Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Benjo P. Camay


Benjo P. Camay has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.


My idea focuses on the concept of a planet inhabited mostly by woman who is on the brink of collapse caused by buglike creatures.Growing so fast by in numbers,these creatures feeds on the metallic elements of this planet.A full scale war follows ,in which the woman warriors has to depend on their leader.She wields a weapon that can destroy almost anything.Ancient in origin ,this liquid metal saber seems to be their only hope.As for the buglike creatures they believe that whoever of them devours first this saber will have an enormous power.The setting is a mixture of hitech plus ancient.most designs of the infrastructures are based primarily on the female form. Anyway its just my initial sketch,still have to modify the composition.


Whatzzup Bro?!!! Good to see U down here. This looks promising. I’m looking forward for this concept.


Great concept! I’m liking it, very busy, should have a lot of activity, reminds me of a great cover of a comic book. Can’t wait to see later stages. Well done


Cool Galactic Amazon Woman, Looks promising :thumbsup:


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