Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Andrew Skarine


Andrew Skarine has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Concept Sketch: Golaith

Tried to make a tighter render of this concept. Playing around with colors.


Few sketches of the main ships .


Damn man, that’s some awesome sketch rendering…awesome concepts too! Not sure now that I should even enter this contest:shrug: . I’ll still give it a shot, but I’ll keep an eye on this thread for sure…wow…


I am lost for words, great renderings. I can’t wait to see what your composition will be like.

What do you plan on doing?


Wow, what an entrance you’ve made there. Great concepts and execution. I particularly like the first of ther two - it has a monolithic sense of scale that’s somewhat lacking with the 2nd. Also it resembles in my mind a Spanish galleon - there a strong nautical elements which work particularly well.



looks very nice, were these drawn on cg geometery??


Man, those are just superb. With that talent I’m surprised you’re not in the 3d comp. How long have you been illustrating, and did you go to school for them skills?


That ship on top is one of my favoritest designs of all time! Probably has to do with the fact that it looks a little like a train (I love trains). But you’ve made it more unique than this little mind of mine can fathom. Geez, I’m biased now. Hope you go all the way, Andrew.:thumbsup:


Serious sketching skills… if your sketches are this good youre gonna kill it with your final illustration.


Thank you all for a warm welcome ! These were sketched on paper then refined on photoshop.

My goal is to present a futuristic cityscape with a spectacular brand new ship departure gone horribly wrong. So in the course of this competition you will see concepts of small ships , ground vehicles , concepts of buildings etc.

Mr. Glass : No man , self tought. Im afaraid that it would be impossible for me to attend a serious US industrial design school (Im in Canada ) as it bears an impossible financial burden .


Holy cow!!! That’s an amazing sketch. You got some good values to give it a good 3d feel!


really inspirational work there. i think what works for me is the sense of weight, as though the cylindrical areas on the side are honestly holding the entire craft upright. theres a great sense of depth to the design also, the details within the carapace giving it the sense of reality it needs.
the second craft to me seems a little too boxy, almost piecemealed together. if that is the sense you are going for, then kudos. i sometimes find that gives a very human impression.
Enough of my baseless ramblings, well done!

fantastic visualisation, best of luck on the project :smiley:


I thought my final render could have the same render of your sketches.



those are stunning designs, and REALLY beautifully rendered !!


Themed fighter concept for the final rendering.


Thanks for your response guys , really apprituate it.


Absolutely incredible ship designs!! I love that fisrt concept… the tonal values are so bang on.

And it does have a ‘train’ look to it… mixed with a oil tanker… or something. WHo knows?? Except it’s one of the best ship consepts i’ve see in this challenge.

The new concept is great too… love 'em…

The idea for the final image sounds pretty spectacular… And if it’s filled with design of this quality i can’t wait to see it all fleshed out!! Gonna keep a real close watch on this thread!!


your most recent concept… I couldn’t do stuff like that even if I worked weeks with it… Those colors are definately worth of keeping!



Congratulations for your search, I am on you will make large


WoW! :thumbsup: Great design! Great scetches!:bounce: I like it!