance in the composition, choose right elements and colors than submit my conclusions :slight_smile:

thnx again!


You have an interesting idea with the first sketch, personally I’m new here but the first thing I look for is originality, while I think the jellyfish/planet thing is kind of amusing I think it lacks the feeling of the first sketch, I think I essentially just repeated some of the posts before me but hey that’s the way I feel! :buttrock:


gotta say too that I much prefer the first one - it’s really quite interesting, the composition is fine and there is so much potential. It’s good to explore possiblities but it doesn’t always mean your first idea is inferior to your next…in this case, that’s precisely the situation.

keep it up!



Deal… i’ll stick with the first one :slight_smile: Thnx, i really appreciate ur opinions!


ninja: Pleasure on my side :wink: I am looking forward for the next step of your work.


NinjaASSN: I love the jellyfish idea and I love the richness of your concepts…outstanding :thumbsup: