Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Andreas Rocha


Thank-you very much, Greentek.

Your comments are MOST welcome.

What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger.


are you two going to fight now :stuck_out_tongue:


i dont exactly want to make enemies here, but i would say that i would agree with greentek in some areas… its a masterpeice of a painting, but it lacks sprit, nothing brings it to life… refereing back to independence day… the thing that made that special was how the disks entered the atmosphere with balls of fire around it… etc and the fact that it was humungous… also about the composition where the disk is comming towards you makes you feel a little scared… (it did to me!! i was 8 at the time!), while in your picture, you watching the crafts go past and it’s as if they are not much of a significance to you, and you dont even know they are evil… tbh, they could even be harvisters returning from a days harvist (green C&C tiberium style)… you need some part of to tell you the exact story within the painting without the need for an explination.

if you dont understand what im talking about, … ill put it in another way, its like cars… some cars are engineered to the extreme, but they lack a soul, something that gives them character, like the rolls royce phantom, its got a character… where if you look at the maybach,… its just a very posh car.

i hope i have put it to you in a less abrupt way... and created no greef :)

p.s, the reference to when i was 8 is prolly incorrect, and also i prolly wasnt scared but i can picture my self being scared!

p.p.s wont mention any names but not many ppl around here can do the special touch in their paintings… and defintly not me :stuck_out_tongue:

ill leave you with an extract from the holy grail of all films… pulp fiction (extract is very incorrect but ull know what im on about if uve seen it)

“naa i dont eat pork”
“y dont u eat pork?”
“pigs are filthy animals and i dont eat filthy animals”
“dogs eat their own facies, u consider a dog to be filthy??”
“but dogs have character, and character can go a loonnnnggg way!”


(double post)


Greentek maybe right about some things, about the image not being original and not having soul. It is also quite ambiguous about what these spaceships are doing, like daadaa pointed out. HOWEVER, I completely disagree with the way greentek stated his idea. People should treat each other respectfully in this forum, and I didn’t sense any bit of respect in his comment. I may not have given the most correct answer to Greentek’s comment either, and I assume that, but couldn’t stay indifferent to his empty words.

My objective in joining this challenge is PARTICIPATION, giving my best. I do not want to insult anyone!

If Greentek (or any other one) thinks that I do not appreciate your comments (be they compliments or constructive criticism), I appologize for not making people see that. I may not have answered to comments people give me, but I sure considered each and every one of them (except ONE!), and I think that that is visible in the course my image as taken. I will try and give more feedback in the future.

So, I think that’s that. Enough bickering and let’s get on with the challenge. That’s what matters.


just something i thought up… a quick little fix is to put a disk covering most of the top and the top right hand corner(as in the disk almost going over the viewer…)(might need to enlarge the canvas a bit) …
maybe some thrunder storm clouds?? … lightnings from one of your earlyer concepts would be very impressive…
maybe some smaller ships comming out of the central green “mouth” ??.. (might be a little too independence day style… but hey! :stuck_out_tongue: )
emmm have the green trails so that it looks as if all the ships are going towards one building… prolly the tall one in the background…

i can go on forever so i think ill stop there … :stuck_out_tongue:

i hope my comment has been helpful :slight_smile:

p.s “Me it could not be to cagar more for your commentary”???.. bablefish failed me again!!!


looks great :slight_smile: Just another thumbsup from me, enough crits have been given.


Man you got the


Its an epic…almost biblical…

Congrats man im definitely subscribing to this thread.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


heavy, really heavy


you have balls for drawing a city, along with half of the other community, id never go to that limit…lol, id go insane.


First of all I want to thank everybody for commenting my work. It really keeps me going. I already spent so many hours on this (and will spend many more) that I’m beginning to think that I am really slow working! I don’t even know if I will be able to work on the image at 100% magnification. It’s 5500 pixels wide. It’s the biggest image I have ever created.

Well, as you can see, the updates are minor, although they took me about 4 hours or so to make. Anyway, what matters to me is that I am really enjoying doing this, even if it is at a very slow pace.

Introduced some purples in the sky, and developed the overall clouds. The waves also got some detail, and the sea now reflects a richer array of colours. I also dimmed the spaceship a bit, because I think it was too saturated and contrasted for the distance it is at.



It’s looking good, Andreas! I like the changes in the water, and with the ships a lot. I especially like how that front ship’s form can be seen just barely hidden by the clouds. It gives that ship a weight that it didn’t have before. I think you should push that effect with the further back ships as well, i.e. making their outlines a bit more visible… Well, maybe not all of them, but at least that 2nd ship back as well.

I’m also having trouble reading the speckles in the left of the sky that you added an iteration or two ago. Is it dust from the ship? Birds flying away? Hard yet to get a sense of what’s up with them.

But anyhow, great work. Way to persevere and keep plugging away at it! Good stuff!



Looking better and better man! No crits here, but just keep pumping this stuff out =D


comp is coming along, but I think (myself anyway) that the ships need to be a bit more visible. The one in the distance gets really lost.


great work so far man…love the concept and the late development…but I think the big ships should be much more detailed…because I think they are the biggest actors here…the city and the whater is absolutely amazing…one thing more…the right clouds seems to me to violet I think …the pass between the left clouds and the right ones is too quick…try a bigger fade I’ll say…the work is too devided in two as I see right now…is not a bad thing this but try to make them more like one stuff…is like two images right now in the upper area…the lower one is contrastly amazing :))…excelent work so far my man


Hi Andreas!
Just wanted to drop by and say I’ve loved your work so far, especially your coloring style.

I’d like to say, however, that I prefer the last version of the big space ships you’ve painted here- when they were less disk-like, looking more organic, and almost looking like they were just forming out of the clouds; it just looked so much more original, and far more mysterious.

If you go by the traditional saucer shaped UFO, it just doesn’t seem as, well, awe-inspiring (a bit too cliché for my taste). I also liked the denser clouds in the original picture better; it’s as if a storm is coming, and it’s caused by these things that are almost a part of the clouds themselves.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:
Good luck!!


All I can say is…WOW! that is beautiful. That city is…is…so cool… I would say you’ve got a winner there.


hello. some nice stuff . . . very independence day. I think that maybe you should have put the figures on that foreground building even closer so we could see their expressions . . . adding a bit more of a personal touch. Colouiring and city is great, love the clouds and reflection on water.


and don;t worry about being slow…take your time . . . you are way furthur than me… i am not even half way through my concept stage .


[portuguese] Olá, Andi, tudo fixe? Sou eu, o Carlos! Fixe encontrar-te por aqui, encontrei este site há pouco e é bue da fixe!!! O teu WIP tá um espectáculo, mas… 5000 pixels??? Ok, vou escrever em inglês: [/portuguese]

That is a great concept, Andi! What I think would make the spaceships more menacing is if their bases protrude from the clouds some more, like the bottom part of the 5th Element spaceships. It would also be cool if they have more distinct detail than the clouds and maybe project some eerie lighting upon the city, as if scanning for threats or something. I think, a combination of the shark fin idea (but only 2 ships), the bright purple lights (green smoke doesn’t quite do it for me), a stark contrast between light and shadow (some earlier drawings had really dark shadows beneath the body of the spaceships) would give it a more menacing look. I think it makes sense from a compositional standpoint that the ships be the counterpoint of the tall buildings, and that they need not reinforce the horizontal-ness of the picture.

As for the figure in the “outpost”, I don’t understand what it is doing, it seems to be demanding an answer to the spaceships. Maybe you could give it a little twist, like it being scared shitless and running away or being a guardian, with a cannon or something, or even still, worshipping the spaceships like they were deities. Also, regarding perspective, the turret being the first in a row, would probably have to be much bigger, or you should make the other ones smaller.

Good luck with the contest, never mind some “soulless” reviews, add drama and sparkle!

Carlos Félix