Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: armin stocker


what the hell dude? you sure aint wasting any time. and this is with photoshop (im just going by your previous work)? holy carp! or crap, even! man, i need to not be a student…

keep going, not that i can image what else you can do…


wow…this is truly awesome method, real painterly feel, i love the style A LOT:bounce:


This is coming along truly fabulous!!! i cannot imagine the next level you will achieve with new updates!

keep it on!


I cant really point out anything constructive about it. Its coming out fantastically- I already commented on the pilot and fighter, but the background alone looks awesome too.


Echoing other views -it’s great but feels as though you are in too tight on pilot so doesn’t feel epic enough.


nice fireworks! is this new design part of the pilot’s ship or another? good job anyways!


Great to see your process. I was also wonderring is that explosion coming from the wing of her ship or another craft?


amoe: GREAT IMAGE! only thing I can see …the hand, it seems a little too passive. I would imagine the hands fingers spread a bit and the fingers tensed. Just a thought. :slight_smile:


thanx alot for you comments! :slight_smile:

screamingwing + igino + riki: it s meant to be another ship in the background. maybe i ll make the canvas a bit bigger so i have more space one the left right and top to make this more clear. also i ll try to add some more spaceships to show that there is really big battle going on :wink: just wait for the next update.

element: you could be right about the hand. another point for my to do list :wink:

good thing that we have so much time for that contest :smiley:



fast and great ! amazing work . keep up . I like the background.


Just a thought you fabulously skilled man!
I was thinking while watching your work and for some reason unknown to me and this came to me: make it so that the glass of the ship (where the pretty pilot is) bends the picture behind it. Just a little, but so that is noticeable if you look for detail. You know glass bends light at a slight degree.

This work is magnificent dude.
Rock on!


That would be a fabulous detail.
This is a great piece.

I can’t believe you worked foreground to background on this!!


So I guess you do not have free time on your hands at this moment.


Woow, Looks great I love it. I like the colors and all details.
No critics.

Grand Space Opera - Leo Calv


Great job! I rally enjoy watching Your workflow. It’s very insiering


Wow Armin - that looks kickass - can’t really think of anything to cc really…


thanx for all the comments!

finally an update.
the pic should be done in a few hours.

back to the wacom…


didn t change much… just few details
anyway. i call it finished :slight_smile:


Armin… Your throwing a lot of details on your piece…great work and i just voted for it.



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