Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: armin stocker


armin stocker has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: over and out

didn t change much… just few details
anyway. i call it finished :slight_smile:


so… this is just the first rough concept sketh. not much to say.
in my image i just want to show a (female) pilot getting in big trouble during one of those historic final battles.


just a little little update. i ve just blocked out some colors and made some little brush tests… nothing big :wink:


well… started with the face.


helmet should be done (maybe i ll change some things later). time for the body


just another little WIP shot. i ve started with body.

c&c are wellcome :wink:


umm …what to say…

that’s pretty awesome


It is looking great, cant wait to see the bkgd!


That’s awesome, man, can’t wait to see the rest. Love the helmet.



Awesome face. Yeah, ¿How could it be the backg?


Interesting approach you have.



thanx guys for the nice the background you ll see the battle in an a big battlecruiser thats goiing to blow up. thats why she takes cover like that :slight_smile:


I see this going places. :thumbsup:


This is fantastic I am going to enjoy watching this one come together…:thumbsup: Goodluck.


another coloring update


added some cockpit element and stuff…
still much to do…


The green on the digits isn’t “digital” IMO.


that piece evolves very well! cant wait to see the whole piece with the cool lighting you use in your pics!

who said it’s digit??? :scream: I’m not an expert but it’s for sure the upcoming milf-display technologie amoe is using with his spaceship!



Great work,…maybe you could enhance the facial expression…I think that could give more “motion” feeling with the big cruiser which is coming behind…just a suggest of course.
Very good work on lights and texture.


thanx again guys… i hope the green is now green enough hehehe

not sure how much i can change the expression. i ll play around a bit with it :wink: